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Career Summary
7 94 547.7 38 31 0 3.89 5.4
Birth Date6-3-1991
Height6' 0"
Weight195 lbs
Age28 years, 6 months, 6 days
WARP Summary

MLB Statistics

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2013 KCA MLB 3 3 15.3 0 1 0 13 6 11 3 96 7.6 3.5 1.8 6.5 0% .227 1.24 5.35 3.52 108 4.91 117.5 0.0
2014 KCA MLB 31 30 183.0 14 10 0 168 69 159 14 100 8.3 3.4 0.7 7.8 0% .288 1.30 3.63 3.20 98 3.84 94.2 2.2
2015 KCA MLB 28 28 163.3 13 8 0 154 58 156 14 104 8.5 3.2 0.8 8.6 0% .307 1.30 3.53 4.08 89 3.31 77.4 3.4
2016 KCA MLB 32 32 186.0 11 12 0 190 78 144 23 106 9.2 3.8 1.1 7.0 51% .297 1.44 4.55 4.45 107 5.50 121.8 -0.3

Statistics for All Levels

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2010 ROY Rk AZL 14 6 52.7 4 2 0 49 17 58 3 60 8.4 2.9 0.5 9.9 0% .313 1.25 3.92 3.24 0 0.00 0.0
2011 KNC A MID 19 19 84.3 4 6 0 82 24 88 8 91 8.8 2.6 0.9 9.4 0% .327 1.26 3.53 4.27 91 4.88 99.6
2012 WIL A+ CAR 16 16 76.3 3 5 0 66 28 98 7 90 7.8 3.3 0.8 11.6 0% .314 1.23 3.30 3.30 83 3.77 78.4
2012 NWA AA TEX 6 6 29.3 1 2 0 23 13 25 1 99 7.1 4.0 0.3 7.7 0% .275 1.23 3.75 4.60 94 3.75 78.1
2012 ROY Rk AZL 1 1 3.7 0 0 0 3 1 7 0 107 7.4 2.5 0.0 17.2 0% .429 1.09 1.34 2.45 64 1.63 34.0
2013 KCA MLB AL 3 3 15.3 0 1 0 13 6 11 3 96 7.6 3.5 1.8 6.5 0% .227 1.24 5.35 3.52 108 4.91 117.5
2013 NWA AA TEX 11 11 57.7 3 2 0 39 20 74 3 101 6.1 3.1 0.5 11.5 0% .279 1.02 2.41 2.34 77 2.77 60.2
2013 OMA AAA PCL 15 14 77.0 5 4 0 80 33 81 4 93 9.4 3.9 0.5 9.5 0% .357 1.47 3.54 3.74 89 5.08 110.5
2014 KCA MLB AL 31 30 183.0 14 10 0 168 69 159 14 100 8.3 3.4 0.7 7.8 0% .288 1.30 3.63 3.20 98 3.84 94.2
2015 KCA MLB AL 28 28 163.3 13 8 0 154 58 156 14 104 8.5 3.2 0.8 8.6 0% .307 1.30 3.53 4.08 89 3.31 77.4
2015 OMA AAA PCL 2 2 9.3 0 2 0 6 6 9 1 102 5.8 5.8 1.0 8.7 0% .238 1.29 5.31 3.86 107 3.55 77.9
2016 KCA MLB AL 32 32 186.0 11 12 0 190 78 144 23 106 9.2 3.8 1.1 7.0 51% .297 1.44 4.55 4.45 107 5.50 121.8

Plate Discipline

YEAR Pits Zone% Swing% Contact% Z-Swing% O-Swing% Z-Contact% O-Contact% SwStr%
2013 185 0.4595 0.4216 0.8205 0.5412 0.3200 0.9348 0.6563 0.1795
2014 2954 0.5156 0.4712 0.7608 0.6612 0.2690 0.8222 0.6000 0.2392
2015 2643 0.4771 0.4521 0.7540 0.6289 0.2909 0.8663 0.5323 0.2460
2016 3037 0.4728 0.4409 0.7767 0.6212 0.2792 0.8834 0.5638 0.2233

Injury History  —  No longer being updated

Last Update: 12/31/2014 23:59 ET

Date On Date Off Transaction Days Games Side Body Part Injury Severity Surgery Date Reaggravation
2014-08-23 2014-09-01 DTD 9 9 - Mid Back Stiffness -
2014-05-27 2014-06-05 DTD 9 9 Right Elbow Inflammation Valgus Extension Overload -
2013-07-26 2013-08-04 Minors 9 0 - Thigh Strain Hamstring - -


Year Team Salary
2020 KCA $
2019 KCA $
2018 KCA $
2017 KCA $
2016 KCA $1,200,000
2015 KCA $950,000
2014 KCA $500,500
3 yrPrevious$2,650,500
3 yrTotal$2,650,500


