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Chat: Craig Goldstein

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Thursday April 03, 2014 7:30 PM ET chat session with Craig Goldstein.


Craig takes your fantasy questions.

Craig Goldstein: [Chat] your soul dude, let the [type] blaze I got 2.5 hours to kill before TINO so let's have some fun

Napoleon Bookbindery (Washington DC): How do u see the upcoming mlb season playing out? Thx

Craig Goldstein: Gonna be a tight one

Brett (Baltimore): How many fantasy teams do you run? Is that normal for a fantasy writer?

Craig Goldstein: I've got 8 going right now. I'm not sure if that's normal or not. I think Bret had 14 last year but if I'm being honest my preference is to have four or less.

Gravybill (New York, NY): Hello, good sir! Would you be so kind as to rank the following high upside arms? Jose Martinez, Adalberto Mejia, Lewis Thorpe, Alberto Tirado.

Craig Goldstein: My order of preference: Tirado, Martinez, Mejia, Thorpe but all have pluses and minuses.

Julio (San Antonio): What role will Farquhar in the Seattle bullpen? Do u see it changing as the year goes on.

Craig Goldstein: I think he's a set up man there. Rodney got the $$ and that's going to hold sway. He'd have to be *very* bad for Farquhar to get a second shot.

Babe Gross (Auburn): 5x5 keeper lg, should I trade Saltalamacchia for Yonder Alonso? Thx much. Also what would you do if your girl deleted your MLB The Show career save file? Gotta dump her, right?

Craig Goldstein: In a vacuum I'd keep Salty. I don't think Alonso is special and the catcher position is harder to figure out in my opinion. Yeah, that's an obvious no go. Priorities.

Lona Misa (The Projects): We only get one dl spot in my league and its already in use. Should I just cut Parnell instead of keeping him on my bench?

Craig Goldstein: Hard to say anything concrete without knowing who is already occupying it. I'd tentatively hold on to Parnell until we're sure rest/rehab/PRP isn't going to work

John (CT): Odds Jim Johnson finishes the year as the A's closer

Craig Goldstein: He's been rough and they have substantial talent in the bullpen but I'd be comfortable around with a figure around 75% right now

Cory (Canada): Craig, keeper draft this weekend. FA is barren, would you consider the turning the "don't pay for saves" rule upside down and take Rosenthal or Robertson at pick #10 of 10, to pair with Holland? Especially if the hitters available might be Abreu or Victor Martinez and the SP pool is fairly deep?

Craig Goldstein: I would take Abreu over the closers, and there's a good chance I'd opt for Martinez as well but I have an extreme aversion to them. If you've got 1B/CI locked down then I can understand but I wouldn't pass on Abreu for a RP

username49 (Ohio): I know you guys are supporters of MiLB TV. Could you possibly do a 'Game of the Day' type column that lets us know what we should be watching if we have MiLB.TV subscriptions?

Craig Goldstein: It's an interesting idea and one that might best fit with the prospect team, but it's something I'll mention

Qcome berwater (your mouth): Why don't you love me?

Craig Goldstein: Because you're full of false promise

SenatorsGuy (Minneapolis): With two things in mind, what are your thoughts on Taijuan Walker's fantasy value this year considering 1 - his shoulder soreness to start spring training, and 2 - the general consensus that he still has to develop his secondary stuff. And personal gut feeling on when it will come together?

Craig Goldstein: I'm not ALL that concerned on Walker. Shoulders are obviously worrisome, as is his upright finish in his delivery, but it was also spring training and things get sore. I really like Walker despite his rough edges and I like him to be good this year.

Allan (Winnipeg): Craig, please rank the following in a keeper league - Salazar, Lynn, Cashner, Klubler, Estrada, Masterson, Santana?

Craig Goldstein: Cashner, Salazar, Santana, Masterson, Lynn, Kluber, Estrada

ravenight (Boston): I paid $130 (out of $260) in an auction for Trout & Cabrera. C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3 OF, 2 UTIL, 2 SP, 2 RP, 4 P 5x5 12-team mixed league. I took Gianella's values, adjusted them for the small number of hitters in the league, and they each projected to bids in the mid 60's. So was this a good play, or is half the budget always too much to risk on 2 guys?

Craig Goldstein: I'm personally not comfortable with the risk of investing that much budget into two guys but that it's a 12-team means there's talent available for low bids. It's a fine play if they stay healthy but if either misses substantial time, you're SOL

Suzy (Louisiana): Hey Craig! Thanks for taking the chat questions today, I love the work you all do. As for my question, how worried are you about Clayton Kershaw's injury? Are the dodgers playing it safe, or is there some legitimate concern?

Craig Goldstein: Thanks Suzy. As a Dodgers fan I'm distraught. As a baseball fan I'm mad at not getting to see him pitch. Aside from that though I don't think it's huge cause for concern. He's a massive investment and I think they're acting with an abundance of caution. It appears to be a muscle issue and not a shoulder/joint issue, so that's what I'm clinging to.

Lona Misa (The Projects): Is Aaron Harang worth picking up?

Craig Goldstein: Depends on league depth. Inside of 18-20+ team leagues, I can't imagine so. Let's see more before deciding.

Desmond (Dayton, Ohio): I've got Yu Darvish in my keeper league, and need to pick my starters for the week. Should I throw out Shelby Miller this week and wait and see on how Darvish comes back from his injury?

Craig Goldstein: I wouldn't hesitate with a stud like Darvish. You have him for a reason. Play him.

hdub (the bleachers): why do i get the feeling that owings will outperform castro this year? who do you see as the better performer this year 6*6 league

Craig Goldstein: I'm not bailing on Castro just yet, but I'm extremely high on Owings. Give me the DBack.

