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Chat: Jason Parks

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Tuesday December 17, 2013 1:00 PM ET chat session with Jason Parks.


Jason talks prospects, scouting, and Top 10 lists.

Jason Parks: Kurt Vogel Russell (born March 17, 1951)[1] is an American television and film actor. His first acting roles were as a child in television series, including a lead role in the Western series The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters (196364). In the 1970s, he signed a ten-year contract with the Walt Disney Company, where he became, according to Robert Osborne, the "studio's top star of the '70s".[2] In 1979, Russell was nominated for an Emmy Award for the made-for-television film Elvis. Let's start the chat.

mcarnow (Des Moines): Assume a world were Garin Cecchini is removed from AA and plunked back into the 2013 draft. Where would he be drafted? Would AA success vault him to #1? Or would scouting push him to the 4-5 range?

Jason Parks: Absolutely not. I like Cecchini's bat, but it's not THAT great. He can put the bat to the ball, and he might be able to hit for plus power if everything clicks. Maybe a 1st division player if that does --in fact-- happen. Let's say he develops into a .285+ 15+ HR type in an outfield corner. Is that what you want from the #1 pick in the draft? Good player--chance to be above-average--but keep it in your pants.

Kevin (LA): Saw that gem of a photograph of Robert Goulet in your twitter timeline. Good ol' Uncle Bobby. What grades do you give him for #swoon and #velvet?

Jason Parks: It's near elite; not many flaws.

JohnBotelho (Chestnut Hill, MA): Who are your way too early predicitions for Rookie of the Year in each league?

Jason Parks: In the AL, I'll go with Yordano Ventura. I think he's going to surprise people in the rotation. In the NL, I'll go with Chris Owings. Not a star player, but easy role 5 (and perhaps more) that should produce at a premium spot.

GrinnellSteve (Grinnell): I know you're not real high on Matt Davidson for Reed for the Sox, but I'm curious to know what you think of the job Rick Hahn is doing rebuilding a comatose roster and system. Thanks! I can't wait for spring training to start.

Jason Parks: I've been highly critical of the White Sox in recent years, criticism usually focused on their farm system (or lack thereof). But I have a lot of respect for Hahn, and I really like the approach lately, especially when it comes to amateur talent acquisition. I was always a big fan of the Eaton move. On a player for player approach, I didn't love the Davidson trade, mostly because I'm not that high on Davidson. But when you start to factor in the direction of the org and the positional need/scarcity, trading for Davidson makes sense. I think he's a regular at best, but a role 5 third baseman is harder to find than a role 5 reliever.

Student-Athlete (Student Housing): I'm a college ballplayer, 0 grade pro projection. Cerebral player, 8 grade #want. What's the best way to get into the office side of the industry?

Jason Parks: Persistence and ability. It's not an easy process, and you will most likely be ignored or marginalized during the pursuit. If you really want to work in baseball, which isn't nearly as glamourous as the internet version of it makes it appear, you have to be able to offer something of value to a team. Liking baseball and wanting to work in that field isn't enough. It's the D.E.N.N.I.S. system. You have to display some value to get their attention. Then you can engage physically, as long as they are cool with it....

Arismendy Alcantara (Iowa): I feel like I have much more #want than Soler, but he's got some serious #rig and a big ceiling. I think I'm a better bet to reach mine though. Any chance I'm a better pro? How do I fit in this crowded infield in three years?

Jason Parks: Soler has a higher ceiling, but less feel for the game and less ability to make adjustments. He's a higher rated prospect because of the enormous raw power, which could end up manifesting itself as 30 bombs at the major league level, something you will never bring to the table. But you have a good chance of being the better major league player, despite not being the better minor league prospect. I know that's a ridiculous statement, but I believe it to be true. You could be Jose Reyes-light, and Soler could end up a AAAA type.

Erik (Longwood, FL (sunny and warm)): Do you think there's anything to the Jack Z accusations coming from the Seattle Times piece featuring Eric Wedge and the other former Seattle employees? And beyond speculation like that, if the Seattle organization is really as "dysfunctional", in whatever way they're defining it, as the group says, does that affect the developmental outlook for guys like Walker and Paxton? Uninformed logic might speculate that if any of this criticism relates to how well Seattle develops young players, and things are not as they seem there, then perhaps it's a minor reason to downgrade a prospect's likelihood to reach a lofty ceiling?

