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Chat: R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Thursday August 01, 2013 1:00 PM ET chat session with R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat.


Transaction Analyst R.J. Anderson answers your questions on the deals that did (and didn't) go down at the deadline.

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: Hey folks, let's get going.

goiter6 (MN): Sending this in early (the 29th) so this question may be dated but why don't the Red Sox call up Bogaerts to fix their hole at 3b? ...And why does your input window think "Sox" is misspelled?

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: Not only does it remain relevant, but the Jose Iglesias trade (and Michael Young non-trade) makes it more timely than before.

I suppose the answer hinges on how the Red Sox feel about Will Middlebrooks and Xander Bogaerts. More to the point: Do they think Middlebrooks is the third baseman of the future, or at least the near future? And do they think moving Bogaerts to third base will impact his development at shortstop? There are other variables here, too-is Bogaerts' bat ready, for instance, and so on.

At any rate, it wouldn't surprise me to see Bogaerts at third base for Boston before the season ends. So I'm not sure it's a fait accompli that it won't happen. It just hasn't happened yet.

DanDaMan (SeaCliff): Why is it that MLB decided to let the whole A-Rod issue linger? It has completely dominated the headlines and overshadowed both the All-Star game and now the trade deadline? Any method to their madness you think?

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: I don't feel qualified to answer most of these questions. I assume there's some reason behind their actions-perhaps as simple as a prolonged negotiating tactic and/or getting their legal ducks in a row-but I suppose that's sort of blind faith.

Matt (Vancouver (Canada)): any closers to pick up?

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: Matt, I'm not sure if you mean current closers or future closers. If we're talking future closers and you're in a deep keeper league then I'd suggest snatching Juan Carlos Oviedo for 2014. I believe he'll take over the ninth for the Rays.

doog7642 (Blaine, MN): Taillon, Polanco, Glasnow, Herrera for Lee, and the Phils pay half Lee's salary. Who says no?

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: Probably the Pirates. Ignoring what remains of this year's salary, the Pirates would still be responsible for $25 million over the next two seasons. I can't pretend to have insight into their financial situation, but combine the bill with the amount of affordable, potential impact-level talent changing hands and I think Neal Huntington would pursue a more cost-friendly option instead-or ask the Phillies to eat more of the money.

Bring Me the Head of Avisail Garcia (Transit): Now that the deadline has passed, which players do you see as being likely to pass through waivers and get on the roster of a contender?

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: This is a tough one to answer because, in theory, a lot of players will be available to contenders. Many will go unclaimed, or unmoved. I think we're likely to see some relievers and free-agent-to-be bench types moved. If you're asking which player I would assume definitely gets moved then I'd say Kevin Gregg. He's not going to bring back a big return (and never was) but I see him joining a contender before September.

doog7642 (Blaine, MN): Is there a good fit for the Redbirds at catcher? Doumit's bat would be great, but I can't see Matheny settling for the glove.

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: Kelly Shoppach is available. Otherwise finding a quality catcher is tough, just like finding a quality shortstop at this time of the year. Maybe if the need is still there in a few weeks the Cardinals can convince the Phillies to hand over Carlos Ruiz, or the Nationals to give up Kurt Suzuki before his buyout is due.

Ashitaka1110 (Houston): Did any team do better than the Astros at the deadline? Seems like they turned a reliever pretending to be a starter, a low-tier closer and a fourth outfielder into a good OF prospect, a solid OF prospect, two strong SP prospects, a PTBNL and a top 40 overall pick in a strong draft class next year.

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: I think the two Chicago teams did. The Astros didn't get a prospect of Garcia or Olt's cut, and the Cubs also received a close-to-surefire MLB pitcher in Justin Grimm. Houston did get some interesting pieces. Danry Vazquez's power is intriguing, L.J. Hoes could be a nice bench piece, and the arms might turn into something (though I think the Kyle Smith outrage, which seems based upon his numbers alone is a bit much; besides, Justin Maxwell is an okay fourth outfielder). We'll see what the PTBNL and draft pick yields.

Of course, on the bright side: Houston didn't give up a whole lot that impacts their future. Jose Veras was always trade bait, Bud Norris is about to cost more than a bad team should pay him, and Justin Maxwell was a savvy waiver-wire pickup. So Houston seemingly did well. I just don't know if they did the best.

Drizzy (T.Dot): The Rays are on a roll like cottonelle, but recently Joe Maddon has had some questionable bullpen usage. Was the Jesse Crain trade a panic move? And has Merlot Joe logged off his computer in favor of his gut?

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: I don't consider it a panic move. Crain was arguably the top reliever moved, even with the injury situation. Besides, Tampa Bay has a deep bullpen as it is with few specialists. Hard for any manager, including one as skilled as Maddon, to mess up too bad with the available options.

