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Career Summary
18 7165 .290 .330 .435 98 27.8
Birth Date8-5-1981
Height6' 2"
Weight230 lbs
Age39 years, 5 months, 18 days
WARP Summary

MLB Statistics

2002 TBA 20 63 278 67 11 6 2 9 41 3 9 5 .259 .290 .371 61 -12.3 -1.1 10.9 0.4
2003 TBA 21 151 661 177 18 9 5 26 102 1 55 10 .281 .309 .362 75 -18.3 5.1 11.8 1.2
2004 TBA 22 152 672 185 26 19 11 35 81 1 59 15 .296 .331 .450 100 1.4 8.9 15.7 4.1
2005 TBA 23 156 687 194 33 15 15 27 84 5 46 8 .301 .331 .469 102 2.3 2.3 12.4 3.3
2006 TBA 24 151 652 183 20 16 18 37 85 4 58 9 .305 .348 .482 105 7.7 4.6 0.2 2.7
2007 TBA 25 143 624 184 37 9 11 32 112 5 50 10 .315 .355 .466 102 4.2 5.8 3.9 2.7
2008 TBA 26 109 480 121 12 10 8 30 60 2 25 7 .273 .319 .400 94 -2.5 4.4 6.7 1.9
2009 TBA 27 156 672 185 28 8 15 51 99 8 60 16 .305 .364 .452 111 10.8 1.6 10.8 3.8
2010 TBA 28 154 657 184 30 13 19 46 104 3 47 10 .307 .356 .495 123 18.2 4.9 9.0 4.8
2011 BOS 29 130 538 129 29 7 11 23 104 3 18 6 .255 .289 .405 86 -8.1 3.0 0.1 0.6
2012 BOS 30 31 125 33 10 2 3 3 22 2 5 0 .282 .306 .479 85 -2.1 0.8 -4.0 -0.3
2013 LAN 31 116 469 123 30 3 6 28 66 3 15 4 .283 .329 .407 99 0.1 1.9 5.2 1.8
2014 LAN 32 105 370 103 14 3 8 16 55 6 23 6 .300 .339 .429 112 4.8 3.9 -1.0 1.7
2015 LAN 33 69 193 48 9 2 4 10 41 0 10 2 .265 .304 .403 83 -3.0 0.6 -8.7 -0.8
2016 LAN 34 30 87 15 2 1 0 4 11 1 0 1 .185 .230 .235 70 -3.0 -0.1 -0.8 -0.2