Jason Parks: I think the article was pretty spot on, based on the things I've been hearing over the last few years. Dysfunction is a bit of a shallow term given the fact that the definition suggests a negative consequence, which I don't believe should always be the case in the face of chaotic or "dysfunctional" actions. As it pertains to the Mariners, the plan might end up working; the team should be more competitive in 2014 than it has been in previous years. Winning is all that matters. It doesn't have to be pretty, and the process doesn't have to be smooth to be successful. If it works, call it a functional dysfunctional process. If it fails, like most failures, we can put all kinds of labels on the problem and dissect it accordingly.

Jim (Santa Cruz): Nirvana or the cowboys D?

Jason Parks: Both stop playing in 1994

mike (utica): Is giolito the top pitching prospect in baseball or do you take carlos rodon over him?

Jason Parks: Rodon isn't a pitching prospect. He's an amateur, and until he signs a pro contract, he's not a part of the debate/discussion with other professional players. A lot can happen before the 2014 draft.

But to answer your question: Giolito is NOT the top pitching prospect in baseball. I believe he has the highest ceiling, but he also comes with considerable risk and has a limited professional record. I would take Walker, Bradley, and Gausman over him right now, but we are going to blow Giolito up in the BP 101. He's in the running for the top ten, most likely falling in the 11-15 range. He's a monster talent, and if it comes together, he's a frontline number one starter ---and you know I don't say that very often.

Jackson (Cal): Any red flags with Addison Russell that makes you think he won't reach his ceiling?

Jason Parks: He's not from Texas. That's about it. I can't think of many weaknesses in his game that he can't overcome as he develops.

Bill (New Mexico): True or false: the next big advance in talent evaluation will come when some team figures out how to quantify "makeup" issues among potential draftees and international signings, and use that quantification to drive their acquisitions.

Jason Parks: That's going to be a big part of the equation, but I think injury prevention/projection is the big boy on the horizon. I'm fascinated with the concepts of injury projection.

Marco (LA): Trying to temper my expections of Julio Urias but he evokes #bathnight. What is a realistic ETA and is he more likely a mid-rotation starter than what I want to believe?

Jason Parks: He's a stud. No doubt. Here's my concern--if you can really call it a major concern. How much better does he get? He's taller than his listed height, but by no means a physical specimen. The stuff is very good now (91-93 T 95); 50/55 CB/CH with a chance to be 6/6. That's great stuff, but its not special stuff. The pitchability makes the overall package even more appealing, as does the advanced development, but I don't see a frontline ceiling.

I think he could be a #2/3 starter, and sooner than people realize. I wouldn't be shocked if he reaches the majors as an 18-year-old. He's a no doubt top 50 prospect in baseball, and I might go #1 in the Dodgers system with him. Not sure yet.

David (Montreal): Where would you rank the Blue Jays farm system? Also, which Jays will you rank in top 101?

Jason Parks: I might show some sack and rank them in the top 10 in baseball. Not sure yet. It's a strong system, but its also a very high risk system. I like ceilings, so I'll probably blow them up a bit.

Jays in the top 101? Stroman, Sanchez, Tirado, Norris.

TheKernel (Pasadena): Which do you think will have the best career? Marcell Ozuna, Jake Marisnick, Michael Choice, Khris Davis? And can you rank the 4 for career? Thanks!

Jason Parks: I would take Marisnick.

Marisnick, Choice, Ozuna, Davis

JasonPennini (Denver): I'm intrigued by Texas' selection of Russell Wilson in the Rule 5. Have you seen Wilson play baseball? I only know what have seen from his statistics on baseballreference. Could he be a productive MLB regular? What's his ceiling? What are your thoughts on the Ranger's selection. I realize there's almost no chance he leaves football, but I'm interested in the hypotheticals.

Jason Parks: He's not going to play baseball. I assume he's going to give motivational speeches to young players or provide some other visible presence in that context.

Obvious athletic ability, but even Jesus Christ couldn't hit a curveball.

Mike (The Couch): Is Dominic Smith already the #1 ranked 1B prospect in the game? Potential 25/100?

Jason Parks: I don't see that kind of over-the-fence power from him. I like the bat, but I wouldn't take him over Singleton, even with Singleton's recent run of #slack.

Rick (Vermont): Why is no one predicting Danny Hultzen to be in the starting rotation at the start of next season? Is it because of the injury?

Jason Parks: Because he's not going to be pitching next season. Substantial injury; long recovery time.

Sean (Oakland): Please rank the following OF prospects from last years draft: Hunter Renfroe, Billy McKinney, Phil Ervin, and Austin Wilson

Jason Parks: Ervin, Renfroe, McKinney, Wilson

Alex (Denver): More promising potential: Braden Shipley or Hunter Harvey?