Jason (Huntsville): How much stock do you put into the reports that Yasiel Puig has less than spectacular makeup? Some of the news stories certainly seem bloated, and ultimately, does it have any effect on the field?

Craig Goldstein: I think there's room for him to be a five-tool a-hole and for it not to matter on the field. I don't think his teammates hate him but I also don't have the access that some of the reporters who have made comments have. I'm a Dodgers fan and an unabashed fan of the flavor that Puig brings to the game, but it doesn't seem like he's been too stubborn to make adjustments. He might take longer than we want to do it, but that doesn't make him a bad guy.

MRubio52 (Chicago): Rougned Odor or Arismendy Alcantara?

Craig Goldstein: I still believe in Arismendy

Judge Owens (Baltimore): Is Chris Archer a starter or a reliever?

Craig Goldstein: Put the Rays game on MLB.tv and you tell me

Dan (Pittsburgh): H2h format (Wins, ERA, WHIP, K, Saves) and the available players are Eovaldi, Baxter, Niese, Porcello (who will probably not fall to me)? who do you grab?

Craig Goldstein: of those I go with Eovaldi, though I wouldn't stashing Niese either.

Alex (Anaheim): Who's the most valuable Yankee starting pitcher in fantasy this year?

Craig Goldstein: Firmly believe it'll be Tanaka or Kuroda. I lean Tanaka. I love Nova as a darkhorse fantasy guy but he's not going to strike enough guys out to lead the rotation in value

Nine (Years Craig): Why are you a thing on the internet?

Craig Goldstein: It's not my fault, it's how I'm programmed to function

worried (bostonia): Is it time to dump Jared Weaver? was drafting him a mistake?

Craig Goldstein: I'm not out on him yet. It's not his fault his parents named him Jered and I assume that's causing some mental anguish. The velocity is obviously bad but he's got a funky delivery and a lot of deception. I don't think he's a sub 3 ERA guy anymore but he can still be useful

Sir Nigel Humphry Ribbonthroat (UK): Sir Goldstein, I have recently come upon what you rounders fans call the "20-80" grading scale. I have henceforth decided to judge all aspects of my life with this metric, as long as the Queen approves. However, as someone with your reputation and prowess with the American women, I was hoping you may shed some light on a topic. Recently I have described one of my lady friends as "excellent tools that play up with plus makeup," a statement with which she took great offense. What is your opinion of the matter, sir? Thank you, and God save the Queen, Sir Nigel Humphry Ribbonthroat Esq.

Craig Goldstein: Pro tip: don't tell ladies how you rate them or rate other ladies in front of them.

Kevin brown (Bedroom): How much do you miss mort?

Craig Goldstein: Our late night phone calls get us through the tough times

gdabdullah (milwaukee): who has the highest ceiling between Alexander Reyes and Sean Manaea?

Craig Goldstein: I'd say they're fairly comparable as potential #2 guys. Maybe Reyes has a little more ceiling because he's further away and it's more likely something crazy happens and gives him an extra bump, but by the same token he carries more risk. If I'm picking one today, I'm going with Manaea

dcapofari (NY): I have Ventura at a cheep price with controllable years, should I look to move him today while stock still high? or hold out to see if it gets higher?

Craig Goldstein: I wouldn't plan on moving Ventura just yet but it obviously depends on the other offers. If someone is offering you a top 20 pitcher, I would probably go for it

John (CT): Do you believe this will be the Royals year? Should I draft a lot of them?

Craig Goldstein: lord knows how you're still drafting on April third, but yes. I'm a fan of their hitting, pitching and bullpen in the fantasy realm. I love Hosmer, love Shields, love Ventura, really like Aoki, Gordon and Holland, like Perez and Infante is solid.

Leifer (nj): would drop kluber for nate edivoli or tim hudson?

Craig Goldstein: I don't think I would. I know his start was rough, and while I'm not on him as much as my college Paul Sporer is, it's just one start. If you believed in him in the offseason, it's too soon to alter your judgments

kfazio (WV): With regard to your ranking of Thorpe earlier, is that more result of proximity?

Craig Goldstein: risk via proximity, yes. There are a lot of raw tools but he's SO far away and a lot can happen on the developmental journey. Outside of truly insanely deep (and stable) leagues, it's not worth drafting him because you're waiting four years at a minimum

Number Five (Is Alive): What do you think of replay so far?

Craig Goldstein: I love replay. I love the setup with the system in NY. I think challenges are an awful way to go about it but I understand they want managers to have the option to force the umps to look. It can be improved, most definitely, but the bellyaching is too much for me. We're getting more calls right and that's the most important thing.

RotoLando (Cloud City): While he's got a shot, is Marcus Semien fantasy-worthy, or just another warm body in the MI slot, mocking you, daring you to drop him every morning.

Craig Goldstein: I'm a fan of Semien, and a converted one at that. Originally I billed him as a utility type but he's got a really nice approach and - especially in that park - enough pop to matter. Add in that his competition is Gordon Beckham and I think he can last in the bigs this year

Stella (Kingham MS): Martin Perez impressed me quite a bit with his last start, albeit against a less than impressive Phillies lineup. Do you think he can improve on his below average K-rate from last year?

Craig Goldstein: I do. His changeup is a true swing and miss pitch and sometimes breaking balls take time to develop - look at Julio Teheran and Kevin Gausman. He's still young, he was just good enough that he has to develop at the major league level. He's probably never an elite bat-misser but I love his fastball from the left side. I'm a fan.

NightmareRec0n (Boston): Give me a couple of names that weren't on the BP Fantasy Top 101 that you expect to rocket up the board into at least the top 50 for next season?

