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2019 Projections (Preseason PECOTA - seasonal age 25)
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Birth Date9-8-1993
Height6' 3"
Weight195 lbs
Age26 years, 6 months, 24 days
WARP Summary

MLB Statistics

2017 PHI 23 83 343 90 14 4 12 20 97 6 1 2 .288 .338 .473 93 -2.0 -0.8 -7.7 -0.3
2018 PHI 24 140 448 104 12 3 17 32 111 9 3 2 .256 .324 .425 98 0.6 -1.4 -11.3 -0.4
2019 PHI 25 67 112 16 4 0 2 4 43 2 0 0 .151 .196 .245 45 -7.5 0.4 -0.3 -0.4

Statistics for All Levels

'opp' stats - Quality of opponents faced - have been moved and are available only as OPP_QUAL in the Statistics reports now.
Minor league stats are currently shownClick to hide.
2012 RNG Rk AZL 48 224 .265 .344 .393 .404 99 9.4 6.9 -2.1 105 0 -3.5 1.2 1.1 0.3
2013 HIC A SAL 95 404 .247 .316 .368 .371 98 20.3 11.2 -3 130 0 -2.5 -0.4 2.7 0.8
2014 MYR A+ CAR 94 408 .260 .326 .385 .391 96 11.8 12.0 -2.7 120 0 -4.4 -1.3 -1.2 0.2
2014 FRI AA TEX 15 64 .263 .322 .401 .341 99 -3.6 1.8 -0.3 45 0 -1.4 0.1 -4.9 -0.5
2014 RNG Rk AZL 3 14 .000 .000 .000 .364 0.0 112 0 0.0 0.0 -0.4 0.0
2015 FRI AA TEX 97 415 .255 .322 .381 .346 118 10.3 11.0 -1.6 117 0 -1.8 0.3 -0.1 0.9
2015 REA AA EAS 22 100 .263 .319 .385 .370 97 7 2.7 0.1 131 0 1.0 1.5 1.3 0.7
2016 LEH AAA INT 125 527 .254 .313 .376 .325 102 -3.9 14.8 -2.6 90 0 3.8 -0.7 -11.7 0.4
2017 PHI MLB NL 83 343 .258 .329 .428 .375 95 12 10.0 -2.8 93 8 -7.7 -0.8 -2.0 -0.3
2017 LEH AAA INT 78 306 .258 .327 .397 .358 101 7.5 9.1 -2.9 120 0 6.6 0.4 6.3 1.9
2018 PHI MLB NL 140 448 .251 .321 .414 .312 95 4.3 12.6 -4.2 98 10 -11.3 -1.4 0.6 -0.4
2019 PHI MLB NL 67 112 .256 .328 .434 .230 102 -11.6 3.4 -0.5 45 10 -0.3 0.4 -7.5 -0.4
2019 LEH AAA INT 48 210 .265 .338 .440 .391 99 10.1 7.2 -1.3 130 0 4.1 1.4 8.7 1.7

Statistics For All Levels

Minor league stats are currently shownClick to hide.
2012 RNG Rk AZL 224 201 34 63 9 6 2 90 27 16 50 15 2 .313 .375 .448 .134 2 0
2013 HIC A SAL 404 376 70 110 19 12 17 204 60 15 110 8 5 .293 .337 .543 .250 2 0
2014 FRI AA TEX 64 62 4 14 2 1 0 18 4 2 21 1 1 .226 .250 .290 .065 0
2014 MYR A+ CAR 408 377 61 110 28 4 13 185 68 19 117 5 7 .292 .343 .491 .199 1
2014 RNG Rk AZL 14 13 3 4 0 1 0 6 2 1 2 0 0 .308 .357 .462 .154 0
2015 FRI AA TEX 415 378 56 113 21 4 13 181 45 32 77 10 8 .299 .357 .479 .180 1 1
2015 REA AA EAS 100 97 21 31 5 2 4 52 10 3 20 3 0 .320 .340 .536 .216 0 0
2016 LEH AAA INT 527 497 78 128 33 6 13 212 64 19 136 6 4 .258 .287 .427 .169 6 1
2017 LEH AAA INT 306 282 43 79 16 2 15 144 44 16 90 5 4 .280 .328 .511 .230 2 1
2017 PHI MLB NL 343 313 45 90 14 4 12 148 55 20 97 1 2 .288 .338 .473 .185 4 0
2018 PHI MLB NL 448 407 53 104 12 3 17 173 50 32 111 3 2 .256 .324 .425 .170 0 0
2019 LEH AAA INT 210 190 33 60 15 2 10 109 25 14 52 1 0 .316 .381 .574 .258 0 0
2019 PHI MLB NL 112 106 9 16 4 0 2 26 5 4 43 0 0 .151 .196 .245 .094 0 0