Jason Parks: I'd take Harvey's ceiling, but also high on Shipley.

Kyle (Seattle): Hunter Dozier or Christian Arroyo?

Jason Parks: Dozier

Nick (Vegas): Who do you think wins the spring battle between Charlie Blackmon and Corey Dickerson?

Jason Parks: I've never been so torn in my life.

Franklin Barreto (Toronto): Hi Jason, what's my chance of cracking the upcoming Top 101 prospects list?

Jason Parks: Not happening. Big fan; long developmental road ahead of you.

Nick (Williamsburg): Thanks for the chat Jason! Who do you think you'll rate higher in your Top 10 prospect list for the Padres: Matthew Wisler or Max Fried? Who has the higher ceiling?

Jason Parks: Wisler will rank higher; Fried has a slightly higher ceiling. Hedges is the alpha of that system, though.

D.J. Davis (Toronto): In your opinion, what are the chances I have a breakout campaign next season?

Jason Parks: Not sure if it happens next year, but the physical tools are there for a big step forward at some point along the way. My gut says its 2015 and not 2014, but I do believe it will eventually happen.

Travis (St. Louis): In terms of power, will Tim Anderson develop more than most imagine?

Jason Parks: Yes. He has a lot of raw power. He's a dude.

Fred (Minnesota): Alen Hanson or Eddie Rosario?

Jason Parks: Rosario (not super high on either, so its close)

Joe (The Couch): What type of player is Billy McKinney like? Hit tool? Power tool?

Jason Parks: Hit tool heavy left-fielder with a chance for some (not plus) power. Could end up a tweener type.

Matt (Michigan): Could you rank the ceilings of the following pitchers: Appel, A. Sanchez, Ventura, E. Butler, H. Harvey

Jason Parks: Right now (not ultimate projection): Ventura, Appel, Butler, Sanchez, Harvey

TheKernel (Pasadena): Any of these guys going to wind up more than back-end fodder? Sean Nolin, Robbie Erlin, Jimmy Nelson, Alex Wood, Oberholtzer, Holmberg, Taylor Jordan, Maurer, Enny Romero, Alex Colome.

Jason Parks: Don't sleep on Enny Romero. I think there is a better chance of him providing impact in the bullpen, but I've been working on the Rays system lately and scouts really like this kid's stuff; I've seen it several times myself, so I can definitely appreciate a mid-90s FB and hard breaking ball from a southpaw. The command concerns, but if he can develop into an effectively wild type, he has the stuff to pitch above the middle-of-a-rotation. Projection is #2/3 type, but I think a late-innings arm is the realistic role.

Adam (TX): Would you still take Jonathan Gray over Appel?

Jason Parks: Yes. I'd give Gray the ceiling and Appel the floor.

John (CT): Better career stats- Buxton or Russell?

Jason Parks: Buxton

Kyle (Canada): When doing your prospect chats do you have all of your notes handy or are you just that damn good?

Jason Parks: Notes? I have too much #slack for notes. If I don't know this stuff without looking I shouldn't be doing it for a living. So to answer your question: I'm just that damn good.

Kurt Russell was great in: Big Trouble in Little China

Liam (Dallas): How do you evaluate prep guys like Kodi Medeiros, who have odd deliveries and not-necessarily-ideal bodies, but flash excellent stuff?

Jason Parks: I've seen him a few times at this point, and I'm still not sure how to evaluate him. I like it. I really do. Everything moves and its funky as all hell. He's also bigger than I initially thought; legit 6'1'' type with a strong build on a slender frame. Here are my biggest issues: Can he hold velocity throughout a game? Can he stay over the stuff from that slot? Can he maintain his command throughout games? He's not a high first round type for me, but I think he could pitch in the majors very quickly out of high school if a team wanted to put him in the bullpen. It's very nasty.

IcePirate (Tundra): Seems like James Taillon got less love than he used to. What's that about? And what say you?

Jason Parks: The realities of the developmental process can tarnish the shine of a prospect. It's much easier to look sexy in the lower minors, where advanced skill-sets can produce seductive stat lines. But I focus on the scouting, and the process of development can often look ugly before it looks pretty. Remember when people were fighting for spots in the Bauer fan club based on his impressive minor league numbers, especially his strikeout totals, and the line for Cole thinned out because he wasn't dominating? Where are the Bauer backers now? I don't hear much from them anymore. That's the problem with ignoring the scouting and the realities of the developmental process, which often affects performance and production.