Craig Goldstein: Phil Ervin and Marco Gonzales were two of the 24 names I wrote about in the Future's guide who I think could go from off list to on. It's available and highly worth it :)

Spam Deduno (Jungala): You're good with the ladies. Some advice for a young gun please. Currently speaking to two females. One listens to Lil' Boosie and the other has bobcat paw print tattoos. My Uncle says I can't trust either one. But I ask you...which one do I continue to talk to?

Craig Goldstein: My guy says trust your uncle. I wouldn't know from experience though - my girl is Spanish

Lona Misa (The Projects): Marcell Ozuna worth snatching?

Craig Goldstein: Truly depends on the league parameters. Assuming a 10-12 team vanilla league, I'll opt out.

Craij (DC): Why haven't you read Game of Thrones? You're a bigger monster than Joffrey. Log off.

Craig Goldstein: I'm in the process but I have to offer bad opinions on twitter dot com and that eats up most of my time.

Gotribe31 (VA): Long term, Rendon or Profar?

Craig Goldstein: I'll take Profar. He still has a two year head start

dancini (Pittsburgh): 5x5 H2h (Wins,Saves,ERA,WHIP,K) and waiver dumpster diving, need another starter: N. Eovaldi, J. Paxton, R. Porcello, J. Niese, P. Hughes are whats best available. Who would you grab CG (as in Creative Genius)?

Craig Goldstein: Glad you're enjoying the pod! honestly it's not that bad a group so I'd go for the hot hand/upside and roll with Paxton. Since the other options are solid if he stinks, you can cut bait pretty quickly.

RotoLando (Cloud City): Francisco Mejia, am I right? Yeah, you know.

Craig Goldstein: I have no less than 8 videos of him from spring training in my google drive (courtesy of a good friend), and my lord.

Mike (Utica, NY): Do you think Nick Williams will be the rangers top prospect after this season?

Craig Goldstein: I don't know that he passes Odor, who should remain a prospect. Williams could fall out of bed and hit, but his defense (despite good speed) is a huge question mark. I'll take the under.

kfazio (WV): Thoughts on either Edwin Diaz and/or Luiz Gohara in regard to their respective ceilings?

Craig Goldstein: I like Edwin more. Obviously the Mariners top 10 lists their ceilings and you should absolutely check those out because Parks and co. do a great job and know more than I do. I think they're both middle rotation guys but I like Diaz's profile a bit more.

Jesus (Aguilar): Seriously, stop talking about me. I can't hit off speed stuff, and I'm completely incapable of laying off sliders in the dirt.

Craig Goldstein: but you're my spirit animal

Trevor Bauer (New York): I shouldn't pit you between your colleagues like this but I wanted to ask another question so here it is. If Ben and Mauricio went into a one on one hell in a cell match who do you think would win? If each writer could chose a baseball player as a sidekick who would each of them choose? What would each writers finisher be? What would their respective players finisher be? Thanks for holding the chat baseball prospectors, Trev

Craig Goldstein: one on one I'm taking Mau on pure strength but Ben might outwit him by sleeping through the entire beatdown, only to surprise attack Mau as he takes a victory lap. Mau would probably take Avisail Garcia because he can't shutup about him and Ben would take Xander just to get closer to him. I have no idea on the other stuff because I don't understand the appeal of wrestlemen

Ben (right behind you): Isn't vomiting in a rental car sort of a metaphor for human existence?

Craig Goldstein: I think vomit of any kind is a metaphor for human existence

Frank (Brooklyn): Glass half full or empty on Brett Anderson's future? Is health his only concern and can he survive in Coors?

Craig Goldstein: I go back and forth, but I'm rooting for him. I guess I'm optimistic, but I don't like him as a fantasy asset in Coors. I think he can have a nice career but I don't want to suffer through the Colorado phase.

Big Mike (Toronto): In a contract league this is my all-in season. How concerned should I be with Machado and Reyes' injuries at the moment?

Craig Goldstein: I'd be very concerned about Reyes. I think playing on turf is bad news for him (despite the speed playing up on the basepaths). Machado I'm less worried about

Chrij (DC): How is quoting Papa Roach good for the #brand?

Craig Goldstein: When your brand is being awful, you use what's available. You should understand.

Armin (Vienna, Austria): Crag, are you at all worried about Clayton Kershaw? I'm asking because I have a trade offer on the table I'm considering right now. The offer is Kershaw for Mark Appell, Addison Russell, Aaron Sanchez and Noah Syndergaard (I would be the one getting Kershaw). The league I'm playing in is a keeper league with 16 teams, H2H, points-based scoring. I would be able to keep Kershaw for the next four years (2015-2018). Would you pull the trigger on this one?

Craig Goldstein: I talked about my concern with Kershaw before but this is a hell of an offer. I think I'd take Kershaw. As much as I love the prospects, there's a wide variation of how they all pan out. I know it can be scary to give up all that potential, but not having to give up a major league for Clayton F***ing Kershaw is insane. Gotta do it.

Derek (Vancouver): Craig, Abreu or Victor Martinez? Does a keeper league change your answer?

Craig Goldstein: Had a similar question before but to clarify - Slight edge to Abreu this year (though it's closer than people think). Keeper league makes it decidedly Abreu

Vic (Dumfries): How would you rank Frenchy?

Craig Goldstein: Assuming you mean Franchy Cordero, I'm a big fan. Saw him take an at-bat in spring training and while that's not much to go on, the reports are positive. I recently ranked him aggressively in Ben and my introductory Dynasty Dynamics column, which should give you some idea.

RotoLando (Cloud City): Where does Mike Trout get the nerve?