Service TimeAgentContract Status
3 y 13 dISE Baseball5 years/$23M (2015-19), 2020-21 options

  • 5 years/$23M (2015-19), plus 2020-21 club options. Signed extension with Kansas City 4/4/15, replacing one-year deal for $535,675 signed 3/3/15. $1M signing bonus. 15:$0.75M, 16:$1M, 17:$3.25M, 18:$6.25M, 19:$9.75M, 20:$12M club option ($1M buyout), 21:$12M club option ($1M buyout). Value of each club option may increase up to $16M based on finish in Cy Young vote. At the time of his death, Ventura's contract obligated the Royals to pay him $20.25M: $3.25M in 2017, $6.25M in 2018, $9.75M in 2019 and $1M in 2020. It also included language that could void payment for failure to perform because of injury or death from driving while intoxicated. If his death is determined to be an accident, the Royals could be reimbursed for a portion of his salaries under the terms of the team's insurance policy on the contract.
  • 1 year/$0.5005M (2014). Re-signed by Kansas City 2/27/14.
  • 1 year (2013). Contract selected by Kansas City 9/17/13.
  • Signed by Kansas City 2008 as an amateur free agent from the Dominican Republic. $28,000 signing bonus.

2019 Preseason Forecast

Last Update: 1/27/2017 12:35 ET

90o 9.4 0 0 9 9 49.1 41 17 39 4 .261 1.17 3.29 3.56 -1.7 -0.2
80o 8.1 0 0 8 8 43.8 39 16 34 4 .274 1.26 3.63 3.94 -3.2 -0.4
70o 7.3 0 0 7 7 40.1 38 15 32 4 .284 1.32 3.89 4.22 -4.2 -0.5
60o 6.5 0 0 6 6 36.9 36 15 29 4 .293 1.38 4.11 4.46 -4.8 -0.5
50o 5.9 0 0 6 6 34.1 35 14 27 4 .300 1.43 4.32 4.69 -5.2 -0.6
40o 5.3 0 0 5 5 31.3 33 13 25 3 .308 1.49 4.53 4.92 -5.6 -0.6
30o 4.7 0 0 5 5 28.4 31 13 22 3 .317 1.55 4.76 5.17 -5.8 -0.6
20o 4 0 0 4 4 25.1 29 12 20 3 .327 1.62 5.03 5.47 -5.9 -0.6
10o 3.1 0 0 4 4 20.6 25 10 16 3 .341 1.73 5.41 5.89 -5.8 -0.6
Weighted Mean5.8006633.53414263.2991.424.294.66-5.0-0.5

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BP Chats

2017-01-18 20:00:00 (link to chat)I'm having a lot of anxiety deciding on my final keeper in a dynasty league. Top of the rotation is easy, but after the first 3, I'm at a loss. Appreciate your opinion of my choices: Matt Moore, Taijuan Walker, Drew Smyly, Matt Andriese, or Yordano Ventura. It's an AL only league, but I have an open crossover slot.
(Jim from Middlefield)
I still stand with Walker. (Bret Sayre)
2016-08-24 20:00:00 (link to chat)Yordano Ventura looks like he's put it together the past several starts. Just a blip or can/will he sustain it over the ROS?
(Tribe 2016 from Chambersburg)
I'm inclined to say it's a blip, but it's almost impossible to separate the signal from the noise over the course of a few starts. I haven't seen his last few starts, so I haven't had the opportunity to see if it looks like he's doing anything differently, like changing his landing spot. I try not to look at 5-7 game samples and ask whether the trend in those numbers is something that merits action from a roto owner or just the ups and downs of player performance over the course of a long season. (Scooter Hotz)
2016-06-09 19:00:00 (link to chat)Who are some big league starters that remind you of Justin Dunn? Do you think he could be a starter?
(Hank from Kansas)
The Mets just took Justin Dunn at 19, with Blake Rutherford (who they reportedly had a deal with) selected ahead of them.