I'm still high on Taillon. Has he lost some shine? Yes. But he's also facing better competition than he did in the lower minors. I get asked about Taillon vs Glasnow a lot, and its a no-brainer for me. Taillon is the better prospect, and I think he will be the better major leaguer. Will he be Gerrit Cole? No. But I still see a mid-rotation type, one that gives you 200+ innings a year. Big value in that.

ORWahoo (Tigard): How would you order these middle infielders? Jonathan Schoop, Arismendy Alcantera, Rossell Herrera, Mookie Betts

Jason Parks: Schoop, Alcantara, Betts, Herrera

GWesterby (Brooklyn): Taillon or Syndergaard?

Jason Parks: Syndergaard. I think Syndergaard belongs in the discussion for top ten prospects in the game. #rig

allangustafson (San Diego ): Who are the top ten prospects who have great bat speed and strong wrists?

Jason Parks: I have really strong wrists. Started working out when I was 12.

MonkeyEpoxy (Amarillo): Have you seen Jameis Winston play baseball? He good at it?

Jason Parks: Yeah, he's a stud, as you might imagine. Had a scout say he could develop into a very good late-innings arm out of the 'pen. Check out this throw from RF: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EX-1DenR_IQ

Kurt Russell was really impressive in the movie: Overboard

Albert Almora (Chicago): Which of my tools is my best asset? Thanks!

Jason Parks: Hit tool. But I think you are a sum player; a combination of average (to solid-avg) tools that should play up because of your overall feel and instincts for the game. You have playable skills. You will play in the majors. Are you a star or more of a solid-avg regular type? That's a big debate among my scouting sources. It ranges from role 5 to role high 6 (if you think the power shows up).

Albert Almora (Chicago): Which of my tools is my best asset? Thanks!

Jason Parks: Hit tool. But I think you are a sum player; a combination of average (to solid-avg) tools that should play up because of your overall feel and instincts for the game. You have playable skills. You will play in the majors. Are you a star or more of a solid-avg regular type? That's a big debate among my scouting sources. It ranges from role 5 to role high 6 (if you think the power shows up).

dbrosene (San Mateo, CA): Jason, Is Gregory Polanco a top 10 prospect? What sort of slash line do you see at his peak? What about counting stats?

Jason Parks: Not top 10 for me. Case for top 25, but I'm not fully committed to that yet. I like the potential, but I also have some concerns about the swing and the holes that can be exploited by major league quality arms.

sapsparky (Chicago): What's the story on Ryne Stanek? Thanks

Jason Parks: Full scouting report coming up later this week at BP. He will be in the Rays top ten.

steve (CA): How many pitchers in minor leagues have a higher ceiling than Glasnow?

Jason Parks: A lot. He's good, but how good do you really think he is? I have him as a future mid-rotation type. I don't see a frontline type. Perhaps I'm too low on him.

Brock Obama (Pewter City): Where is fringe average

Jason Parks: Internets

Tomcat (Earth): Prospect X, a high school senior, projected by some to be a back half of the first round draft pick, comes out as gay. How much does he drop in the draft?

Jason Parks: I'd like to say that his stock wouldn't drop at all; this is a talent-based league and sexual preference shouldn't be a part of the equation. Is the media attention going to be a distraction? That's something to ponder, and perhaps a team would want to avoid that type of situation, for whatever reason. But if a player had the courage to disclose their homosexual preference, I would hope that fortitude (along with their physical skills) would elevate their status, not cause it to fall.

But personal affiliations will affect decision making when it comes to talent acquisition. There are organizations out there that favor Christian players over more secular types, and unfortunately, that type of archaic horseshit thinking would play a role in the decision to draft ( or not draft) an openly gay player. The subject gets me quite angry. I'm a very big supporter of LGBT rights, but Im also aware that the baseball industry--like a chunk of modern society--doesn't share my views on social issues.

ssimon (Pelham, NY): Jason: Sam Miller is reading and discussing everything Nate Silver wrote for BP. What would you say if (a) Ben Lindbergh asked you to do this for KG's articles, and (b) somebody does this for your early BP work?

Jason Parks: a) I wouldn't want to do it. b) I think examining my past work would help to improve my current work, so I'd be all for it.

CyMature (HardballHeaven): Enough with the radar! Who throws the liveliest fastball you ever saw? What prospects throw a heater that hops like IPA or bores like a weevil or dives like a duck in a river of whiskey or ... or ... ?