Craig Goldstein: That's a lot of money for a kid with makeup issues...

Lincoln (Tennessee): Thoughts on Jose Abreu's introduction to the major leagues?

Craig Goldstein: Three thoughts: He's looked great. It's been three games. It's the Twins.

Silverback38 (VA): 14tm H2H dynasty league....would you rather have Fowler or Yelich

Craig Goldstein: In a dynasty I'll take Yelich, but Fowler for this and probably next season.

kfazio (WV): Is the belief that Jose Martinez can be a breakout arm this season built around his athleticism aiding in his overcoming both his height and control woes? Odds that he ends up a high-leverage bullpen arm in the long-term?

Craig Goldstein: Martinez is listed at 6'1 so I'm not sure how much he needs to overcome there. The control is obviously a concern but the hype is based on his stuff, which is prodigious. He could have two plus-plus pitches and a third average one - but there's a long way to go before he gets there. I think the odds are good that a LOT of short-season starters end up in the pen, so without it meaning too much, I think those odds are good.

dcapofari (Ny): who has highest upside out of Tapia, Dahl, Manaea, frazier?

Craig Goldstein: pure upside (without factoring in risk) is either Tapia or Frazier

Kershaw Owner (Couch): I give Kershaw for Bogaerts and Masterson in a keeper league. Should I just keep Kershaw, wanting to win this year.

Craig Goldstein: if you're trying to win this year I'd hold onto Kersh

kfazio (WV): Does Francisco Mejia project as a Jorge Alfaro style player (minus the speed) or are his offensive tools lacking that sort of projection?

Craig Goldstein: Playing fast and loose with comps... yeah. He's got a lot of tools and can be a force on defense and offense. He's currently got good speed as well, but Alfaro is several levels ahead so don't go crazy about Mejia just yet (he says hypocritically).

jgorosh (chi): Why don't you love McDonalds ice cream? you can purchase multiple with the change in your wallet.

Craig Goldstein: No issue with the ice cream but I think it's a travesty it's the only one you've had.

Phil Packer (Pizza Parlor): When do you foresee Micah Johnson's MLB debut?

Craig Goldstein: 2015 guy for me. Not a big fan of the profile. Utility guy

allangustafson (Havana): Yoenis Yoenis. Do you see a scenario that the dude quickly unravels bats .220 till the month of June with slugging below .400? Making a run this year in my keeper league and would like to accept a trade for Alex Cobb if this is the case. I would keep Cespedes if you think I need to relax and have a cigar. 25 HR 90 RBI .280 AVG

Craig Goldstein: I prefer Yoenis to Cobb unless your league slants heavily towards pitching. I think Yo can have a huge year. He's more 2012 than 2013 to me.

Hangover (City): I'm gonna get you.

Craig Goldstein: you've come at the king and missed so many times. Your confidence is unwarranted.

dcapofari (NY): why is Eno down on Archer?

Craig Goldstein: probably a better question for Eno, to be honest. I love Archer and think he takes a big step forward this year. The shutout he's got going now looks awful nice.

Mike (Utica, NY): Think Giolito is the top pitching prospect in the land next year.

Craig Goldstein: my conservative answer is: 110% yes.

Gary (Chicago): How long before the White Sox switch closers?? Another closer question- does Santos keep the job or does Janssen get it back as soon as he's healthy? Thanks for the chat!!

Craig Goldstein: It's early to say anything with conviction obviously. It just came out that Nate Jones isn't 100% which is likely a factor in that situation. Sleeper on that team is Daniel Webb, though I think Belisario could do the job as well. I still think Jones gets the most saves at season's end.

kfazio (WV): Are there any position players off of top 100 lists that you like to take a huge step forward in 2014? Franchy Cordero seems like an obvious name, for sure. Anyone else jump out to you?

Craig Goldstein: I threw out one in Ervin before, but this is exactly what I wrote about for the Futures Guide - something I'm really proud to be a part of. There's a ton of great content, both prospect and fantasy wise, in it.

Gotribe31 (VA): Dynasty league, Kipnis or Pedroia?

Craig Goldstein: Pedroia ranks higher for me right now, but I think they trade places within the next 18 months

Silverback38 (VA): Can you rank Ron Guzman, Tim Anderson, Frenchy Cordero, and Nomar Mazara in Dynasty League

Craig Goldstein: Mazara, Guzman, Cordero, Anderson. I know Bret loves Tim - as does Parks - and you should probably weight their assessments over mine, but I think there's potential for the hit tool to sink Anderson. I love Mazara and I think he might be the best of that Hickory/Myrtle group of prospects, outside of Alfaro.

NightmareRec0n (Boston): Eno likes to look at Whiffs/Swing on pitches. Check Brooks.

Craig Goldstein: Yes, he does, but I don't want to put words in anyone's mouth.

Walker (Georgia): DO you see Moustakis coming out of his shell and hitting this year, 25 HR and batting .270?

Craig Goldstein: I don't. I think Moustakas is a .250 or so hitter with 15-18 hr power. I got off that ride several years ago and I haven't regretted a thing

dcapofari (Ny): since the Ariz trip, do you feel you can somewhat accurately scout prospects?

Craig Goldstein: No. I am not confident in what I see and I try to make up for that with extensive research and contacting people I do trust. I think I'm getting better but I desperately want more repetitions. I'm not shy with my opinions but I think I have a lot to learn/build on. It was an incredibly valuable experience though and one I hope to repeat next year.

Big Mike (Boston): Doubront anything more than a 4-5th starter? Anymore in there or have we seen his best?

Craig Goldstein: In real life? I like him as a fourth start. In fantasy he's probably a little less than that, but the strikeouts are always nice. I think we've seen what he is at this point, but I appreciate him for it.