Statistics for All Levels

'opp' stats - Quality of opponents faced - have been moved and are available only as OPP_QUAL in the Statistics reports now.
Minor league stats are currently shownClick to hide.
1999 PRI Rk APL 0 274 .000 .000 .000 .390 0.0 0 0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
2000 CSC A SAL 0 599 .000 .000 .000 .360 0.0 0 0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
2001 ORL AA SOU 132 585 .000 .000 .000 .318 0.0 0 0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
2002 TBA MLB AL 63 278 .257 .325 .409 .300 99 -7.7 8.0 -1.9 61 10 10.9 -1.1 -12.3 0.4
2002 DUR AAA INT 85 383 .000 .000 .000 .349 0.0 0 0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
2003 TBA MLB AL 151 661 .266 .328 .420 .327 98 -14 18.0 -4.1 75 9 11.8 5.1 -18.3 1.2
2004 TBA MLB AL 152 672 .269 .333 .425 .322 102 9.2 20.0 -3.8 100 9 15.7 8.9 1.4 4.1
2005 TBA MLB AL 156 687 .270 .331 .427 .325 102 7.9 19.8 -4.4 102 6 12.4 2.3 2.3 3.3
2006 TBA MLB AL 151 652 .271 .332 .430 .331 106 8.4 19.6 -4.8 105 9 0.2 4.6 7.7 2.7
2007 TBA MLB AL 143 624 .264 .332 .413 .374 103 15.3 18.5 -4.6 102 8 3.9 5.8 4.2 2.7
2008 TBA MLB AL 109 480 .265 .332 .414 .297 104 -0.8 13.9 -3.3 94 9 6.7 4.4 -2.5 1.9
2009 TBA MLB AL 156 672 .264 .330 .421 .342 105 13.7 19.3 -4.6 111 8 10.8 1.6 10.8 3.8
2010 TBA MLB AL 154 657 .258 .322 .406 .342 106 26.5 18.1 -4.4 123 8 9.0 4.9 18.2 4.8
2011 BOS MLB AL 130 538 .255 .319 .405 .299 109 -8.8 14.5 -3.5 86 10 0.1 3.0 -8.1 0.6
2011 PAW AAA INT 2 6 .273 .344 .451 .250 91 -0.2 0.2 0 72 0 -0.2 -0.2 -0.2 0.0
2012 BOS MLB AL 31 125 .264 .322 .433 .319 107 0.8 3.4 -0.8 85 10 -4.0 0.8 -2.1 -0.3
2012 PME AA EAS 3 12 .297 .340 .439 .444 103 1 0.3 -0.1 126 0 -0.3 0.7 0.3 0.1
2012 PAW AAA INT 3 13 .248 .308 .358 .364 93 0.1 0.4 -0.1 110 0 -0.3 -0.3 0.2 0.0
2012 RSX Rk GCL 5 19 .238 .306 .322 .300 104 -0.1 0.6 -0.2 131 0 -0.3 -0.6 0.4 0.0
2013 LAN MLB NL 116 469 .254 .315 .401 .321 98 6.8 12.3 -3 99 10 5.2 1.9 0.1 1.8
2013 RCU A+ CAL 4 14 .286 .347 .459 .455 90 1 0.4 -0.2 124 0 0.5 0.2 0.0 0.1
2014 LAN MLB NL 105 370 .252 .313 .387 .335 96 11.5 9.5 -2.2 112 11 -1.0 3.9 4.8 1.7
2014 ABQ AAA PCL 4 12 .294 .361 .496 .556 112 2.1 0.3 -0.1 53 0 -0.6 0.2 -0.3 -0.1
2015 LAN MLB NL 69 193 .256 .320 .413 .324 90 -0.9 5.2 -1.2 83 12 -8.7 0.6 -3.0 -0.8
2015 RCU A+ CAL 2 6 .250 .321 .395 .250 104 1 0.2 -0.1 99 0 0.0 0.0 -0.2 0.0
2015 OKL AAA PCL 8 32 .273 .329 .443 .370 105 2.6 0.9 -0.3 113 0 -0.2 0.4 -0.1 0.1
2016 LAN MLB NL 30 87 .255 .318 .408 .211 89 -7.5 2.5 -0.7 70 12 -0.8 -0.1 -3.0 -0.2
2016 RCU A+ CAL 1 5 .245 .322 .406 .500 95 0.3 0.1 0 108 0 0.3 0.0 -0.1 0.0
2016 OKL AAA PCL 2 8 .291 .347 .436 .429 100 0.6 0.2 -0.1 81 0 -0.3 0.1 -0.3 0.0

