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Chat: Paul Sporer

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Wednesday May 21, 2014 1:00 PM ET chat session with Paul Sporer.


Talk fantasy and pitching with Paul.

Paul Sporer: Welcome and thank you for joining my chat! We will start shortly. Hopefully Scherzer can get on track here in Cleveland.

AJ (Phoenix): Is it time to start panicking about Trevor Rosenthal?

Paul Sporer: A bit, yes. He was my pick to take over the top of the closer heap, but I'm quite bummed by his control issues. Matheny's usage doesn't help... four straight days?! I'm all for using RPs more, but rather long outings than more frequent ones.

xavier (texas): Is it time to cut ties with Masterson in a deep mixed league? With the considerable velocity drop I don't see how I can trust him.

Paul Sporer: Ya I think it's about time even in a deeper league (or did you mean deep in that there are lots of waiver options... either way, if you can't reserve him, it's time to look elsewhere). Heck, I might even try out a Dellin Betances/Wade Davis type at RP over Masterson the way he's been lately

Kingpin (Grinnell, IA): With Jaime Garcia making a somewhat successful return over the weekend, what is the best we can hope for from him going forward? 20 or so effective starts per year with the other third of the season spent on the DL?

Paul Sporer: I like where you're head is at with the 20-23 starts notion including a DL stint at some point. I've always been a fan, but the injuries simply can't be ignored. Definitely worth owning in just about any format, but the risk is obviously severe.

Matt (CLE): did you get a chance to see bauer last nite? whats your assessment for rest of 2014?

Paul Sporer: I didn't. I was out to dinner, but I will be watching it after the Tigers finish getting swept :( He's got TONS of talent and the gains he's shown look real so far (between AAA and the other MLB start which I did see). Hard not to be excited about him.

Sara (Tacoma): Jon Gray... even though he'll start half of his games in Coors, I am still valuing him on par with someone like a Zack Wheeler. Is that in the ballpark? too high? too low?

Paul Sporer: I love Gray and I think he has the arsenal to maintain success in Coors. I think putting him on a Wheeler level is correct. Obviously the big question is when do we see Gray, but he's one of the brightest prospects in the game.

Ken (Baltimore): Paul, Hello cow has Wade Davis been lights out or what. Does his success continue and would he step in for Holland if there was in injury.

Paul Sporer: Love what he's doing for them... I wrote him up in the RP Lineup Card that posted this morning. They have a deep pen so I could see Yost letting Herrera have a crack since he's at least had some closing exp., but Davis would HAVE to get a look if something happened to Holland. No platoon split and an obscene K rate!

Kingpin (Grinnell, IA): 8-team NL-only keeper league. My Rendon ($9/$17 salary in '15 & '16) and Eovaldi ($3/$7) for Goldschmidt ($33/$65)...is that anywhere close to fair? I feel like I am giving up too much future value for one year of Goldschmidt, but I am going for broke this year.

Paul Sporer: Man that's tough. Fair ask by the Goldy owner, but it really depends on how the standings are looking right now to determine if it's good for you. I trust you need power if you're considering it and obviously Eovaldi isn't your ace. If you're going for broke and the power numbers of Goldy can make a big dent in your standings, go for it. It won't sting in 15 and 16 if you have the 14 banner hanging in your office! :)

Shawnykid23 (CT): Thoughts on Dallas Keuchel?

Paul Sporer: I'm buying! It looks like the Astros have something here. He showed some flashes last year and the command-and-control have really improved this year

Steve (Los Angeles): How are you valuing Rick Porcello in dynasty leagues moving forward? Is this a break out year and is more improvement to be expected in the next couple seasons? Thanks!

Paul Sporer: I've long believed that he has frontline capability (more of a #2/#3 than an ace). I think we will continue to see him evolve and incrementally develop into a stud.

Jonah (Redwood): What equipment/software do you use for the podcast(s)? Any suggestions for a trio of buddies starting their own this fall?