Bosshog (The North): You're Scrooge McDuck and you're trying to ball on a budget. What is your teams focus? Young pitching, defense?

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: If I'm concerned about saving money while winning? Probably defense and baserunning, since it seems cheaper than pure offense. The question is whether those players would score enough to make it work.

Young pitching would be ideal given the cost of free-agent pitching, but how cheap is it, really? You have to spend money to develop it and the attrition rates lead to a lot of sunk costs (though that's true of any other position, as well). Even through trades you're giving up older, established talent to net it.

Wins Are Gr8 (Internet): What do you like most about the Win statistic? What do you like least about it? My favorite part of the Win statistic is people yelling on television about its value.

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: I like its resiliency.

That's a secret (This, too.): Defend Kevin Towers, please. The internet is all "lol Towers is a dummy" whenever he makes a move, but the dude has been consistently successful whenever ownership keeps their noses out of the team's business, and the D'backs are currently in first after a tough 2012.

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: I thought the Kennedy deal was fine for both sides. Arizona has so much pitching depth they can afford to shed a starter. Then you think about whether they would've offered him arb or traded him this winter and I don't see them getting much more in return. Besides, the package they got helps them now.

In general I think Towers probably gets a bad rap because he puts weight in things that the community may not, or has insight into areas that we may lack. That doesn't mean he's infallible. Just that he's not a total dummy. And yes, he's built a pretty solid Arizona team, for now and the future.

Bud (Baltimore): I've been offered a bet: I have to pick one team that is a stonecold lock to miss the playoffs in 2016. If I win, I get $75. If I lose, two thugs come and cut off my hand. Obviously going to accept this bet, so what I need to know is which team to bet against. What say you, and does anything that happened at the trade deadline chance your answer at all?

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: I wonder which teams we would've said three years ago. Sounds like topic for Sam Miller.

Martyy (IL): Presuming health, do you view Arodys Vizcaino as a SP or RP down the road? Thanks

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: Not being able to presume health is one of the big things here, no? I think Vizcaino winds up in the bullpen.

3 Chainz (guesting on your track): Now that we're past the deadline and into the waiver period, do you think the Dodgers will use their financial advantage to add any prominent bad contracts a la 2012? Which?

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: I doubt it. There's not a lot of guys on so-called bad deals out there who make sense for them anymore. They may add someone with some money left, I just don't think we'll see them take on a massive albatross for the sake of it.

Rafiki (DaBreeze): Ryan Spilborghs has a .327 OBP in Japan. The MLB league average is .317. Cauliflower hurting when I dump the trash - Ghostface Killah. Couldn't a team like the Royals use the Spillygoat?

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: I don't know how a .327 on-base percentage in Japan would translate to the majors nowadays (probably not well enough to feel great about it), but Kansas City is not the spot for Spilborghs given Justin Maxwell.

Martyy (IL): I've read that Kris Bryant doesn't have elite bat speed, are there MLB star hitters that also don't possess big time bat speed? Thanks.

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: Of course-pitchers. But on a serious note, elite just means the top of the top. There are stars out there who don't have elite hit or power tools and they get along okay. Bryant can and should hit. I don't know if he's going to be a star but I wouldn't worry about too much right now.

cracker73 (Florida): Not a trade question, but what is your take on Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez?

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: I don't have much of a take. I haven't seen the guy, or talked to many who have seen him. The Phillies (and other teams) are better equipped to judge his ability and value.

Alex (Anaheim): Are trade deadlines less eventful now that everyone seems to prize prospects?

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: Interesting theory. I suppose it's possible in a sense, but ultimately deals still get done. I don't know how we'd test that. Maybe number of prospects traded by year or something?

R.A. Wagman (Markham): How much more active will August be than July?

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: Possibly a little more active than these past few days. As teams fall a little farther from the race and no longer feel the need to feign competitiveness.

Abu (Kenya): I like circles, mostly because in order to score a run you have to finish where you begin. What players on other teams that started with another team or another other team do you see coming back to their old team to complete the circle of their careers? Any chance Eric Hinske returns to Toronto?

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: I think Hinske is done playing. I wouldn't be shocked if he gets into coaching or some other front-office position. Always had a good reputation as a clubhouse guy.

jb (iowA): Was CJ Edwards the best pitching prospect dealt before the deadline?

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: Jason Parks is more qualified than I am to answer this, and he says yes (sub-only): http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=21404

Seth (SF): What do you think the odds are that the trade deadline gets moved back in the next ten years? Twenty years? When would it get moved back to?

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: Do we want it moved back? I don't know if increasing the number of sellers is a good thing. It might create more deadline movement and excitement, but does that lead to more interest than having decent products taking fields?

John G (America): With the close of the non-waiver trading period who are some of the players that will be most sought after AND most likely to clear waivers to a contender over the next month?