Gotribe31 (VA): If you had to pick one of your fellow TINO podcasters to drive cross country with, who would it be and why?

Craig Goldstein: It'd have to be Bret because he's the most responsible but I think the obvious answer is that I'd go with any of them and they would not go with me.

tbwhite (San Diego): I love to collect scrappy, young MI not named Jose Altuve. Which of my collection has the most upside: Jose Ramirez, Alexi Amarista, Ruben Tejada, Leury Garcia

Craig Goldstein: Do I have to?

Ben Carsley (Your heart): Do you think the Great Wall of China is really that great, or is it just pretty good?

Craig Goldstein: I've seen better

9 Years (Craig): What's something you learned about Ben in Arizona? Mau? Parks?

Craig Goldstein: Ben's funnier in real life than on twitter, which is a good thing for him because yikes. Mau is a big timer like nobody's business. Parks' professor moniker is well earned. Loved learning from that guy.

username49 (Ohio): Who is your favorite Jewish major leaguer? Which Jewish 2nd basemen do you like better, Kipnis or Kinsler?

Craig Goldstein: Well Kipnis is a practicing Roman Catholic who identifies as Jewish because his father was - at least per the always reliable wikipedia. I don't really pay attention to that stuff though.

bankeravp5 (Cincinnati): 13 team rotisserie: categories: Avr. Obp 2b. 3b Hr. Runs Sb. RBI Walks. Strikeouts I waited too long on 1b...have Texiera, will gain mauer eligibility after 10 games and Lucroy could catch. We have no salaries, but limited to 40 total pickups in season. Tex was awful in spring, is he worth being patient with? Others available---Dunn, LaRoche, Moreland, Chris carter, Hart, Howard and Morneau.... I have a spot open with dl, so could add without a drop but likely get Kemp back soon.. Any of players listed a no brainer to add? Drop Tex when I need spot eventually? Thx!

Craig Goldstein: I'd probably grab Hart until you're forced on a decision with Kemp but none are necessary. Just slide Mauer over with Lucroy when the time comes.

Gotribe31 (VA): If you had to either eat a cake pop or drink a glass of cucumber water, which would you choose?

Craig Goldstein: I'd throw them at your face

tbwhite (San Diego): Yes, you have to. Please. Oh, wait I forgot Cesar Hernandez. Does that make it better ? Seriously I have all of these guys,I think I need help.

Craig Goldstein: You need to back away from the crappy secondbasemen. Put them down, and walk away.

Guest (ures): Do you believe in Justin Smoak? Has he finally figured it out and worthy of picking up in Head-to-Head dynasty?

Craig Goldstein: Depends on league depth. Probably worth an add on the offchance that he has figured it out but the Angels bullpen is a tirefire, so we shouldn't assume anything just yet

Dan (Pittsburgh): Also would like to thank you and the TINO guys as I grabbed Starlin Castro in my draft and hedged with Chris Owings in my supplemental draft due to your podcast I've got a nice backup for Starlin Castro-phe

Craig Goldstein: I (and we) appreciate the kind words. If you (or anyone else - anyone? Bueller?) likes the pod, a rating and review on iTunes can go a long way.

Jacoby Shaddix (CA): You can't use my lyrics in your tweets anymore.

Craig Goldstein: yeah, well, same to you

Jim (Portland): Who do you think leads the Cubs in saves this season?

Craig Goldstein: What a miserable thing to have to think about. I'll go with Strop but I have zero conviction. I still think Arrieta is a good closer eventually. I don't believe he has the command to start.

MRubio52 (Chicago): Do you get Gerndt?

Craig Goldstein: every free moment I get

hdub (the bleachers): hey craig, thanks for the chat. is there an upper level hitting prospect that u feel isnt receiving the type of love he should? something below the Piscotty line if there is such a thing.

Craig Goldstein: Not sure what exactly the Piscotty line is for you, but I think I'm higher on Jorge Bonifacio than most. He's not an all-star but he should be a capable right fielder who has plenty of fantasy value. He's in the Arcia mold for me.

Frank (BK): Rate these 3 available FA in deep mixed league: KRod, Valverde, Lindstrom...Odds in 10 D.Webb becomes closer for chi sox?

Craig Goldstein: KRod, Lindstrom, Valverde. I mentioned Webb as an option earlier but I think it's under 15% right now.

McClane (Nakatomi Plaza): Most future fantasy value (please rank): Tim Anderson, Raimel Tapia, Francisco Mejia, Stephen Piscotty, Franchy Cordero, Hunter Renfroe

Craig Goldstein: Tapia, Mejia, Piscotty, Cordero, Anderson, Renfroe but that's not the order I'd draft them in

RussHaigis (Saint Diego): In my keeper league, Odor is out there as an available prospect. I've heard various opinions on him from valuable fantasy infielder with all-star potential to barely above-avg regular. What do you think?

Craig Goldstein: I like Odor and think he should carry plenty of value in the fantasy realm. He's the second best 2B prospect out there for me.

Mike (Utica, NY): What do you think of Ryan McMahon?

Craig Goldstein: I'm a huge fan. I know he's not exactly a natural right now as a two-sport guy in high school but I think the game will come to him eventually and I love his hitting environments all the way up. He might be someone you trade at season's end for profit because he should be able to mash wherever he is.

Atkinson (Columbus, GA): When looking at streaming candidates, do you look at three-year home/road splits?

Craig Goldstein: I don't. I can't tell you it's a bad idea but there's too much variance involved in one start for me to pay that much mind. I'm far more interested in the lineup the pitcher is facing

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Craig Goldstein: I do love hermes, so if you were buying me a gift...