Paul Sporer: Skype, CallGraphs, and Audacity get the job done very nicely. Callgraphs records the show and then you pop into Audacity for editing. Buy a solid mic and you're all set!

ChoppertoChipper (Edmonton): Of the hot new flame-throwing strikeout machine relievers, who is your favourite to watch? I can't not watch Betances and Neil Ramirez is fast becoming my secret(not secret) crush.

Paul Sporer: I remember you mentioning Ramirez last chat. I've been keeping an eye on him, too. I got to see him as a starter in Round Rock. Betances is my must-watch... I'll go back and watch his outings if I miss 'em. Wade Davis is becoming another for me

cubfan131 (IA): I just traded Julio Teheran for Justin Verlander. Even trade or will Teheran continue to outperform Verlander ROS?

Paul Sporer: That's a perfect sell-high, buy-low. That phrase is used too often and usually unrealistically ("sell high on Alfredo Simon!" ... yeah cool, cuz I can totally get Stanton for him... GTFOHWTS!!!) I LOVE Teheran (he is my NL Cy Young pick), but there is at least *some* regression coming in those numbers while I believe Verlander will iron himself out as the season evolves. Might feel scary after last night from the pair, but I like it.

Matt (Whoville): How long should one hold onto Buchholz? Is their value in having him in deeper leagues, or best to stash/drop/move him?

Paul Sporer: I've NEVER been a fan, so I'd be OK dumping already

Jose (NYC): Worth holding onto Stroman in a 14 team mixed league in hopes of him contributing this year?

Paul Sporer: Unless there's someone you DESPERATELY want off the wire, give him another coupla weeks

Rupert (DC): Paul what say you in a Dynasty League format. I give Cobb and Mesoraco or I give Cashner, Stroman and Mesoraco I get Strasburg

Paul Sporer: Man, those are both a little steep. I understand Strasburg's excellence, but Cobb and Cashner aren't THAT far off when healthy. Meanwhile, Mesoraco is really starting to show why he was such a hot prospect. Catchers can take a while to develop into fantasy assets. If I were gonna do one, it'd be the Cobb one, but I'm not dying to do either.

Robert Johnson (The Delta): Nick Franklin or Kolten Wong ROS?

Paul Sporer: Ahh, two of my favorite prospects! Gimme Kolten - has a job right now and better team. Franklin still doesn't have a steady gig even now that he's back up. Now if you need power above all else, then Franklin pulls ahead even with a lack of guaranteed PT

Bobby Higginson (jack morris's mustache): Can i ask you who is the most likely to be effective the rest of the season-- edwin jackson, henderson alvarez, or ryan vogelsong--without 80s movie synopses? Thanks! I'm desperate for pitching, as you can tell...

Paul Sporer: I still lean toward EJax. He has the most skill of the three, especially from a fantasy angle since he misses bats. Alvarez will log you plenty of innings, but he just doesn't miss enough bats for me.

cruisinkc (Wisco): I'm trying to have patience with Homer Bailey but it is becoming tough. I recently acquired Julio Teheran and Jordan Zimmerman through trades hoping to use Bailey as trade bait to upgrade my 3B slot which Bogaerts currently occupies. What 3B would you target?...I'm in need of speed, runs and RBIs.

Paul Sporer: Depends what you need, but I'd try something in the Matt Carpenter / Kyle Seager class. Bailey has been maddening, but the skills are still there. If you're shutout of anyone doing anything worth a lick right, go straight for the buy-low for buy-low move and ask for Carlos Santana or Brett Lawrie

Kent (Detroit): Paul, What is going on with Homer Bailey. Is he worth a buy low or is there a reason to be concerned?

Paul Sporer: I'm still buying low right now. I'm frustrated, but we saw three nice ones before the last dud at Philly. I'm convinced he'll still be fine.

Lucas (Richmond, VA): Paul, Who is your current top buy low target?

Paul Sporer: It's probably still Bailey. Maybe Archer.