I do think Dunn has a chance to start, even though there isn't tons of track record--he moved into the BC Eagles' rotation in the middle of the year, after working as a closer prior. He has a fairly clean operation mechanically, with the athleticism to shore up some aspects of his delivery that can detract from his command presently. He has shown the control of his slider and developing changeup that he will begin his pro career as a starter, and might not just be a guy who has to throw his fastball in hitter's counts. I do think he can start, and his size, arm-speed, stuff, and athleticism have some Yordano Ventura in them, to me.
-Adam McInturff (Live Draft Chat)
2015-07-02 15:00:00 (link to chat)Do you think Yordano Ventura's upside was last year, baseline between this year and last?
(Mike from LA)
The problem with comparing the two is that, stuff-wise, Ventura is a different pitcher this season. His velo is his calling card and Yordano is down a couple of ticks from last year, so the velo-related subtlety that masked command issues last year is no longer present. The upside is still the same assuming that he can rediscover his stuff of the past, but without the high-90s heat Ventura fails to stand out. (Doug Thorburn)
2015-01-21 15:00:00 (link to chat)Hi Doug: If there isn't a predictable next Corey Kluber, is there a predictable next Marcus Stroman? That is, a prospect in the minor leagues with size/vertical plane concerns that are overblown and might surprise in the majors in 2015?
(Drifter from Long Branch)
There isn't really a Stroman mirror for 2015, but '14 had Yordano Ventura, which I think is a closer comp than any of the current crop. When in doubt, bet on the raw stuff. (Doug Thorburn)
2014-10-23 14:00:00 (link to chat)How worried should I be about Yordano Ventura's workload? I am all for chasing the ring, but the lack of Danny Duffy sightings makes me concerned about their rotation next year.
(Jeff from Lawrence)
There is some concern, especially for a pitcher who relies so much on power at the expense of stability in his delivery. That said, it is critical to look at each pitcher on a case-by-case basis, and the Royals have the most knowledge of these pitchers' risk profiles. I think that a lot of pitchers break down for a lot of reasons, and though workload is certainly a factor to consider, I believe that the ends justify the means in this scenario. (Doug Thorburn)
2014-10-23 14:00:00 (link to chat)Who are a few pitchers that you saw take a significant step forward/backward with their mechanics in 2014?
(Shawnykid23 from CT)
Steps forward: Trevor Bauer with his balance and simplified delivery, Yordano Ventura with his stability, Jake Arrieta with his momentum and transition through lift-and-stride, and Carlos Carrasco with his ditching of the windup and execution from the stretch (esp repetition).

Steps back: Danny Salazar in nearly all phases but especially stability, Justin Masterson with his vertical

The number of current and former Indians on this list is purely indidental (Doug Thorburn)
2014-10-17 12:00:00 (link to chat)What do you think the rotation will be opening day next year for the Royals?
(Alex from Madison, WI)
Jason Vargas, Danny Duffy, Yordano Ventura, Jeremy Guthrie and Johnny Free Agent. (Andy McCullough)
2014-10-17 12:00:00 (link to chat)I'm meeting with my lawyer this afternoon. Should I go for one-half the estate of Yordano Ventura or Eric Hosmer?
(Wendy from Chicago)
Uh. (Andy McCullough)
2014-09-15 19:30:00 (link to chat)If we are to refer to good fastballs as "cheese", who throws cheddar, who throws blue, who throws pepperjack, and who throws the clearly inferior American cheese? Asking for a friend.
(Yung Charcuterie from Your friendly neighborhood meat store)
Cheddar would be Yordano Ventura (sharp, in your face). Blu would be Alex Cobb (best left as a complement to other ingredients). Pepperjack would be Tim Hudson (appears underwhelming but very effective). American Cheese would be Bud Norris, for sure. (Ben Carsley)
2014-07-31 19:30:00 (link to chat)Who has a better ROS, Justin Masterson now that he has been traded or Yordano Ventura?
(Matt from WI)
Gimme Ventura, though I think Masterson is a great buy-low candidate. (Ben Carsley)
2014-07-07 11:00:00 (link to chat)Has Yordano Ventura erased doubts about belonging in a rotation? Or is the concern among scouts more about durability than "starter's" stuff?
(Mario66 from Pittsburgh)
I think durability is always going to be a concern with a slight sub-6' righty that throws 100 from a slinger profile. He will have to prove it every year. But the best way to erase durability concerns is by being durable and giving your team 200 innings a season. (Jason Parks on the Top 50)
2014-07-15 13:00:00 (link to chat)Jake Odorizzi- is he primed for a big 2nd half? Would you rather have him over guys like Yordano Ventura, Marcus Stroman, Kevin Gausman, etc?
(Shawnykid23 from CT)
Not necessarily. He's already been on fire since May (3.14 ERA with 94 Ks in 77.3 IP). I think he will continue to be pretty solid (mid-to-high 3.00s) with an upside of just continuing what he's done the past two months (low-3.00s, major Ks) (Paul Sporer)
2014-05-02 14:00:00 (link to chat)does Martin Perez's mechanics look any better this year? whats his outlook for this year/future?
(Jake from Dallas)
He does look better, with marked improvements to both his balance and posture. He joins Bauer as part of a cadre of young arms that have made big improvements to their balance (both lateral and vertical) and posture at release point since 2013, a list that includes Yordano Ventura and Tyler Skaggs. (Doug Thorburn)
2014-05-02 14:00:00 (link to chat)Is Yordano Ventura a future Cy Young Winner?
(Tom from St Louis)
There are too many variables to the CY to possibly predict such things, especially given the link to team performance, but he has that upside. Problem is that he also has significant downside given his big power/low stability delivery, but I do like that he has made improvements to his B&P (balance and posture) since last season. That is the key to his enduring the workloads and finding the consistency necessary to win a CY.