Jason Parks: Chapman's FB is the best I've ever seen. Watching a young Neftali Feliz pop 101 on the backfields still makes my "wrists" hurt. Ventura makes it move as well.

dtothew (Atlanta): JP - I don't really have a question, I just wanted to take a minute to compliment you and your team on the amazing work you guys are doing. You're officially the standardbearer for the industry, keep up the great work!

Jason Parks: I appreciate the compliment, and I agree with you when it comes to the team we have here at Baseball Prospectus. I'm very fortunate to get to work with really sharp talent evaluators, and their input takes the work I get to sign my name to to a higher level than possible with a singular approach. They are legit.

JohnBotelho (Chestnut Hill): Danny Salazar of Taj Walker?

Jason Parks: Walker.

Cris E (St Paul, MN): Can Pinto catch enough to stick in MIN this year?

Jason Parks: Hell yes. He can catch. Its not special, but he could be average (to solid-avg.) I dig it.

Jesse (NY): Sean Manaea - What's my story? Any whispers regarding his progress? Which pitcher is he...the one from the college season or the cape cod league?

Jason Parks: You are 100% healthy, and the reports from your limited work during the fall instructional league were very encouraging. That's why we ranked you high on the Royals team list, will rank you high on the BP 101, and you will reward us in 2014 by absolutely shoving it at a full-season level.

MonkeyEpoxy (Amarillo): Chi-Chi Gonzalez (just using him to piggyback my question): I read the scouting report on the Rangers' top 10 list, of course, and have a quick question about the OFPs and stuff. For Gonzalez, it says high-6, number 3. Does that assume that his "6 potential CH" becomes the 6?

Jason Parks: Yes. It assumes he reaches his projections (pitches/command). Speaking of pitchers with good movement on their stuff. Gonzalez's fastball moves all over the place.

Rael (Santo Domingo): Sonny Gray's curve or Danny Salazar's split-change?

Jason Parks: Salazar's trapdoor split-change. Fun pitch to watch.

hopjac (kansas city): If the Yankees top 3 OF prospects had the same years as the year before would their farm system still be a bottom 5 system to you?

Jason Parks: Nope. It would be better.

Tomrphk (Rockaway, NJ): Sims or Glasnow? How close is it?

Jason Parks: I really like Sims. Glasnow over Sims right now, but I think its closer than people realize. Sims is a stud; athletic; good size for repeatability; fastball is 91-95 with wiggle; plus potential CB/CH; above-average command projection. That's legit.

Chris (Phoenix): How many questions do you normally get in these chats and do you hand pick or just go down the list?

Jason Parks: I have 265 waiting in the queue right now. I tend to get anywhere from 300-500 questions [total] by the end of it. I try to start at the bottom and work up, but I will occasionally bounce around if I want something different to focus on or answer.

Eli (Maryland): What are your thoughts on Kevin Gausman? In the closing months it seemed like he started to get things figured out. Will he be the next breakout star as a starting pitcher?

Jason Parks: I think he could be a legit #2 starter, and some see a future #1. He often throws too many strikes--so the overall command needs to improve. With multiple changeup looks and a developmental slider, the secondary arsenal will stand out if the FB command improves. He could be very, very good and very, very soon. I would take him over Bundy and I really like Bundy.

huggirl (Joisey): Vegas over/under number of number 2 or better starters from this group: Lewis Thorpe, Julio Urias, Hunter Harvey, Edwin Diaz, Alex Reyes, Jesse Hahn, Steven Matz, Adalberto Mejia.

Jason Parks: From that group, one pitcher will develop into a number two starter (or better). I was tempted to say 0.

PJD (Bahamas): Jason- The Ranger farm system is full of high upside/high risk prospects. If you could choose the three you would most like to gamble on, who would they be?

Jason Parks: I would gamble on Jorge Alfaro, Nick Williams, and Nomar Mazara

Greg (Boston): You've said in the past you're a Zappa fan. What albums do you favor?

Jason Parks: Over-Nite Sensation (Mothers) and Apostrophe ('). No question. Two of my all-time favorite albums.

Dale (Pitt): Is Alen Hanson not getting enough love for holding his own in Double A as a 21 year old? Certainly wasn't an outstanding performance, but still solid right?

Jason Parks: I think he's getting appropriate love. He's a good prospect, but not a great prospect. He can swing it, but its not a big impact profile.

Rougned Odor (Texas): In what area am I going to be in your Top 101 prospect list?