Rupert (DC): In your opinion which current minor league players not named, Polanco or Taveras have the best potential to provide solid numbers to help a fantasy roster.

Paul Sporer: Singelton, Baez, and Syndergaard

DrDaley (Springfield): Need hitting stats. Ok in pitching. Would you trade Champman ( have Frieri, Chapman,K Rod, Rosy ) for one of the following....S.Smith, Yelich, Castellanos?? Have Ramirez and OF of Hamilton,McCutchen,Jones,& A.Jackson

Paul Sporer: I feel like he should pull more even though I like all three of those guys. I'd take Yelich if those are the 3 best candidates after your shopping, but maybe shoot a little higher if you haven't fully shopped - like Werth or Cespedes

Aaron (Springfield): Evereth Cabrera: What in the world is one to do with him? Dump for Franklin/Drew?

Paul Sporer: No, no, I'm holding. I think he'll be fine and go on a run (pun-intended) soon

JohnnyFive (WA): Would you trade dirt-cheap, keepable Xander Bogaerts for a Troy Tulowitzki that can't be kept? Flags Fly Forever or is Xander just too good to give up on?

Paul Sporer: 1000% --- it's all about the title for me so if you see Tulo as the missing piece, do it!

Shawnykid23 (CT): Any SPs or hitters you are particularly targeting as a buy or sell now?

Paul Sporer: Buying --- Bailey, Archer; Everth, Craig, Santana, and McCann

Spirou (Montreal): Scoresheet league here .Don't have a real closer.Alternating between David Carpenter,Jake McGee and Kelvin Herrera at this point.Based solely on E.R.A,who would you entrench as your closer the rest of way ?

Paul Sporer: Herrera for me

ChoppertoChipper (Edmonton): How cool is it that when Jason Giambi made his MLB debut, there was still one full season of Fresh Prince of Bel Air that would be new to the world. Yesterday was the 18 year anniversary of the final episode of that show. Today Jason Giambi is playing in an MLB game. Speaking of this game, do the Tigers have another Martinez on the bench they could play? All they do is hit homers.

Paul Sporer: Love it!!!

Colin (Chicago): Are you buying Brett Gardner in a 10 team dynasty?

Paul Sporer: Definitely. Just a nice, solid player!

JohnnyFive (WA): In a dynasty league w/ contracts, send away a cheap Xander Bogaerts that could reasonably kept for a good 8 years or so for Tulo through the ROS? Is Xander too good to give up?

Paul Sporer: I think this is a repeat... just clearing it out

Jake (Chicago): Do you think Arodys Vizcaino makes the Cubs BP this year, and when? Think he has a shot at the closer role by the end of the year?

Paul Sporer: I do think he'll work his way up by the summer. Absolutely has a shot at closing, too. I'd say maybe a month from call-up (though that's just a guess as it's so hard to get any sort of gauge on call-ups) and could a shot at closing if Rondon flops (though he's been fantastic this year)

Rajai Davis (Toronto): Seriously, what's the big deal about this Billy Hamilton kid? I know he's fast, but I'm fast, hit for better average and more power. How big of a difference is there from a fantasy perspective?

Paul Sporer: Substantial. I love you, Rajai, but your full-time role is in the balance with JD Martinez surging and Andy Dirks eventually returning. Meanwhile, Hamilton can flat out win the SB category for a team. That said, you DEFINITELY hold a MAJOR edge in production-to-cost ratio. But in a vacuum where draft costs don't matter, I still lean Hamilton quite easily.

Mookie (Mania): Took over a team this year in 10 team H2H Full dynasty. Loaded with young players and in last right now. Have an offer on the table of Springer, Bumgarner, Profar, Dozier, and Wacha for my Miggy and Cueto. Now he wants to Cole and get Desmond too. Do it or would you ask for Oscar Taveras too or instead of Cole? Thanks.