Plate Discipline

YEAR Pits Zone% Swing% Contact% Z-Swing% O-Swing% Z-Contact% O-Contact% SwStr% CSAA
2017 1215 0.4428 0.5909 0.6560 0.7491 0.4653 0.7742 0.5048 0.3440 0.0000
2018 1704 0.4806 0.4918 0.7291 0.6557 0.3401 0.8324 0.5449 0.2709 0.0000
2019 453 0.4834 0.5254 0.7143 0.6575 0.4017 0.7986 0.5851 0.2857 0.0000

Injury History  —  No longer being updated

Last Update: 12/31/2014 23:59 ET

Date On Date Off Transaction Days Games Side Body Part Injury Severity Surgery Date Reaggravation
2014-06-06 2014-06-24 Minors 18 0 - Not Disclosed -


Year Team Salary
2019 PHI $575,000
2018 PHI $553,000
2017 PHI $
2 yrPrevious$1,128,000
2 yrTotal$1,128,000


Service TimeAgentContract Status
2 y 36 d1 year/$575,000 (2019)

  • 1 year/$575,000 (2019). Re-signed by Philadelphia 3/19.
  • 1 year/$0.553M (2018). Re-signed by Philadelphia 3/18.
  • 1 year (2017). Contract selected by Philadelphia 11/18/16. Re-signed by Philadelphia 3/17.
  • Acquired by Philadelphia in trade from Texas 7/29/15 (Hamels deal).
  • Drafted by Texas 2012 (2-93) (Ball HS, Galveston, Texas) $0.5M signing bonus ($0.5156M slot).