On the jukebox: Zamfir, "The Lonely Shepherd" (Doug Thorburn)
2014-03-19 20:00:00 (link to chat)Sonny Gray or Yordano Ventura?
(Marshall from Canada )
Gray. I love Ventura, but let's not go bonkers yet. (Bret Sayre)
2014-03-19 20:00:00 (link to chat)Final 4?
(The Dude from Couch)
Javier Baez, Javier Baez, Yordano Ventura and Javier Baez. (Bret Sayre)
2014-03-27 13:00:00 (link to chat)Yordano Ventura - a stud?
(Tom from New Jersey)
He looked like one last September and he's had a big spring. (R.J. Anderson)
2014-03-27 13:00:00 (link to chat)Yordano Ventura's potential?
(Tony from LA)
His ultimate potential? No. 2 starter. (R.J. Anderson)
2014-03-14 09:00:00 (link to chat)If I roster both Yordano Ventura and Carlos Martinez, what will I have at the end of the season? Two gasoline-throwing RPs? Or two top-50 SPs? Or something in between?
(RatedRookie from Atlanta)
You'll probably have something in the middle in Ventura's case. I think he'll come up later in the year, show flashes of brilliance but offer outings that are maddeningly frustrating. Martinez will likely stay in the pen, but events in St. Louis could prove me wrong. I think he'll be an amazing set up to Trevor Rosenthal, and could provide the Cardinals with the best 1-2 postseason punch since Mariano Rivera and John Wetteland in 1996. (Mike Gianella)
2014-03-17 13:00:00 (link to chat)Yordano Ventura. 5th starter. ROY? What kind of stats do you expect to see?
(RatedRookie from Atlanta)
He'll be the 5th starter to start the season but if they have a playoff series, I'll bet he starts Game 2. (Jeff Moore)
2014-03-03 13:00:00 (link to chat)How did Yordano Ventura's offspeed stuff look when you saw him? Do you have concerns on his lack of height affecting the movement of his fastball?
(steve from lincoln )
I don't. He has incredibly long fingers and gets really good action on the ball. (Jason Parks on the Completed Prospect Rankings)
2014-02-28 14:00:00 (link to chat)Who are some minor league arms with fastballs too good to Robert Stephenson?
(Chris from Baltimore)
Jonathan Gray, Yordano Ventura, Lucas Giolito, Noah Syndergaard, Alex Meyer ... I am big on Kyle Zimmer's fastball, which only loses deception when he ratchets down the momentum in his delivery, resulting in lesser depth at release point and poor command. It's an 8 when he lines up the gears. (Doug Thorburn)
2014-01-27 13:00:00 (link to chat)ROY candidates?
(ZiggyPlayedGuitar from Oakland, CA)
Yordano Ventura in the AL; Wong or Hamilton in the NL (Jason Parks on the Top 101 Prospects)
2014-01-29 19:00:00 (link to chat)My Yordano Ventura and Koji Ueharra for his Kris Bryant? Thoughts?
(proffitt9 from Tampa)
Thanks for being my first chat question ever. I'll always remember you and I'll make note of your name in my diary tonight <3 -

If you have a shot at contention this season, keep your package. I love Ventura's strikeout potential, and Koji has a good shot at 40 saves in 2014. If you're playing more for 2016 or beyond, go with Bryant, who is one of the 10 best fantasy prospects in the game. It's a fair trade, so it's really based on your needs. (Ben Carsley)
2014-01-30 14:00:00 (link to chat)What rookie/prospect pitcher and hitter are you most excited to see debut this year?
(Mitchell from Baton Rouge)
I'm really looking forward to watching Billy Hamilton and Yordano Ventura, but they've both debuted. So probably Buxton and Bradley, because they're the best. Hedges, if he were to exceed expectations and make it up at the end of the year. (Ben Lindbergh)
2014-02-03 13:00:00 (link to chat)My Yordano Ventura and Koji Ueharra for his Kris Bryant? Thoughts?
(proffitt9 from Tampa)
Assuming this is Dynasty, I like the Kris Bryant side of this trade over 5 years, but in the short term Yordano and Koji's side will bring in more value. Ventura is a ROY candidate and Koji is an elite closer. Both of those guys will provide a lot of value over the next two years. Bryant still has to make it to the show and he likely won't produce at a top tier level right away. I think this starts to pay off by year 3 but you will be coming up short for the first two years in my opinion.