Paul Sporer: O

Joe (Chuc): Took over a team this year in 10 team H2H Full dynasty. Loaded with young players and in last right now. Have an offer on the table of Springer, Bumgarner, Profar, Dozier, and Wacha for my Miggy and Cueto. Now he wants to Cole and get Desmond too. Do it or would you ask for Oscar Taveras too or instead of Cole? Thanks.

Paul Sporer: M

Joe (Chucktown): Took over a team this year in 10 team H2H Full dynasty. Loaded with young players and in last right now. Have an offer on the table of Springer, Bumgarner, Profar, Dozier, and Wacha for my Miggy and Cueto. Now he wants to Cole and get Desmond too. Do it or would you ask for Oscar Taveras too or instead of Cole? Thanks.

Paul Sporer: G

Joe (Chucktown): Took over a team this year in 10 team H2H Full dynasty. Loaded with young players and in last right now. Have an offer on the table of Springer, Bumgarner, Profar, Dozier, and Wacha for my Miggy and Cueto. Now he wants to Cole and get Desmond too. Do it or would you ask for Oscar Taveras too or instead of Cole? Thanks.

Paul Sporer: Are you running a script that just keeps repeating the question? :)

Joe (Chucktown): Took over a team this year in 10 team H2H Full dynasty. Loaded with young players and in last right now. Have an offer on the table of Springer, Bumgarner, Profar, Dozier, and Wacha for my Miggy and Cueto. Now he wants to Cole and get Desmond too. Do it or would you ask for Oscar Taveras too or instead of Cole? Thanks.

Paul Sporer: Hmm, haven't been able to fully read the question, maybe you asked it again somewhere

Joe (Chucktown): Took over a team this year in 10 team H2H Full dynasty. Loaded with young players and in last right now. Have an offer on the table of Springer, Bumgarner, Profar, Dozier, and Wacha for my Miggy and Cueto. Now he wants to Cole and get Desmond too. Do it or would you ask for Oscar Taveras too or instead of Cole? Thanks.

Paul Sporer: There you are!

Mookie (Mania): Took over a team this year in 10 team H2H Full dynasty. Loaded with young players and in last right now. Have an offer on the table of Springer, Bumgarner, Profar, Dozier, and Wacha for my Miggy and Cueto. Now he wants to Cole and get Desmond too. Do it or would you ask for Oscar Taveras too or instead of Cole? Thanks.

Paul Sporer: OK... now, I'll answer it. I generally go for the star talent ahead of all else in a 10-teamer, but you ARE getting some star talent for your established studs. If you're in last, go ahead and take the throng of youth. I believe you're getting Gerrit Cole for Ian Desmond in that addendum? I LOVE Cole, but I'd make him bring in Taveras WITH Cole and see what he says!

Chopper (Indy): What do you project for Pomeranz for ROS? Do you think Hamilton will mash for the Halos upon his return?

Paul Sporer: I like Pomeranz as an A. Remember, he's a former blue-chipper so this isn't surprising to see him succeed. And yes, I think Hamilton will be very good-to-great upon returning. I think the Angels will give Oakland ALLL they can handle for that AL West crown

Joe (Chucktown): Ha, just wanted to make sure it was getting through.

Paul Sporer: I know, just had to tease you a bit

oldbopper (New Britain, CT): The Red Sox starting pitching is collapsing. Buchholz must be hurting, Peavy doesn't have much left and it is very doubtful if they can continue to send Doubront out there with what he has shown. Do you see the Sox giving any of the 4 young starters in AAA a few starts any time soon?

Paul Sporer: Yeah I think they have to start looking at their reinforcements (which are plentiful) as 3/5ths of their rotation lags badly.

Steve (New Mexico): How good can Gregory Polanco be?

Paul Sporer: EXCELLENT - a beastly power-speed combo on the level of his teammate in centerfield. Of course, remember that Cutch had to develop the power over time, but the speed and AVG were there immediately.

Shawnykid23 (CT): Obviously he won't hit 50 again, but will Chris Davis turn it around this year and get to 30-35 HR?