2019 Preseason Forecast

Last Update: 1/27/2017 12:35 ET

Weighted Mean???????00??.000.000.00000.0?0.0

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BP Chats

2014-07-31 19:30:00 (link to chat)I'm a simple man that gets confused. Some reports on Nick Williams are that "hitters can just hit" yet there are others that are really worried about his ability to be a star player because he swings at ghost balls and Ks a lot. What is the truth?
(Rich from DC)
That his hit tool is really, really good and his approach needs work. They're both true. But gimme the physical ability over the advanced approach at his age. You can learn approach. Can't learn his batspeed or hand-eye. (Ben Carsley)
2014-07-24 19:00:00 (link to chat)Does Oswaldo Arcia worth holding onto long term in my dynasty league? Have Stephen Piscotty, Nick Williams, Raimel Tapia and Yasmani Tomas waiting in the wings.
(Drew from Rockford, IL)
I would have Arcia over Yasmani, but the OFers you have coming through are all making a big push this year. He's on the fringe for me. (Mauricio Rubio)
2014-07-01 13:00:00 (link to chat)Do you think Nick Williams will eventually improve his approach at the plate and become a star in the major leagues?
(Mark from Dallas)
Haven't seen him, but this guy certainly does. #mortblood (Chris Rodriguez)
2014-07-01 13:00:00 (link to chat)Go US! Chris, why do people say Nick Williams' has a great hit tool, but then he has a close to 27% K%. Is there not a direct correlation between hit tool and K%? I feel I'm missing something here. Not trying to hate on Williams or anything, but I just don't understand it.
(Mike from NJ)
Good question. There is a correlation, but there are also exceptions to the rule. Matt Kemp is a career .292 hitter with a 23% K rate. Williams, by all accounts, has a innate ability to put the ball in play and hit it hard, it's just an approach issue. He's still young but several BP guys have and they loved it. (Chris Rodriguez)
2014-07-07 11:00:00 (link to chat)Nick Williams' K% is right around where it was last year at the 27% mark. Is this just a sign of being raw in his game? Or is it something to worry about? How much upside does he have in the end? Top 50 prospect for you?
(Clint from Arizona)
Williams is very raw in his game, and I could tell hours worth of stories about his adventures on a baseball field. But he can straight hit, with easy plus bat speed and balance, and the strength to develop plus over-the-fence power. He's not a true CF, but has more than enough tools to handle LF with more refinement. Refinement is the name of the game with Williams. Can he learn to take his raw tools and turn them into field actions that play? Big ifs but the bat is major league quality and he could really blossom into a high-end talent. I love watching Williams because you never know what you will see: 425ft bomb followed by two defensive errors followed by a laser throw from deep center followed by a 40 grade throw followed by a mistake on base followed by a base running gem. He's a mess but highly entertaining. (Jason Parks on the Top 50)
2014-07-07 11:00:00 (link to chat)Nick Williams has said he believes he has the fastest hands in the minors. On the top 50 list, Javier Baez is credited with the fastest bat - where would Williams be on such a list? Top 5?
(Or from Denton)
He would be on the list. His hands are weapons. Premium hand speed. (Jason Parks on the Top 50)
2014-07-08 13:00:00 (link to chat)Nick Williams has a .865 OPS so far this year. Do you see a promotion in his near future, and what are your thoughts on his MLB future?
(Bob from Raleigh)
I'm not sure a promotion makes a ton of sense this year. Williams is performing well, but there are still a ton of things he needs to work on in his game, and when you're already three years younger than the average age of your entire league, this might be the appropriate level for him to endure that developmental work. (Mark Anderson)
2014-07-08 13:00:00 (link to chat)Better Texas of, Nick Williams or Lewis Brinson?
(scott from az)
I love Brinson's athleticism and tools, but Williams' knack for getting the barrel on the ball is a difference maker. I'm going to side with the guy that has a natural feel for hitting, even though the rest of his game doesn't project to play as well as Brinson's could. (Mark Anderson)
2014-07-09 15:00:00 (link to chat)That Raimel Tapia article was amazing. Can you please tell us more about him? How is he different from say, Nick Williams? Some people have put a 7 on his hit tool as well. Thanks Ryan!
(Dude from not at work)
What do you want to know? Point me in a direction and I'll wax poetic about the one and only Tapia.

Nick Williams is pure batspeed. I wish my players could swing like Nick and hit like Tapia. That's the difference. William's has the tools but Tapia has the skills.

I don't see a 7 on Nick's bat. He can't adjust like Tapia.

Tapia is the finely tuned F1 car. Nick Williams is the jet engine dragster. (Ryan Parker)
2014-07-09 15:00:00 (link to chat)Loved your articles on Tapia and Gallo. What prospects have potential plus or plus plus hit and power combos? Taveras comes to mind. Dahl? N. Williams?
(Ryan from DC)
Haven't seenOT

Dahl is close. should be 6+ hit and 55 power.
Nick Williams could be a 6/6 but its a much riskier profile. (Ryan Parker)
2014-07-09 15:00:00 (link to chat)I had thought that Hunter Dozier was listed as a potential 6/6 in his last eye witness account. Does this mean that Nick Williams and Dozier have similar hit/power tools? What are your thoughts on Dozier?
(oakiegu007 from NY)
They do grade wise but get there in very... extremely.. titanically different ways. Williams is speed and Dozier is strength. Dozier's ceiling is a bit lower but much safer floor.

If everyone played baseball the way Dozier does there would be world peace. Look for the spring training notes on him. I. Love. #Bulldozier. (Ryan Parker)
2014-07-03 19:00:00 (link to chat)Rank these prospects in a dynasty: Rosell Herrera, Nick Williams, Blake Swihart, Daniel Norris, Trevor Story, Alen Hanson, Philip Ervin, Kennys Vargas, Steven Mats.
(Tim from NJ)
Nick Williams, Trevor Story, Daniel Norris and Blake Swihart are the big four of that group. I think everyone kinda rounds out the backend. (Mauricio Rubio)
2014-05-29 19:30:00 (link to chat)Who wins this trade in a dynasty: Jason Heyward & Tyson Ross OR Cole Hamels, Starling Marte, Nick Williams, and Nick Kingham?
(Dynasty Trade from Tradeville USA)
I think Ross is poop so give me the second side. Nick Williams might not know left from right field but he can hit. (Ben Carsley)
2014-05-05 13:00:00 (link to chat)Supposedly Nick Williams has the best hit tool in the Rangers' system but there has been no talk of him so far this year. All the talk has been on Gallo. Has Williams' shine worn off to where he is an average prospect now and Gallo ranks above him?
(Louis from At The Park (mentally))
In today's Ten-Pack...