That said, I like the trade overall. (Mauricio Rubio)
2014-02-03 13:00:00 (link to chat)Who do you think will be a high-impact rookie pitcher in 2014? I don't expect another Harvey or Fernandez. But a guy we'll look back on and should have seen coming.
(Keith from Brooklyn)
I've seen this question a lot.

We're currently looking at Yordano Ventura coming, that's my pick for a high value fantasy guy who will make a lot of noise in 2014.

Gerrit Cole showed up in the playoffs, he's going to be a MFer next year. Ditto Sonny Gray. (Mauricio Rubio)
2014-02-03 13:00:00 (link to chat)Prospect starting pitcher you'd be targeting in a draft?
(ClaytonThompson from Columbia, MO)
I'm highly targeting Taijuan Walker and Yordano Ventura. I think both of those guys have high value seasons. (Mauricio Rubio)
2014-02-10 13:00:00 (link to chat)Dayton Moore just said that Yordano Ventura could throw 200 innings this year. Would that go poorly?
(JusitnG from Pittsburgh)
While I don't buy the strict adherence to the Verducci Rule that some teams seem to use, I do appreciate its general principle. That being said, jumping from 150 to 200 innings would be a lot. Still, the fact that Moore is that committed to keeping Ventura as a starter is a good sign. He's 5'11" and I love that. (Jeff Moore)
2014-01-21 18:00:00 (link to chat)My Yordano Ventura and Koji Ueharra for his Kris Bryant? Thoughts?
(proffitt9 from Tampa)
I like Ventura better than Bryant, but that seems like a lot to give up for Bryant in any format, even if it's a dynasty league. I don't value closers a lot, but Koji Uehara provided significant value in 2013 and should do the same this year. I might do that if I were giving back a lesser prospect. (Mike Gianella)
2014-01-21 18:00:00 (link to chat)What are your thoughts on Yordano Ventura this year? I don't think I can keep him, and his number 1 prospect ranking might make him sellable, but I'm open to the possibility
(shakyhands from NJ)
Ventura is going to be solid in the long term but I could see some struggles in the short term due to his command. If you can get back a more polished product with a similar ceiling do so. If you are underselling off of short-term concerns, hold on and hope for the best. (Mike Gianella)
2014-01-17 10:00:00 (link to chat)I'm very insecure, so which pitchers rig do I have to make sure my wife never sees? Archie The Texan Bradley or J.Gray ("J"-dot-Gray-MFers)
(MaineSkin from The North)
Bradley is from Oklahoma. Based on the stuff and the confidence involved, I'd suggest Yordano Ventura. That guy has very long fingers. Just making a scouting observation. (Jason Parks)
2014-01-10 13:00:00 (link to chat)I know Parks is a big fan of Yordano Ventura. Do you think he has the stuff to overcome his small frame and stick as a starter?
(JoJo from SD)
The stuff is certainly capable of carrying a starter profile. He showed he could handle 150 innings across three levels last year without any degredation in his stuff, which is a great sign. If he can duplicate this year, which I think he can, then I think those questions have to start becoming whispers instead of serious concerns. (Mark Anderson)
2014-01-10 13:00:00 (link to chat)Please rank the following diminuitive right-handers: Sonny Gray, Carlos Martinez, Marcus Stroman, Peter Dinklage, Yordano Ventura,
(Mr. C from Milwaukee)
Ventura, Martinez, Gray, Stroman, with Dinklage last just because he's from Jersey and is probably friends with Mort. (I kid, I kid) (Mark Anderson)
2014-01-10 13:00:00 (link to chat)Best sleeper rookie pitcher could be Yordano Ventura. Thoughts?
(Eric from Tennessee)
Not sure he's really a sleeper at this point, but he could have a very impactful 2014 season if the Royals give him the starts. (Mark Anderson)
2014-01-02 13:00:00 (link to chat)Who are some of the prospects you are much higher on than other analysts?
(Floyd from Flowmont)
Find a small hard-throwing pitcher and I'm higher on him than other analysts. There's something I find seductive about the easy heat that guys like Yordano Ventura, Danny Salazar, Carlos Martinez and others of that ilk can generate. (Craig Goldstein)
2013-12-10 18:00:00 (link to chat)Dynasty league (no limits or costs): Matt Moore, Jameson Taillon, Ryan Cook, and picks first 2 rounds in prospect draft, for Taijuan Walker, Shelby Miller, Yordano Ventura, and Joakim Soria. I assume you'd take Walker side, but I am selling a bit low on Moore considering the potential should he find his command?
(Slevin from Brooklyn)
Hey Slevin:

Hmm. I have to think about this one which means that the offer is probably in the ballpark in both directions. A lot depends on what is available in your prospect draft and what you think you can land with those 2 picks. Even in dynasty leagues, I generally like taking the proven commodity over the uncertainty, so from that standpoint I like Matt Moore better than any of the other pitchers in the deal. However, I have to assume that there isn't anything wrong with Shelby Miller and he certainly put up enough innings last year to be considered a Major League asset as well. With that in mind, I like Taijuan Walker and Yordano Ventura better than Jameson Taillon in that deal, and Joakim Soria has a better chance of closing than Ryan Cook in 2014. Again, much depends on what those picks will net at the minor league auction. Since it's dynasty, I'm assuming those picks will get you players who are talented but very far away. If you think you're going to compete this year, you probably want the Walker package. (Mike Gianella)
2013-12-17 13:00:00 (link to chat)Who are your way too early predicitions for Rookie of the Year in each league?
(JohnBotelho from Chestnut Hill, MA)
In the AL, I'll go with Yordano Ventura. I think he's going to surprise people in the rotation. In the NL, I'll go with Chris Owings. Not a star player, but easy role 5 (and perhaps more) that should produce at a premium spot. (Jason Parks)
2013-12-17 13:00:00 (link to chat)If you were giving out awards, which prospect would win Best Raw Athlete? Best fastball?
(Robocles from Allston, MA)
I would probably give the best athlete award to Byron Buxton. Yordano Ventura has the best fastball.

Kurt Russell was very sly in the movie " Captain Ron" (Jason Parks)
2013-12-20 14:00:00 (link to chat)Question about short starters. Marcus Stroman, Carlos Martinez, and Yordano Ventura are all vertically challenged... not that that's a bad thing. Bur with height comes the ability to create plane with your pitches, These guys will have to work low in the zone to achieve that. Are you a believer in them as starters, or do you feel they are destined for the bullpen? Also, it could be a lazy comp, but aforementioned short guys who throw *really* hard deserve at least a cursory Kimbrel comp, no?
(Ken Rosenthal from Down Here!)
In general, I think that shorter pitchers too often get pigeon-holed into relief roles, and I further thing that downhill plane is largely over-rated.

Plane matters, but it is far more important to impact the angle of the pitch at the point of contact - on other words, stuff! The impact of initial trajectory is minimal - in fact, if you raise a pitcher's release point by a full foot of height, you only increase the angle of declination by ONE degree. In a vacuum, this results in 0.5% more groundballs. I would much rather that a pitcher has an effective sinker than a tall release point. Great point on the low-in-the-zone, Ken, but this is true of all pitchers - it is much easier to coax grounders with a pitch at the knees than one at the letters, regardless of plane.

I think that the bigger issue for shorter pitchers is one of release-point extension, with shorter arms and legs that limit release distance. Almost all of the successful starters who were of shorter stature also had excellent momentum to help overcome for the height deficiencies - including Lincecum, Oswalt, and Stroman!

On the jukebox: Iron Maiden, "Two Minutes to Midnight" (Doug Thorburn)
2013-12-20 14:00:00 (link to chat)Carlos Martinez and Yordano Ventura. Can you give us your thoughts on their chances of stardom, flameout, starter/pen chances and overall how you think their careers will turn out? Do they have enough plus pitches to make it as a starter? Martinez looked really good in the playoffs. I haven't seen much of Yordano. Thanks for your insights.
(TheKernel from Pasadena)
These guys are popular topics today, and I'm not done ranting on short pitchers, so here goes.

I think that the durability concerns of short pitchers are way overblown, but that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy in the majors. If a short pitcher struggles in his initial exposure to the rotation, then he is generally jettisoned to the bullpen. But a pitcher with a prototypical build will be given several chances to fail before a team gives up and places the reliever tag on them. Shorter pitchers essentially have to have immediate success in order to stick, and since most pitchers need to learn how to pitch at the highest level, only the most advanced pitchers of smaller stature will survive. What is often overlooked, from a physical standpoint, is that bigger pitchers often have a tougher hill to climb in terms of conditioning to achieve the functional strength and flexibility to find consistency with their mechanics.

Of these two guys, I would leave them both in the rotation for awhile and go 'pen as a last resort. They both have the arsenals to succeed in the rotation, with impressive secondaries in addition to the electric heat.