Paul Sporer: Absolutely. I think he could hit 30+ the rest of the way to be honest. I'm buying.

shakyhands (nj): Love your podcasts! Have you seen anything that would explain why Gerrit Cole seems less "special" this year? normal development?

Paul Sporer: Thanks! Just normal development, IMO. I definitely thought he could make the leap right away this year, but we haven't seen it just yet. That said, he still could as the season evolves, but even if not, he looks like he'll be a perfectly solid fantasy asset

silvergun (ON): What's your opinion on Roenis Elias' career outlook? (Can I also say "HI" to our pal Boxy, it's dusty and dark in the basement, we worry he's becoming weird!)

Paul Sporer: I didn't really consider him for the SP Guide bc he was 24 in AA, but he has impressed. I don't think he's *special*, but I think he's got some real talent capable of being fantasy viable in most formats (probably not much more than a streamer option in 10-12 tm leagues)

Tony (SF): Should I be worried about Madison Baumgarner?

Paul Sporer: A little, yeah. I've had some trepidation with him given that massive slider usage and it's been the least-effective ever so far this season. We're far from Code Red with him, but I'm a touch nervous.

Johnny (NJ): What's going on with Madison Baumgarner?

Paul Sporer: see previous answer!

JohnnyFive (WA): Have you seen any signs that what Michael Brantley is doing is sustainable? Didn't see this amount of power coming from the guy.

Paul Sporer: I LOOOOVED Brantley coming into this season. If I did a hitter's guide similar to my SP Guide, he might've been my Eovaldi or Kluber. I'd be lying if I said I saw 9 HRs on May 21st, but I'm not completely surprised by legitimate growth. His approach and evolution as a hitter showed some real upside even when it wasn't exactly in the numbers. Plus the fact that he doesn't do any one thing extremely well kept his price low even though it all added up to a really nice fantasy asset last year

Rex (nyc): McCarthy for real? peripherals look great. is health your only conern?

Paul Sporer: I'm buying the velocity (and subsequent K rate) surge. Still needs to avoid the implosion, but when he's on, he's been fantastic. Definitely one to watch

ChoppertoChipper (Edmonton): Do you think the Tigers will trade up in the draft to take Rodon and make him the closer?

Paul Sporer: Hate you

howling wolf (Baltimore MD): Do you see Salazar fixing his problems at AAA and returning to the Indians rotation within a couple of months? I'm in need of a couple of bats in an AL only league (keeper) but the only offers I've received for him are Ackley, Smoak and M. Gonzalez. The rest of my SPs are solid. Is Salazar a hold?

Paul Sporer: In a keeper that's just too low to sell. Sit tight and see if he can iron out the command at Triple-A

John Carter (Toronto): What would you say are Grant Green's chances at sticking around as a frequently used bench player after all those Angels come back off the D.L.?

Paul Sporer: I think there's a real chance. Remember, this guy was a 13th overall pick... there's some pedigree here. I much prefer him to the Jimenezes and Navarroes

sam w (ak): hi paul like your stuff, do you incorporate vegas money lines and run lines as a part of your daily fantasy strategy?

Paul Sporer: I do take a look for sure. I like to have an idea of where Vegas is gauging things... obviously they aren't building all of those luxury hotels by putting out bad numbers LOL

Donald Loria (Milwaukee): With the enormous attrition & injury rates, is it time to load up on mid-level pitching in fantasy and go quantity over quality??

Paul Sporer: This insane injury wave has caused many to reevaluate their strategy. Some are saying they want to secure the high caliber arms now while others are saying they'll wait even longer and just troll the wire. I lean more toward the waiting and quantity over quality root myself as I feel confident in my ability to find the Eovaldis and Klubers of the world. That said I did advocate for Kershaw at #5 overall this year. Of course that was more because of the glob of similarly talented bats that populated the late-first through early-fourth rounds

Alex (Seattle): So you rolling Homer out there vs. STL then?

Paul Sporer: Yeah, I'm staying the course.