Marc (The Internet): Why

Craig Goldstein: Why not?

Jimmy (St. Louis): Any thoughts on Pedro Fernandez (KC) and how good can he be ?

Craig Goldstein: I don't know enough right now. Parks says he's a guy to watch, so I'll be paying close attention going forward

Frank (BK): What % of FA budget would you spend on KRod in deep mixed (17 teams)? I'm also a Henderson owner?

Craig Goldstein: I'd probably go for somewhere around 12-18 dollars depending on the league structure.

Silverback38 (VA): Where does DC rank amongst the Baseball Prospectus Day at the parks?

Craig Goldstein: I've only been to one - the DC event last year but it was a lot of fun. I think half the BP organization will be at this year's including an absolute bevy of z-listers. I strongly encourage anyone who can to sign up. It's a great time.

Mike (Utica, NY): Now do you like McMahon more than Tapia and Dahl, I know Parks loves Tapia.

Craig Goldstein: I don't. Both are better prospects, and by somewhat significant margins.

tbwhite (San Diego): Moose Tacos crushed spring training last year and little good it did him. He did it this year too, but it will end up differently because of his K:BB ratio right ? I mean 16:5 last year vs 8:11 this year must mean something. If it doesn't then why are we here ?

Craig Goldstein: Getting a couple of these Spring Training/Moustakas questions. The thing is, it's spring training and it doesn't actually matter.

Vin Scummy (3rd ward): You're in a dream tag team match against Roman Reigns and Prince. You get to chose one of three partners: Million Dollar Man, James Earl Jones or Ted Allen...who you got?

Craig Goldstein: Give me the voice of vader

Clive (Newark): Shelby Miller has been experimenting with a cut fastball this spring, and a little bit at the end of last year. Have any reports on the value of the pitch, and general prediction on his numbers this year?

Craig Goldstein: I haven't seen much on the cut fastball, to be honest. I personally don't think he needs it but if he can use it I don't see an issue. I really like Miller to have a strong year. I think he ends the season below a 3.30 ERA and a strikeout rate above 22%

ravenight (Boston): I've got Chris Davis in a points league where SO cost you a point (it's basically OPS*PA + R + RBI - K + 2*NetSB). PECOTA projects him to get about 75 points less than AGon, but it has his SLG projected in the .450 range, and his PA a bit less than other top 1Bs, too. If I project him to get 610 PAs and perform at his 2012 rates, he comes back to the pack, out-performing all but the top guys. Does that seem like a reasonable thing to expect? Should I expect more? Should I sell him to others who see his value at his ADP?

Craig Goldstein: PECOTA has a long memory and can be heavily influenced by the comparable players - in Davis' case this will bring his projections down substantially. I think you valuing him at his 2012 numbers is pretty much spot on. I think his ADP builds in *some* of that regression but perhaps not as much as people think. Depends on the package to be sure but I'd be willing to sell Davis if people pay full freight.

Trevor Bauer (New York): Hey Craig, Ever since your uncle Kevin died and left baseball prospectus, you have brought on a bunch of cool and good prospect writers. While Grandpa Kevin was awesome, I like these new people too! My question this time is if you could bring one prospect writer who does not write for god king Hamrahi to write for the site, who would you pick? I would pick Brian Sakowski of perfect game, because he snapchats me and says that ive had sex and that is cool. Keep up the good work, Trev

Craig Goldstein: I'm happy enough to leave the hiring decisions to Joe and whoever else is involved. They made the mistake of hiring me, so I won't get greedy.

Shawnykid23 (CT ): Wacha and Cingrani looked great last night...should we be re-evaluating their long- term ceilings or is it still unchanged for you?

Craig Goldstein: I think one start is too early to be re-evaluating. It's obviously a piece of data but if one start changes your opinion from the offseason then you didn't have much conviction in it.

Mike (Utica, NY): Now who do you like better Tapia or Dahl?

Craig Goldstein: I'm a little higher on Dahl right now just because he's a little bit more of a finished product for me.

Shawnykid23 (CT): Is Adam Jones a1st rd talent?

Craig Goldstein: you bet your ass he is

Mark Melancon (The Shark Tank): Have a 5X5 (.BA, HR, Steals, RBI, Runs) Need a bat and probably a CI/1B position due to lack of depth: best available are A. Lind, J. Smoak, C. Asche. Other hitters available: L. Cain, M. Ozuna, Seth Smith. Gotta pick one Who do ya like?

Craig Goldstein: Probably run with Smoak right now, but I think Asche is a viable option as well. If we're seriously including the OFers I like Smith the most.

Professor Affenlight (Westish College): Thoughts on Will Venable? Drafted him as my fourth outfielder but there seem to be mixed feelings about him.

Craig Goldstein: I think that's great value for him. He's a power/speed guy and while he's not going to go 30/30 or anything, it's an extremely useful profile.

Shawnykid23 (CT): I know it's only one start, but any results so far have you particularly worried/encouraged?

Craig Goldstein: with the caveat that I've mentioned and you included - I continue to not be enamored of Tyson Ross. He's got plenty of upside but starts like his first one aren't out of the norm and I think he's an injury risk as well

Frankie (New York): Jose Abreu has been pretty impressive so far this spring and in his first three games. What have you heard about how he's swinging the bat, and what we can expect from him throughout a full season?

Craig Goldstein: I've seen what you have, but again, it's just a few games and against the Twins. I'm cautiously optimistic.

Yasiel Puig's Smegma Jar (Yasiel Puig's Oversized Bathroom): If you could do any activity with Yasiel Puig, what would you do? Laser tag? Road Trip? Liquor store robbery?