On the jukebox: Audioslave, "Like a Stone" (Doug Thorburn)
2013-11-26 13:00:00 (link to chat)Please rank the expected (by you) future value of the four vertically-challenged pitchers: Carlos Martinez, Yordano Ventura, Marcus Stroman. Which of them, if any, will spend less than 2 years in MLB as a starter?
(Mario66 from Pittsburgh)
Same order you've got, despite my love of Stroman he has to prove he can start before I move him up. Stroman is the most likely to go quickly (back) to the pen since he's so small. I think Martinez and that sinker will do some damage at the middle of the St. Louis rotation. Ventura is exciting but still raw. (Harry Pavlidis)
2013-10-24 13:00:00 (link to chat)If Taijuan Walker and Yordano Ventura find themselves in their teams' respective rotations, what kind of years could we expect from them? Both very exciting to watch!
(Nathan from Utah)
I'd imagine Walker will be in the Mariners rotation at the start of the season, and he's quite the young pitcher. He has some work to do to iron out his secondary stuff, if I remember correctly (I'm going off memory for this one), but I'd expect he'll be a part of a pretty good rotation in Seattle. As for Ventura, I don't know what the Royals plans are. Will they re-sign Santana? Maybe Ventura sneaks in there anyway. He was pretty good in Triple-A this season so wouldn't shock me. (Matthew Kory)
2013-09-17 13:00:00 (link to chat)Looking forward to Yordano Ventura lighting up radar guns today??
(Frank from KC)
Yes, he's exciting. He can hit triple digits when starting which is wicked. Tune in, folks. (Harry Pavlidis)
2013-09-06 14:00:00 (link to chat)There seem to be a lot of very good "smaller" minor league pitchers close to or already in the MLB (Carlos Martinez, Yordano Ventura, Marcus Stroman, etc.) Why does everyone assume bullpen for these type of guys. I understand they aren't "built" like a prototype pitcher, but even if they can't log 200 innings, say they can log 170 (which is about 29, 6 inning starts), isn't that more valuable than being in the bullpen?
(Shawnykid23 from CT)
Great question, ShawnyKid.

There is a modicum of truth to the bias against short pitchers, but for the most part it is completely overblown. The assumption that these guys can't hold up is based on very weak anecdotal evidence, and as you astutely mention, even if the theory was true then there should be a way to get more innings out of shorter pitchers.

Teams have become way too adherent to the system of 6-inning guys and 1-inning guys, in my opinion, as well as having set roles throughout the season. Similar to the earlier question about conditioning, I very much prefer a dynamic approach to workloads, because reality is not so convenient as to divvy these pitchers up into so few categories. There are 20-pitch guys, 50-pitch guys, 70-pitch guys, 110-pitch guys, and so on. It is all about knowing your staff and working within each player's own limitations.

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2013-08-14 13:00:00 (link to chat)How has Yordano Ventura looked in AAA so far? You think he will be given a chance to compete for a SP role next Spring?
(chris from Vermont)
Reports I've gotten have been solid with obviously plus-plus (is there a plus-plus-plus?) velocity. Decent breaking ball and changeup and decent command. The Royals absolutely love him and seem to believe he's a starter. Time will tell whether or not he's a SP long term, but I think all that points to him getting a chance to win a SP job next spring. (Jason Cole)
2013-07-29 11:00:00 (link to chat)Do you see Yordano Ventura as a SP long-term in the MLB? Seems like the Royals are at least going to try him there first?
(Shawnykid23 from CT)
I saw him a lot last year and I thought he was a dominant closer. However, scouts that I've spoken to this year say the changeup has improve to the point where he will at least earn the chance to try it as a starter. Ventura has a very small frame and I'm not sure if his body can log 200 innings a year. (Zach Mortimer)
2013-07-29 11:00:00 (link to chat)Thanks for the chat! The transcripts are always fun to read. Pick two to stash on a dynasty minors roster: Tyler Glasnow, Yordano Ventura and Adalberto Mondesi.
(Alex from Tacoma)
Ventura and Mondesi. Not a knock on Glasnow, but I would want a pitcher who is closer to producing in the majors. (Zach Mortimer)
2013-07-23 13:00:00 (link to chat)Do you see Yordano Ventura and Carlos Martinez as starters or bullpen guys?
(Shawn from Office)
starters (Harry Pavlidis)
2013-06-13 13:00:00 (link to chat)Thoughts on the ultimate ceilings (SP or RP) of smaller fireballers like Yordano Ventura and Carlos Martinez? It seems to me if the delivery is easy and repeatable with good mechanics (which I've read both of their's are) then why worry so much about body size? I'm not comparing to Pedro or Oswalt becuase that isn't fair, but they had similar smaller body types and excelled as SPs.
(Shawn from Office)
Both have the pure potential to be top-end starters, and I'd give Martinez a little more of a chance than Ventura to do that. You're right, both of them have solid deliveries. The body size is a durability issue. Pedro and Oswalt are rare – they're the rare exception. Few people are saying Ventura and Martinez absolutely cannot start, but I think a lot of people are aware that Ventura has a lot working against him given the history of pitchers his size.