Jeff (Alabama): Are you buying Carl Crawford's resurgence? Worth a pickup in a 10-team mixed league?

Paul Sporer: I wanna buy, I really do... buuut I'm leery. Ride the streak in a 10-mixer if you have someone worth dumping, but be ready to jump back off if he fades again

Victor (Dumfries): How would you rank these in 14 tm fantasy: Jordan lyles, Robbie Erin, and James Paxton, or even Martin Perez(obviously have to wait for him to recover)?

Paul Sporer: Erlin, Paxton, Lyles and Perez... Perez has to be last with the TJ Surgery

Craig (Miami): Paul, I currently have Salazar stashed however he is a complete mess. Would you hold or drop for any of the following. If yes what order would you rank. Keuchel, Leake, Niese, A. Wood, Masterson, Hughes, Kuroda.

Paul Sporer: I'd generally say hold in most leagues, but with that kinda talent on the wire, I'd make a move. Gimme Niese, Keuchel, or Hughes for sure. Kuroda close, too

nerd alert (pdx): Seems to be a lot of trepidation around Kolek due to his size and velo. Warranted (more than any other pitcher) or is he a potential generational talent?

Paul Sporer: I'm not going to lie, I don't know who that is. He a draft prospect? Draft area is my blind spot, just not enough bandwidth, so I lean heavily on our prospect team and just read all of their goods

John (Cincinnati): In a dynasty league, how valuable is Joey Gallo right now?

Paul Sporer: It's got to be sky-high right now. Obviously being in a dynasty league means you're with savvy owners so they'll be aware and his 90-grade power on the 20-80 scale is just so sexy. Honestly, his stock may never be higher.

TheTinDoor (DC): Sean Doolittle, over/under top-10 closer rest of the season?

Paul Sporer: Man, I wish I could trust that they will just leave him there and I'd probably say yes on top 10. But since I can't trust that, I'll say no, but definitely good while holding the role

Joe (Chucktown): Thanks for the answer and keep up the great work!!

Paul Sporer: Thanks!!

Peter (Punxatawny): Thoughts on Phil Hughes tonight at SD and ROS?

Paul Sporer: Love him for both. I was a huge fan of him leaving NYY and he's been brilliant after three bum outings to open his Minnesota career. I really believe there was no worse marriage of park and player than Hughes and Yankee Stadium. He was a huge buy for me this year

Jack (Johnsonville): You think this is a hot streak for Pollock or could he have value ROS in a 10/12-team mixer?

Paul Sporer: Big time late round pick for me this year as I saw some 20-20 upside if he could keep himself in the lineup v. righties. Definitely has shallow league appeal right now.

Jeff (Johnsonville): Thoughts on Cuddyer coming off the DL? You think he can keep up last year's and this early season's strong production?

Paul Sporer: 2012 was too low, 2013 is a tick too high and we're kinda seeing the middle of the two so far this year and that's what I think we'll see from him in his triple slash - .300/.360/.500

Nate (Indy): I was listening to a Cubs broadcast last night and they were talking about 2nd base prospects and brought up two names, Alcantara and Stephen Bruno. Who the heck is Stephen Bruno and what fantasy business does he have being mentioned in the same sentence as Alcantara?

Paul Sporer: LOL, I'm pretty unfamiliar with him. Don't believe he belongs in the same class as AA. Looks like an undersized "gamer" with a nice contact rate and little else. The D'Backs and old school announcers would love him. #hellagrit

John (Cincinnati): Better nickname: Hanniguel Olicter, Miguennibal Lectivo, or some other combination of Miguel Olivo and Hannibal Lecter?

Paul Sporer: Love the first one, LOL

Bill (Bozeman): Do you feel Mike Moustakas is salvageable at this point - for this year, and for his career?

Paul Sporer: Ugh, sure he's salvageable long-term. Too much pedigree and youth to end his career, but any surge he has will be on someone else's team. I'm done.