Craig Goldstein: I'd love to share a bar mitzvah with him. I think it could be a valuable experience for everyone, plus the party would be great.

Baylor (Texas): Your thoughts on H. Bailey, he did not look like an ace today.

Craig Goldstein: I thought the extension was too much money for him, personally. He's a fantasy three for me, but I'm a little lower on him than most.

Trevor Bauer (New York): Hey Craig Trev again, I just want to say that I asked a lot of good questions and I am upset that you have not shared them all with the world yet. Sorry to be a bother, Trev

Craig Goldstein: You and I are looking at different questions then.

RotoLando (Cloud City): If you put a black bowler on Mau, he kind of looks like Oddjob.

Craig Goldstein: the #interracialcomp is more Ben Carsley's thing but I like that you're open minded

Philips (Atlanta): I have Gausman and Bradley on my bench. Should I look to move these guys or can they be special when they come up, sometime in May?

Craig Goldstein: If it's a redraft league I'm moving Bradley and holding on to Gausman. Might not be a big sentiment for that but I think Gausman carries more value this year.

McClane (Nakatomi Plaza): Final slash line from Billy Hamilton this season?

Craig Goldstein: .260/.295/.385, lotsa steals

Mike (Denver): I own Corey Dickerson and think he can provide offensive value but can he handle CF? What grade defender is he in center?

Craig Goldstein: I haven't seen much of him in center but I think he's probably their best guy there. He should get that job eventually and I like his fantasy value this year.

RotoLando (Cloud City): Which team will have the most strikeouts in MLB, batting and pitching?

Craig Goldstein: I'll take the Tigers on the pitching side and either the White Sox or Astros for hitting

Manuel Crescencio Rejón (D.F.): FMK Tim Anderson Austin Meadows Bret Sayre

Craig Goldstein: Meadows, Sayre, Anderson but I am going to have to live with Bret bemoaning the loss of Anderson and guilting me. It's going to be miserable.

Greg (New York): Do you think Bauer comes up and has a impact this year?

Craig Goldstein: I'll hazard a guess at 15 or so starts. Not much of a fantasy impact. I am not out on him longterm but I'm not sure it's impact this year

slovak hermes3 (slovak hermes3): hermes bags china open 2014 Baseball Prospectus | Events | Chat with Craig Goldstein slovak hermes3 http://www.vikingeskib.dk/hermes-belgium-slovak-hermes-7514.aspx

Craig Goldstein: Just a reminder that I love hermes. Hermes is important to me, and should be to you.

Yef (Canada): Thoughts on glut of sp on waiver wire: Kazmir, Kluber, Nova, Santana, and Paxton. Any chance you could make sense of it and rank them?

Craig Goldstein: this HAS to be a shallow league. I'll go: Kazmir, Santana, Nova, Paxton, Kluber

Ladies Man (Arizona): In a previous question, you said you would look to move Bradley. Why is that? Do you not feel he is MLB ready? A lot of comparisons to G. Cole from last year.

Craig Goldstein: I love Bradley's ceiling but that answer was specifically for redrafts. I think Bradley is valued too highly right now for 2014 purposes, as I don't think he'll be up until July or so. There's a lot of command issues there right now and while I think he irons them out, I don't see them turning to him, or him succeeding until he does.

Matt (Cambridge): What time should TINO be up tomorrow? It is a highlight of my week

Craig Goldstein: It all depends on Mau. Last few weeks have been saturday posts and I won't promise something for Mau. Hopefully we can record a quick one and get it posted tomorrow morning. As with before, thanks for the kind words and if you haven't done so - a rate and review on iTunes would be awesome.

The Dude (Office): What is your secret for not getting hangovers?

Craig Goldstein: lots of water and advil/aspirin before sleep has always worked for me.

Night Hawk (Illinois): Khris Davis for Rizzo - which side do you like?

Craig Goldstein: As down as I've been on Rizzo I think he's the far safer investment. I'll take him.

Trevor Bauer (New York): I know that you yourself identify as a fan of video games, but what video games do you like? I have almost finished Dark Souls 2 and I enjoyed it a lot and would recommend you play it if you are into that kind of thing. If not don't, that is cool too.

Craig Goldstein: I mainly play sports games, but I also enjoy third person games like GTA or Sleeping Dogs. In terms of first person, it's mostly Halo, otherwise I've tended not to enjoy it. I am looking forward to the new Metal Gear Solid for PS4, as I was on XBOX360 previously. The game I've put the most stock into though is The Division but I think we're about 9 months away from that.

Yef (Canada): 12 team standard league on the glut of sp question. Worth using waiver wire to grab kaz or erv?

Craig Goldstein: I would, yeah.

Cake (Pop): Eat me?

Craig Goldstein: Maybe just a nibble...

Night Hawk (Illinois): Been offered Brad Miller and Wacha for Segura and Teheran. Are you worried about Segura's health and should I consider/

Craig Goldstein: Only worried about Segura in the long term. We're talking the next 6-8 years on that though. Miller/Wacha isn't close for me as I prefer Segura to Miller and Teheran to Wacha

Sixpence (None The Richer): Kiss Me?

Craig Goldstein: I'll meet you in the bearded barley, near the green, green grass

justarobert (Santa Clara): OPS*PA makes my head hurt. Please rank these fantasy categories: bat flips/HR, pitcher bunts, headfirst slides into first (GET MONEY), net catcher framing strikes, number of positions played per game.

Craig Goldstein: Bat Flips/HR, # of positions, headfirst slides (GET MONEY), net catcher framing and then pitcher bunts.

Also, if you don't understand the headfirst slide thing, google randball stu and nick punto. You should find it.