Martinez is a better bet to stick as a starting pitcher. Most scouts I've spoken to believe he's a starter. Everyone (including myself) is pretty split on Ventura. He has the repertoire and should have the command, but the big question is whether or not this guy is going to be durable for 175-200 innings annually. I'm not sure that's a question anybody can answer right now. (Jason Cole)
2013-05-16 13:00:00 (link to chat)Yordano Ventura is performing well in Double A. Is there real progression here? How close do you think he is to the Majors at this point?
(Keyless Chuck from New Hampshire)
I think he could have immediate impact in the back of a major league bullpen. I love the arm and I love the stuff, but I don't love the body when durability and workload are concerned. I might be wrong, but I just don't see that body holding 200+ innings a year. (Jason Parks)
2013-05-07 13:00:00 (link to chat)I'm holding onto Robert Stephenson in a Dynasty League. Should I drop him for someone closer like a Yordano Ventura (dominant again last night) or J.R. Graham? Any additional thoughts on any of these 3?
(Shawnykid23 from CT)
I'd have to rely on our prospect guys there, but I personally have Stephenson and like a good bit. I really like Yordano, but he feels RP-esque. (Paul Sporer)
2013-05-02 13:00:00 (link to chat)Where do you see Yordano Ventura's celing- top of the rotation arm, or elite bullpen option?
(Shawnykid23 from CT)
I feel like I have to start this with "if I could answer that, I'd be making a lot more money right now." And I say that just because it's not a stuff issue with Ventura. I think his secondaries and the feel for command will be good enough to start. The only question I have is whether the body can hold up on a year-to-year basis with a 180-200-ish inning workload. So in short: he's at least an elite bullpen option. He has the tools to start; we'll see if the body allows. (Jason Cole)
2013-05-10 14:00:00 (link to chat)What are the chances the Royals call up Yordano Ventura this season? Is there any chance he becomes a closer? Or do you think they'll stick with him as a starter?
(Lance from Kansas City)
I really like the raw components of Ventura's delivery, including plus momentum and a long stride that brings him closer to the plate. His balance wavers, but Ventura typically finishes with strong posture as well. As I mentioned in the intro to Episode 2 of the TINSTAAPP podcast, pitching prospects are different from hitters when it comes to development and rising through the system. The demands of the bullpen are less than those of the starting rotation, and he could make the jump from Double-A to the big league bullpen if the Royals decide that his pitch command is far enough along. I prefer starters in a vacuum, but the Royals are in a good position with Ventura to try the Earl Weaver strategy of grooming their SP prospects with some time in bullpen at the highest level. Of course, these days you have to be careful, because a pitcher that succeeds in his first taste of the bigs as a reliever often gets cornered into that role for the long term.

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2013-04-04 11:00:00 (link to chat)What's your gut on Yordano Ventura? Rotation or relief? Keep up the good work
(psugator01 from Coral Springs)
I'm seen him hold velocity during a game, but given his size, how many innings can he log in a season without breaking down? Others have pulled it off before, but we can't assume every sub 6' sub/160 lbs pitcher is the next Pedro. Ventura has nasty stuff; perhaps the best raw FB in the minors and two promising secondary offerings. The ceiling is high if he sticks in the rotation, but its also high if he moves to the 'pen. Not many young arms profile as elite closers at the highest level, and I think Ventura could end up at that level. His stuff is nasty. (Jason Parks)
2012-09-12 13:30:00 (link to chat)Following on the question re Carlos Martinez, same answer re Yordano Ventura?
(edwardarthur from Illinois)
Same answer, though given his diminutive size, I think it's even more likely Ventura becomes a bullpen arm. It's gotta be tough for a guy under 150 to maintain his velocity over a full major league season if starting. It's hard not to root for the guy, though. (Paul Singman)
2012-04-04 13:00:00 (link to chat)Yohander Mendez (Rangers) and Yordano Ventura (Royals)... what kind of ceilings are we looking at?
(faztradamus from Work)
Different types of players. Mendez is 16-years-old and has yet to pitch stateside; he will probably start in the DSL in order to build arm strength. Ventura is a flamethrower, sitting in the 96-99 range, and has touched over 100 before. The delivery looked better this spring, and the breaking ball actually broke. Mendez's ceiling is still very abstract, but he could have three above-average pitches on a well-proportioned and athletic body all from the left-side. Ventura lacks the same physical projection, but has a near 80-grade pitch in his arsenal. I think he could be a major league reliever, perhaps a closer if a secondary pitch steps up. (Jason Parks)

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