Jason Parks: Top 50. Not sure of the exact placement yet.

Evan (Cincinnati): Who will prove most valuable long-term out of Abreu, Soler, and Puig?

Jason Parks: Puig

Jonah (Redwood): Can you foresee any other prospect having an 8 OFP (Taveras? Giolito?) besides Buxton?

Jason Parks: Giolito is the only prospect (other than Buxton) that I put a future 8 on.

Cal Guy (Cal): Prospect Smackdown: A. Bradley vs T. Walker... who wins? C. Correa vs. any and all SS prospects... who is last SS standing?

Jason Parks: Bradley will win long-term; Walker wins now. Lindor is the safest bet, with Russell close behind, but Baez has one of the highest ceilings in the minors, and if he reaches it, he's the best shortstop in the game and a perennial all-star. Higher risk, of course, but higher upside.

Max (Corpus Christi): Maybe an early holiday gift for readers: OFP grades/lines for Syndergaard, Stephenson, and Giolito? I realize you may not have spoken to anyone about these systems yet, but your expert opinion would more than suffice!

Jason Parks: Future projections:
Syndergaard: 7 FB; 7 CB; 6+ CH
OFP: 7; no. 2 starter

Stephenson: 7+ FB; 7 CB; 5+ CH
OFP: 7; no. 2 starter

Giolito: 8 FB; 8 CB; 6+ CH
OFP: 8; no. 1 starter

Todd (living room ): What's your take on Chris Owings? Obviously he had a great season in 2013 but will his plate discipline improve? Do you think we'll see him take the starting shortstop job from Didi this year?

Jason Parks: I think he's going to be a quality middle-infielder for a very long time. Maybe a Michael Young type, minus the pejorative connotations.

Michael (Cincinnati): It is looking more and more like Billy Hamilton is going to be the Reds center fielder at the start of the year. What is a realistic performance for him if he plays all year in Cincinnati?

Jason Parks: He's going to steal a lot of bases, but I'm not sold the bat is all that great --maybe not even good. But his legs are obvious weapons, and simple contact could allow him to hit for a high average. But I think it could be a bit lifeless and weak, and I don't love his approach.

Silv (NY, NY): Urias #1 over Seager for the Dodgers?

Jason Parks: I like Seager--and I think he will hit--but I don't think he's a shortstop, so that hurts the value. In a pref list context, I'd take Urias over Seager.

Kurt Russell was strong in the movie "Backdraft"

Evan (Worcester, MA): Will Middlebrooks or Garin Cecchini as the Sox 3B of the future?

Jason Parks: I would take Middlebrooks.

Dave from Pittsburgh (Boston): What are you thoughts on Josh Bell going forward, I think he had a sneaky good year at WV that went mostly under the radar.

Jason Parks: Fully healthy, Bell is a prospect to pay attention to. Top 101 for me. Could be ready to take a big step forward in 2014.

Shawnykid23 (CT): How excited should I be to see Buxton in person this summer?

Jason Parks: Excited.

Jeff (Lenexa,KS): Isn't it hypocritical thinking that you get angry at teams for not being acceptance, yet you won't accept their way of doing business? It's kinda like do as I say, not as I do

Jason Parks: I'm not a fan of ignorance, especially when its built on archaic logic.

Michael Wacha (stl): Do I have the ceiling of an ace?

Jason Parks: I don't think so. But you have certainly flashed more than people expected. I wouldn't suggest ace, but frontline #2 starter seems likely.

Silv (NY, NY): Snake Plissken or Jack Burton?

Jason Parks: Jack Burton all the way. Not close for me.

Shawn (Office): What is the most valuable type of prospect? Strong defensive catcher who can legitimately hit?

Jason Parks: Legit up-the-middle defenders with middle-of-the order potential with the bat. Perfect value storm for a position player would be a dual-threat catcher or dual-threat shortstop, with a lean towards the catcher because of the scarcity of the skill-set.

Dan (England): Thoughts on AVB's sacking?

Jason Parks: The Liverpool game pissed me off, so I'm fine with it. Spurs have the talent to win now, so anything less than that is unacceptable.

Max (Iowa): Do you think the Angels will make the post season this season? I ask because that's (assumably) the only thing holding Mike Trout back from a MVP award (I know, I know). I just am really, really, really looking forward to the beating a dead horse with a stick while holding a photo of beating a dead horse with a stick debate of why Cabrera wins his third consecutive MVP 11 months from now. Or does Lindor get called up and end he drama?