Julio (San Anto): I picked up Rickie weeks due to plethora of injuries on my team... what's the chance that he sticks and becomes fantasy relevant again? Also is it time to stash Kendrys Morales? Thanks keep up the awesome work.

Paul Sporer: I think there's a chance, but his best bet is getting flipped to someone who needs a full-time 2B. I've always liked Weeks so his fall from grace last year was a bummer

Chesty (New Bern ,NC): Paul I am in a 12 team H2H league.How long would you stay with Machado(72AB') ,A.Craig .Polanco is on waivers thinking of picking him and dropping one.I have Zimmerman and Bogaerts as a fill ins.Thanks

Paul Sporer: I like the idea of scooping Polanco, but not for one of those two. Machado especially needs a lot more reps before bailing, while Craig might finally be pulling out of it over his last 40 or so PA

DanDaMan (Sea Cliff): Hey Paul, thanks for the chat, love these. Gotta trade offer I want to run by you- Billy Hamilton for my Chapman. Doing well in saves without him so far with K-Rod and Cishek (start 2 relievers). I sit 9th in steals though with the gap getting bigger. Thought I'd be okay with Hosmer, Hill, Laurie, Machado, Braun, CarGo, JUpton, but they've combined for a total of 10 steals so far. The other thing with Hamilton is that I'd have to start him over 1 of the following hot hitters- Morneau or Lawrie. Knowing all this, would you trade for Billy if you were me? Thanks

Paul Sporer: I definitely would. Tough to sit Morneau or Lawrie, but neither is a MUST-play in shallower formats

Evan (Cincinnati): Can Taijuan Walker still be effective coming off of a shoulder injury? His mechanics were questionable at best before, so would it be unreasonable to deal him now and take what you can get in a dynasty league or ride it out and see if he blossoms?

Paul Sporer: Definitely possible for plenty of effectiveness. I would really hold out and not sell low.

Kingpin (Grinnell, IA): In an 8-team NL-only keeper league, I snagged Carlos Martinez & Jenrry Mejia for $1 each in our auction this year hoping they would be allowed to start or close. mejia is paying off, but do I hang on to C-Mart any longer?

Paul Sporer: Yeah sit tight for a little longer. Martinez has been far from special, but he's not killing ya at a buck even with modest ratios and a crappy K rate. See if the K rate surges over his next 10-12 outings and go from there (obviously if valuable SP or new closer pops up that you have to pounce on, it should be at the expense of CMart, but hold if it's not blocking you from others)

maxpowers (Chicago): what the hell am I supposed to do with Fielder? Him and Belt are my 1B in a dynasty where we use a player's actual salary as his cap hit. Fielder's hit is so high it really crimps his trade value.

Paul Sporer: You just have to wait it out. That was a helluva duo two months ago when you were prepping to start the season. Belt looked amazing early on, too. Learning that Fielder has a neck issue that could explain some of his failings definitely makes his numbers more palatable. Don't sell low on em

Kingpin (Grinnell, IA): WIll the Dodgers just call up Joc and let him play after the Super Two cutoff? Surely, they will put their best 3 OF's on the field, right?

Paul Sporer: If they are still .500ish in a couple weeks, I think they will try to move an OF to shore up the club and then call up Pederson. They can't call him up to play sporadically or be the short side of a platoon with Ethier (especially since Joc's also a lefty).

Archie Bradley (Bus): When will I get the call to the majors for this terrible team? Are you worried about my results and will they keep me down longer than Super Two?

Paul Sporer: S2 has to be a factor, but the injury is obviously the biggest factor right now. He'll be up eventually, but there's just no rush with him and the big league club both lagging

MB (Ann Arbor): Motte going to be a closer this year?

Paul Sporer: If Rosy keeps being just blah. Not a bad option for StL to have as a backup given how great Motte was when healthy

Paul Sporer: Sorry for the questions I didn't get to, but thanks to everyone for coming out. You can hit me up on Twitter @sporer if you still have lingering questions or join me in a couple weeks for another chat!!

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