Guy Fieri (Flavor Town): If Yasiel Puig was a condiment, would he be Donkey Sauce?

Craig Goldstein: I have nothing to add to this. It's pure brilliance.

Cucmber (Water): Drink me?

Craig Goldstein: I wouldn't sully the pipes in my house, the grass in my yard or the refuse in my trash can by pouring you out in them. Into the neighbors yard you go

justarobert (Santa Clara): How has Yahoo's vast expansion of their player pool (and addition of the limited NA slots) affected fantasy league rules on FA pickups? Most, if not all, of the top 100 prospects are there now. I think it's not going to change my keeper league much, but I could see some last-place team dropping most of its major leaguers to pick up prospects.

Craig Goldstein: more of a theoretical question for me than one in practice as I play in one yahoo league and we have an offsite forum we use to control out minor leaguers. I don't think it'll sway too much as leagues should have constitutions that address such actions, or, if someone is that desperate for prospects, I'd assume they have a forum or something like it wherein most of those players are controlled.

NightmareRec0n (Boston): 14 team mixed H2H with QS/K:BB Keep Gausman on the bench and wait or pick up Paxton/Skaggs?

Craig Goldstein: I hate to keep saying it but it really depends on your need for pitching. I'd try to hold out if I could.

Trevor Bauer (New York): One of the albums that changed the way I look at music was Refused's 1998 album The Shape Of Punk To Come. Do you have any albums that have done that for you?

Craig Goldstein: *NYNC's eponymous debut was an absolute gamechanger

Dylan (RI): Most money that you've made off of Daily Fantasy Baseball in a season?

Craig Goldstein: This is actually my first year, but I cashed last night so... Things are looking up!

James (Gainsville): What do you think Arcia's upside is? He's strikeout prone but when bat meets ball..it goes.

Craig Goldstein: I'm a big fan and have been for quite some time. I think he straddles the first division/second division outfielder line. I'm not sure he's ever an All-Star but I think he enjoys a really long and productive career that will see a lot of people call him underrated

Henry S. (Westish): Kole Calhoun and Avisail Garcia both got some preseason helium. Which one do you like more for 2014?

Craig Goldstein: Garcia and it's not close. This isn't to say he'll have more value at season's end but he's got way more ceiling than Calhoun and that's something I'm willing to gamble on.

A Hipster (Williamsburg): Despite a comical name and title, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea was the most game changing and beautiful album for meme

Craig Goldstein: I'm sorry but did you hear *NSYNC because I have to believe you did not judging by your statement.

justarobert (Santa Clara): Sell me on playing daily fantasy baseball.

Craig Goldstein: you get a new lineup based on a budget every day with the opportunity to win money. There's no downside (losing money is a potential downside, if you have a gambling problem do not play fantasy baseball, please call a gambling hotline)

k3o3r9n0 (Santa Clara): I'm in a 10 team AL only league where we start 2 (two, TWO!) catchers! Totally unrelated, but who's your favorite under the radar backup catcher in the AL?

Craig Goldstein: I'm in one of these as well and I have been playing Ryan Hanigan in my second spot. It's not ideal but he should walk enough that he won't do too much damage otherwise. He has an RBI tonight! Jaso is a really good option but he's in more of a timeshare than he is a backup. Geovany Soto is hurt right now and might be available because of that. He's a nice option

Matt (Cambridge): Tell May, no pressure, but I'd really enjoy the podcast for my morning workout,lunch, or semi-drunk afternoon tomorrow?

Craig Goldstein: I literally just told him

Tim (Ohio): Lots of closer news this week, but Casey Janssen sounds really banged up. Think Sergio Santos can hold it down all year?

Craig Goldstein: Certainly has the talent to do so but I do think Janssen gets a crack when he is healthy. When that is, is another question altogether.

artful dodger (Nice SN): Jose Quintana or Travis Wood in a 15 tm redraft with QS in place of W's

Craig Goldstein: Give me Quintana at this point. It was the Twins, but 8 k's is a nice step forward for him. Consider this a vote for Don Cooper as much as Jose Quintana.

Trevor Bauer (New York): I am glad that we have touched your musical side Mr. Goldstein. So now I would like to ask how you feel about Varg as an artist and as a person. He is very polarizing and I want to know how he makes you feel.

Craig Goldstein: I am a big fan of Jason Vargas and think both he and GMDM were unfairly maligned following the announcement of that deal. Agree with the sentiment that his changeup borders on art.

Gambling expert (Vegas): If you are somewhat competant, It is hard to end up -$$ if you play small in daily leagues/reserve a small amount to try to win big

Craig Goldstein: This is true. I've been enjoying the double-ups but there's no longterm payoff there. Using them as a hedge while playing some of the bigger guarantees is probably the way to go. Paul Sporer is writing a lot on daily leagues and strategy this year, and he's been a great resource for me.

RotoLando (Cloud City): Who is this Roenis Elias guy? Why isn't he in ESPN's database yet? What kind of crackerjack operation are they running over there?

Craig Goldstein: He's making the jump from Double-A, iirc and wasn't much of a prospect. It's understandable, though frustrating if you're in a deep league

Matt (Cambridge): Aren't you guys recording TINO right now?

Craig Goldstein: in just about 20 minutes so I better wrap this thing up

Mike Trout (LAA): Can you write an article on how I am going to get better and will be a hall of famer by age 30?

Craig Goldstein: I could but that's an awful lot to put on a prospect like that

Vomit (Rental Car): Yeah but I got the king.

Craig Goldstein: And on that note, I'm out of here.

Craig Goldstein: Thanks to everyone for the chat - I know it was a bit of a quick one and hopefully next time we can go a bit longer. Good luck in your leagues.

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