Jason Parks: I don't think the Angels make the post-season. I see a .500 team.

Shawnykid23 (CT): Give us 1 pitching prospect and 1 hitting prospect we may not all know now, who will be household names at this time next year

Jason Parks: RHP Alexander Reyes (Cardinals); Francisco Mejia (Indians)

poldytow (Boston): Do any current prospects remind you of Jack Burton?

Jason Parks: I wish. That's the motivation that keeps me in this field. The search for the perfect Jack Burton comp. I've yet to find it. I will continue until I do.

FutureCloser (NYC): Is Luke Jackson a future major leaguer? Not a star but has a career?

Jason Parks: Yes. No doubt. I see more of a reliever than a starter--delivery isn't overly conducive for repeatability and command projection. But the stuff is intense, and I think he can develop into a very good late-innings type. Smart kid as well. Knows the game.

Kurt Russell was very sharp in the movie "Tombstone"

rangerfans2 (Fort Worth): What grades would you put on a young Griffey's tools?

Jason Parks: All of them

rangerfans2 (Fort Worth): Your starting roster for your all prospect team?

Jason Parks: LF: Taveras
CF: Buxton
RF: Bryant
3B: Sano
SS: Bogaerts
2B: Odor
1B: Singleton
C: Hedges

RHP: Walker
RHP: Bradley
RHP: Gausman
RHP: Ventura
RHP: Syndergaard
Closer: Meyer

liltroy17 (ag-town): do yo think Michael Choice is good enough to be a winning piece in Arlington this season?

Jason Parks: I'm not sure what a winning piece looks like, but if it means he develops into a starter, I will agree. He might not make a lot of contact, but he can hit for power, has some on-base ability, and can handle LF. I liked the trade for the Rangers. Smart move.

RyanW (Fort Worth): Better tools, Trout or Bo Jackson?

Jason Parks: Raw tools? Bo Jackson. Trout is a much better hitter than Bo was, though. Bo had a lot of swing and miss, and he was aggressive looking for fastballs he could extend on and drive out of the park. But as far as the raw physical grades go, you could put an 8 on Bo's raw power, arm, glove, and speed. Hit tool was far behind the other tools.

Robocles (Allston, MA): If you were giving out awards, which prospect would win Best Raw Athlete? Best fastball?

Jason Parks: I would probably give the best athlete award to Byron Buxton. Yordano Ventura has the best fastball.

Kurt Russell was very sly in the movie " Captain Ron"

Jeff (Lenexa,KS): You seem high on Ventura. Is he a Top 10?

Jason Parks: Just outside of it. I'm very high on. I've always loved the arm strength, but I've seen him grow into a pitcher in recent years, and I don't think he's scratched the surface of his ceiling.

Dylan Bundy (Baltimore): I'm still a future number 1 starter right?

Jason Parks: It's entirely possible. I tend to be conservative with that particular distinction, and I have you graded out as a frontline number two, but its possible based on your pitchability and stuff.

Colin318 (Chicago): Who would you guess has the best outfield in NL Central 3-5 years from now?

Jason Parks: Pirates might the have the best outfield in baseball for a long time.

RyanW (Fort Worth): Do you think Ronald Guzman jumps into the top 100 prospect discussion next year?

Jason Parks: It;s a tough profile, so the power will have to show up before he jumps into that discussion. I obviously like the bat, but tough value spot.

tigerw701 (Minneapolis): What's the main reason you left gosuke katoh out of the top 10? Lots of people seem to love him.

Jason Parks: His stat line was good. The scouting reports were mixed. Its a good but not great bat, and some of his swing tendencies will get exposed at higher levels. He was in the mix, but I didn't believe enough in the projection.

John (CT): Does Roughned Odor's name get him more attention than his talent level deserves?

Jason Parks: No. His bat is very legit. One of the better pure hit tools in the minors. He can stroke it, and he has other above-average tools in the profile. He's a damn good player.

Mr Met (Queens): The Mets are a top ten farm, right?

Jason Parks: No. They aren't a top ten farm. They have some very nice pieces, but it fades quickly after the first few names on the list.

cracker73 (Florida): Jason, could you rank these pitchers by upside? Aaron Sanchez, Tyler Glasnow, and Julio Urias. Thanks.

Jason Parks: Sanchez, Urias, Glasnow

Guy (The Next Stall): Will you keep it down? I'm TRYING to do drugs...

Jason Parks: Kurt Russell did his best to protect his wife and home in the movie "Unlawful Entry"

RyanW (Fort Worth): This time next year is Alfaro a top 15 prospect?