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: Seattle's bunch of hitters-Ibanez, Morales, and Morse-will probably be sought after quite a bit. Anytime you can add a power bat after the deadline it's an intriguing proposition. Given that they're all free-agents-to-be I think they'll get past the non-contenders of the league. I don't think they'll clear waivers entirely, however, and I don't know if Seattle will move them either way.

Flounder (The Sea): If a mermaid played baseball, what would their stolen base success rate be? Is it easier to glide than run?

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: How would mermaids reach base?

OnePitchClack (Yikkity): Is Raul Ibanez The Patrick Ewing Of Major League Baseball?

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: Ewing wasn't this good at the tail-end of his career. Plus Ewing wasn't such a late-bloomer.

Bubba (STL): Cardinals are about to sign Kelly Shoppach FYI. The cardinals were supposedly looking for SS but had no luck. Pete Kozma, Ryan Jackson, nor Greg Garcia are the answers so who is?

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: I thought Alexei Ramirez made sense for them before the rumors of their interest popped up. It's really hard to find a MLB-quality shortstop out there (which is something that we perhaps don't take into account enough when talking about the Iglesias and Gregorius deals). Maybe they reunite with Brendan Ryan, or Arizona decides to move Cliff Pennington for some reason? I don't know. St. Louis may not have a choice but to roll with what they've got.

Scott (LA): Now that they didn't pick up a starter, who do you think steps up for the Cardinals down the stretch in the 4/5 slots between Jake Westbrook, Joe Kelly, Michael Wacha and Carlos Martinez?

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: Martinez is a nice sleeper; he's back in Triple-A and started for the first time since being demoted a few days ago. I assume he's going to get stretched out, and I wonder if they didn't use him in the pen to curb his innings workload a bit. I'm guessing Westbrook hangs around no matter what. After that I don't have a favorite, but obviously St. Louis can't go wrong any way they go.

captnamerca (Dunedin): What would keep the Red Sox from using Middlebrooks at 3B and Bogaerts at SS right now?

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: Nothing.

TinoMartinezwasmyfriend (bayou): Desmond Jennings gets a lot of Carl Crawford comps, but isn't he more like Ruppert Jones?

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: Ruppert Jones? Who are you trying to impress? Jennings is neither. He's a good ballplayer though.

Billy Bats (Land O'Lakes, FL): With the additions to what was already a juggernaut Red Sox team can anybody hope to catch this runaway freight train?

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: Boston's not exactly running away with the division as it is. Peavy makes them better, but he's not going to create the separation necessary for them to clinch the division in early September or anything like that.

Heroes of my life (GunsNRoses): Shouldn't more closers have a signature move? Like shouldn't Mariano Rivera do a Mutombo finger wag after each out?

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: In that case wouldn't the lack of a signature move also qualify as a signature move?

SlickFoley (BoomCity): If there was an MLB version of Space Jam staring Sponge Bob and Andrew McCutchen, who would be the rest of the starting lineup?

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: Is this a joke? You'd only need Cutch and Bugs Bunny: http://www.ussmariner.com/2006/03/12/bugs-bunny-greatest-banned-player-ever/

Ted (Chicago): The first manager to get fired in season will be...

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: You know, I'm not sure if we will have anyone fired in-season. There are arguments for various managers but guys like Ned Yost and Eric Wedge have had some success as of late. I don't think Bud Black is going anywhere. Maybe Ron Roenicke if Milwaukee opts to clean house. Otherwise there aren't many obvious candidates for me.

Jim (LAA): Angels did almost nothing at the deadline, what does this mean for the future? Farm system is still shallow and too many bad contracts to try and trade away. Any moves in the winter?

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: I just don't think there were many moves to make, at least not many moves they felt necessary to make now. I'm sure Jerry Dipoto will shake things up this winter, he'll have to. They chose to build around Pujols and Hamilton and there's no real way out of it beyond hoping those guys can get back close to form next season. If they don't it won't matter what Dipoto does.

BobcatBaseball (Athens, OH): Will any of the Seattle Sluggers get moved? (Ibanez, Morales, Morse)

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: You would think at least one of them, but then I would've had Morse moving yesterday.

A.C. (Bayside): Serious question: How would Mr. Belding have handled ARod, do you think? This is not a joke question. I am super serious. Please take this seriously. Seriously, take it seriously. I can't stress enough that I need you to take this seriously, and not as a joke, but as a serious question to take seriously.

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: With a father's care.

Shawnykid23 (CT): Do you think Detroit calls up Castellanos soon?

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: Probably.Probably. I can't speak to their developmental plan, yet Castellanos is the logical internal option after they traded Garcia.

R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat: That'll do it for this time, folks. Thanks for the questions and enjoy the first post-deadline weekend.

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