...Tucker Blair said that he thinks Williams has the best hit tool of him, Gallo and Jorge Alfaro, so I wouldn't say the shine has worn off. It's just hard to get noticed when you're surrounded by 80-grade tools. (Jeff Moore)
2014-04-01 13:00:00 (link to chat)Thanks for the chat. In your opinion, which hitter and pitcher, outside of the top 50, have the highest ceilings?
(cracker73 from Florida )
Alex Reyes, Jose Martinez, Braden Shipley, and Hunter Harvey on the pitching side; Nick Williams, Raimel Tapia, and David Dahl on the positional side of the ball. (Jason Parks)
2014-04-03 19:30:00 (link to chat)Do you think Nick Williams will be the rangers top prospect after this season?
(Mike from Utica, NY)
I don't know that he passes Odor, who should remain a prospect. Williams could fall out of bed and hit, but his defense (despite good speed) is a huge question mark. I'll take the under. (Craig Goldstein)
2014-01-29 19:00:00 (link to chat)Who are some players you see making the jump that could be top 25 or even top 10 next season?
(James from Kansas)
Giolito, Dahl, Urias, Fried, Nick Williams, Aaron Sanchez, Alfaro (Ben Carsley)
2014-01-29 19:00:00 (link to chat)If you had to rank these OF for dynasty purposes: Phillip Ervin, Nick Williams, Raimel Tapia, Domingo Santana and Jorge Bonifacio.
(Connor from Dallas )
Wow, you hit on a lot of semi-under the radar guys I love here. Tapia, Williams, Santana, Bonifacio, Ervin. But I think it's fairly close all the way around except for Ervin. (Ben Carsley)
2014-01-02 13:00:00 (link to chat)Do you have an under the radar prospect or someone that isn't getting any love that you want to tout?
(chris from Phoenix)
I know he's known already, and had a pretty rough year but I still like Gabriel Guerrero a bunch. Other candidates include Chris Bostick, and Nick Williams, though both have received love. (Craig Goldstein)
2013-12-17 13:00:00 (link to chat)Jason- The Ranger farm system is full of high upside/high risk prospects. If you could choose the three you would most like to gamble on, who would they be?
(PJD from Bahamas)
I would gamble on Jorge Alfaro, Nick Williams, and Nomar Mazara (Jason Parks)
2013-11-25 13:00:00 (link to chat)Am I way in over my head thinking that Nick Williams could be something really special in the MLB someday?
(Wes from The Office)
He has the potential to have a special hit tool, no doubt. He lacks skills at this point, and his overall feel for the game is very suspect. But you could put a blindfold on this kid and he would still be able to put his barrel on velocity. He has something you can't teach. You might be able to coerce a grade jump on his glove, improve his reads and routes, teach him how to run the bases better, but you can't teach that natural ability to put the bat on the baseball. Williams has that. It buys him a lot of potential and developmental patience. (Jason Parks)
2013-11-08 14:00:00 (link to chat)Any of these prospects jump off the board for you? Rosell Herrera, Nick Williams, Ryan McMahon, Arismendy Alcantara, and Jesse Winker. What are your thoughts? Thanks Ben!
(Ryan from Cincy)
Last pinch hitting appearance from Mark Anderson: "The two that jump out the most to me are Williams and Alcantara. Williams is a gifted natural hitter and he could be an impact bat at the highest level. Alcantara can contribute in all phases of the game and he has some thump in his bat as well. I really like what Alcantara brings to the table. I've always been partial to Herrera and think he may have finally turned a corner in 2013, but I'm still a little skeptical of him."