Jason Parks: Yes. It's possible. If he continues to develop, he could be even higher than that. Dual-threat catchers are rare breeds.

Jack (6.9 on the Richter scale): Both guys are a ways off, but who seems to be the better long-term SP prospect - Thorpe (MIN) or Labourt (TOR)? Thanks, Jason.

Jason Parks: I'd take Thorpe.

TPX2 (Taiwan): Wilmer Font, Keone Kela or Matt West?

Jason Parks: Kela has better stuff, which is pretty crazy to think about.

captnamerca (Dunedin FL): Better buddy "cop" duo: Tango & Cash, Riggs & Murtaugh, or John McClane and Zeus in DH3

Jason Parks: Riggs and Murtaugh from either Lethal Weapon 5 or 6.

Tyler J (MD): Do you think Hunter Harvey could be a legitimate #1/ace type starter or is his ceiling strictly #2 (which I understand is not any kind of insult)?

Jason Parks: We projected him to be a number two starter

Kyle (Canada): What type of reports were you hearing on Daniel Norris that drove you to rank him 4th in the Blue Jays system? Statistically (and mechanically) he had a rough 2012 and first couple of months of 2013 before seemingly turning it around big time in the second half. Is this the real Norris we're seeing?

Jason Parks: Yes. Its real. His delivery was definitely more fluid and repeatable in 2013, and the stuff is very good: 6 FB; 6 SL; 5+ potential CH. It's a nice profile.

Raimel Tapia (DR): Is David Dahl's lost season and my amazing USA debut enough for me to pass him in the Rockies rankings?

Jason Parks: Maybe. I'm going to be very aggressive with the Tapia ranking. He could blossom into something special in 2014

lucasjthompson (Minnesota): Mark Hulet's writeup of Miguel Sano in Fangraphs' Twins top 10 casually threw out the idea that there are rumors of Sano being older than his reported age. Is there any fairness to perpetuating these rumors at this point given how much this has been examined? Do scouts still whisper things and is there any basis for the whispering?

Jason Parks: That's inaccurate. Sano's age has been verified. Those discussions (whispers) have long died down. What year is this? 2009? I'd rather focus more attention on the actual scouting reports than baseless speculations about a player's age, especially when that debate has long been put to bed.

Matt Davidson (Chicago-bound): Wanna step outside? Or maybe stay in and compare notes on hair product and long things. er, swings.

Jason Parks: You will no doubt rake, and I will be forced to say I was too low on your evaluation. Being wrong isn't always a bad thing. It forces me to go back and look at my process and where I went wrong, what I missed, etc. Sometimes being wrong teaches you more than being right.

casejud (Bothell): Cheers JP! Just thought I'd show my face, as a Bauer-backer. I do agree with what you said re: Bauer, Cole, developmental path but, some of the same developmental philosophies apply to Bauer as well right? When the smoke clears from 2013, he is entitled to some bumps in the developmental path himself eh? He'll be 23 in a month. You haven't written him off yet have you? Further thoughts on Bauer Jay P? Thanks for doing this chat, much appreciated!

Jason Parks: I haven't written him off. But I don't think his failures can all be directly tied to the ebbs and flows of the developmental process. His overall approach--and reported unwillingness to acquiesce to professional instruction--has been a hurdle so far in his brief professional career. This was a guy taken number three overall in a very deep draft, and then shipped out for lesser value 18 months later, and the relationship with his new org hasn't exactly created a positive buzz in terms of a newfound attitude or approach.

Luke (TPA): Can Jake Hager be a potential all-star for Tampa Bay?

Jason Parks: No.

Reed (OKC): Between Alex Colome, Jake Odorizzi, and Enny Romero who has the best chance to make the ML rotation this year?

Jason Parks: Odorizzi, but in terms of ceiling, I'd take both Romero and Colome.

Tim (NYC): Baseball America said Brandon Workman is a potential top 100 prospect. How can be top 100 if he is going to be a 4th starter long term?

Jason Parks: I still see Workman as a 7th/8th inning type, with a chance to log innings at the back of a rotation. He's a Texan, but I wouldn't rank him that high. But we all see talent thru a different lens, so its not a right/wrong debate.

Jason Parks: Tons of #want shown with the questions, and I apologize that I can't stick around and answer more. I have to get back to work on the Rays/Red Sox systems, and continue working on the BP 101. Let's do this again very soon. Enjoy the holiday season. Kurt Russell loves you all.

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