Mark will be chatting at BP at 1 PM ET next Thursday, so show up then to get prospect questions answered without an intermediary. (Ben Lindbergh)
2013-10-15 13:00:00 (link to chat)Thanks for the chat Professor Parks! Is Nick Williams a top 100 prospect in the game? What's his ceiling look like?
(Joe from The couch)
He's a top 5 prospect in the Rangers system; haven't worked up Top 101. It's possible. He's a natural hitter that needs refinement everywhere else. I wouldn't be shocked if he emerges as the best offensive player from that crazy Hickory lineup of 2013. Role 6 future for me. (Jason Parks)
2013-09-04 13:00:00 (link to chat)What are your thoughts on the season Nick Williams had? High ceiling kind of guy? Thanks!
(Nathan from STL)
Love his natural bat-to-ball ability. His overall game is still very raw and unrefined, but you can sculpt some of that in the developmental process. I don't think you can teach a hitter how to hit. I think you can assist in the process, but I'm of the belief that you can either hit or you can't hit. Williams can hit. We will see how it all develops, but I like his chances out of that Hickory group and I would rank him in the top 10 in the Rangers system now without hesitation. (Jason Parks)
2013-08-14 13:00:00 (link to chat)Any sleepers for the Texas Top 10 next season?
(Brian from LA)
Is Nick Williams still a sleeper? Natural feel to hit, good athlete, body is maturing and showing raw power. Hitting .302/.344/.569 in Low-A and turns 20 in September. No-doubt top five guy in the Rangers' system right now. (Jason Cole)
2013-07-25 13:00:00 (link to chat)Thanks for the chat Jason! I'm very excited about prospect Nick Williams. Could you give a brief scouting report about him?
(Fred from Houston)
Natural bat-to-ball ability; fast hands; cab square velocity and generates good bat speed without selling out the swing control; speed is inconsistent but shows 7 run; more of a left-field profile on defense; has raw power; feel for hitting stands above other skills; very unrefined in other aspects of the game; might be my favorite of the HIckory mashers, but has a long way to go before he's a fundamental baseball player. (Jason Parks)
2013-07-25 13:00:00 (link to chat)Hey Jason, who do you like more as a prospect? Nick Williams or Ronald Guzman? Thanks!
(Joe from Dallas)
Guzman has a tough profile, as he is already limited to 1B. But I really love his approach to hitting and the ease in which he does it. I've already spoken about my love for Williams as well, especially the bat-to-ball skills. But his overall game is very rudimentary, and he could flame out before bringing it all together. THe more I watch Guzman, the more Freddie Freeman I see in the swing. (Jason Parks)
2013-06-13 13:00:00 (link to chat)Any sleeper candidates to make the Rangers Top 10 this offseason?
(Brian from LA)
Nick Williams and Rougned Odor, if you want to consider them sleepers. Maybe Luke Jackson. (Jason Cole)
2013-05-30 13:30:00 (link to chat)Has Nick Williams done enough to be considered a better prospect than Lewis Brinson?
(Mark from Emmitsburg)
I'm certainly not the Rangers expert among the BP Prospect Team, but it's pretty hard to argue with what he's done so far this year. Brinson may have a higher ceiling and louder all-around tools, but Williams appears to be a better baseball player at this point in their development. (Mark Anderson)
2013-05-16 13:00:00 (link to chat)Miguel Almonte or Rafael DePaula? Adam Brett Walker or Nick Williams? Thanks
(Fred from Madison)
Almonte and WIlliams. (Jason Parks)
2013-01-02 13:00:00 (link to chat)Do you have a sleeper prospect or two who is not on many radars that you think could make a big jump this season?
(Jay from Madison)
I really like Josh Elander, Braves 6th Rounder from last June, as a potential everyday bat with a chance to stick at catcher. I also really liked the hit tool on Nathan Mikolas (Yankees 4th Round), though he has received mixed reviews from pro scouts. Cold weather kid that will take some reps, but could be a nice little bat. Those are deeper guys. Fringe-sleeper, how about Nick Williams (Texas) and Kyle Crick (Giants). Do they count? Give me the Aviles (Indians), Norris (Blue Jays), Howard (Indians) trifecta for "bounceback" lotto tickets. (Nick Faleris)
2012-06-05 16:00:00 (link to chat)Do you see the Rangers having enough money to sign both Gallo and Nick Williams and how would you grade their draft thus far?
(Sean from Battle Creek)
It's certainly not going to be easy, especially with Gallo, who has a strong commit to LSU and a rumored price tag of $2.5 million. To go back to a previous point, you see them starting to take cheap picks, including a college senior in the sixth. (Kevin Goldstein)

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