Statistics For All Levels

Minor league stats are currently shownClick to hide.
1999 PRI Rk APL 274 260 62 83 14 4 0 105 25 13 47 17 4 .319 .354 .404 .085 0 0
2000 CSC A SAL 599 564 99 170 21 11 6 231 57 32 102 55 9 .301 .342 .410 .108 0 0
2001 ORL AA SOU 585 537 64 147 24 3 4 189 51 36 90 36 20 .274 .321 .352 .078 6 6
2002 DUR AAA INT 383 353 59 105 17 9 7 161 52 20 69 26 8 .297 .335 .456 .159 4 4
2002 TBA MLB AL 278 259 23 67 11 6 2 96 30 9 41 9 5 .259 .290 .371 .112 1 6
2003 TBA MLB AL 661 630 80 177 18 9 5 228 54 26 102 55 10 .281 .309 .362 .081 3 1
2004 TBA MLB AL 672 626 104 185 26 19 11 282 55 35 81 59 15 .296 .331 .450 .155 6 4
2005 TBA MLB AL 687 644 101 194 33 15 15 302 81 27 84 46 8 .301 .331 .469 .168 6 5
2006 TBA MLB AL 652 600 89 183 20 16 18 289 77 37 85 58 9 .305 .348 .482 .177 2 9
2007 TBA MLB AL 624 584 93 184 37 9 11 272 80 32 112 50 10 .315 .355 .466 .151 2 1
2008 TBA MLB AL 480 443 69 121 12 10 8 177 57 30 60 25 7 .273 .319 .400 .126 5 0
2009 TBA MLB AL 672 606 96 185 28 8 15 274 68 51 99 60 16 .305 .364 .452 .147 5 2
2010 TBA MLB AL 657 600 110 184 30 13 19 297 90 46 104 47 10 .307 .356 .495 .188 5 3
2011 BOS MLB AL 538 506 65 129 29 7 11 205 56 23 104 18 6 .255 .289 .405 .150 4 2
2011 PAW AAA INT 6 5 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 .200 .333 .200 .000 0 0
2012 PAW AAA INT 13 12 2 4 0 0 0 4 1 1 1 1 0 .333 .385 .333 .000 0 0
2012 BOS MLB AL 125 117 23 33 10 2 3 56 19 3 22 5 0 .282 .306 .479 .197 2 1
2012 RSX Rk GCL 19 14 2 3 1 0 0 4 0 5 4 0 1 .214 .421 .286 .071 0 0
2012 PME AA EAS 12 10 2 4 0 1 0 6 1 2 1 1 0 .400 .500 .600 .200 0 0
2013 RCU A+ CAL 14 13 2 5 1 0 0 6 3 1 2 1 0 .385 .429 .462 .077 0 0
2013 LAN MLB NL 469 435 62 123 30 3 6 177 31 28 66 15 4 .283 .329 .407 .124 2 0
2014 ABQ AAA PCL 12 11 4 5 0 2 0 9 1 0 2 1 1 .455 .455 .818 .364 0
2014 LAN MLB NL 370 343 56 103 14 3 8 147 46 16 55 23 6 .300 .339 .429 .128 4
2015 RCU A+ CAL 6 4 1 1 0 1 0 3 2 1 0 0 0 .250 .500 .750 .500 0 0
2015 LAN MLB NL 193 181 19 48 9 2 4 73 16 10 41 10 2 .265 .304 .403 .138 0 0
2015 OKL AAA PCL 32 30 8 11 2 1 1 18 6 1 3 0 0 .367 .375 .600 .233 1 0
2016 RCU A+ CAL 5 3 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 .333 .500 .333 .000 0 0
2016 OKL AAA PCL 8 8 1 3 2 0 0 5 2 0 1 0 0 .375 .375 .625 .250 0 0
2016 LAN MLB NL 87 81 8 15 2 1 0 19 6 4 11 0 1 .185 .230 .235 .049 1 0

Plate Discipline

YEAR Pits Zone% Swing% Contact% Z-Swing% O-Swing% Z-Contact% O-Contact% SwStr% CSAA
2008 1549 0.4842 0.5203 0.8089 0.6920 0.3592 0.8536 0.7282 0.1911 -0.0017
2009 2490 0.5145 0.4867 0.8177 0.6261 0.3391 0.8791 0.6976 0.1823 -0.0093
2010 2462 0.4992 0.5016 0.8081 0.6810 0.3228 0.8769 0.6633 0.1919 0.0037
2011 2084 0.5144 0.5106 0.8055 0.6614 0.3508 0.8575 0.7014 0.1945 0.0053
2012 458 0.5284 0.5284 0.8140 0.6860 0.3519 0.8795 0.6711 0.1860 0.0035
2013 1689 0.5074 0.4831 0.8297 0.6476 0.3137 0.8883 0.7050 0.1703 -0.0063
2014 1293 0.5058 0.5476 0.8051 0.7355 0.3552 0.8649 0.6784 0.1949 0.0005
2015 699 0.4793 0.5207 0.7555 0.6567 0.3956 0.8591 0.5972 0.2445 0.0005
2016 290 0.5103 0.5207 0.7947 0.7500 0.2817 0.8559 0.6250 0.2053 0.0000

Injury History  —  No longer being updated

Last Update: 12/31/2014 23:59 ET

Date On Date Off Transaction Days Games Side Body Part Injury Severity Surgery Date Reaggravation
2014-05-28 2014-07-10 15-DL 43 40 Left Ankle Sprain -
2014-04-13 2014-04-15 DTD 2 1 - Trunk Soreness Ribcage - -
2014-03-17 2014-03-20 Camp 3 0 Right Shoulder Inflammation - -
2014-02-27 2014-03-01 Camp 2 0 - Thigh Tightness Hamstring - -
2013-09-15 2013-09-18 DTD 3 3 - Low Back Tightness - -
2013-07-27 2013-07-30 DTD 3 2 - General Medical Illness Fever - -
2013-07-15 2013-07-19 DTD 4 0 - Low Back Soreness - -
2013-07-12 2013-07-14 DTD 2 2 - Low Back Stiffness - -
2013-06-02 2013-07-05 15-DL 33 30 Left Thigh Strain Hamstring - -
2013-05-09 2013-05-10 DTD 1 0 Left Thigh Strain Hamstring - -
2013-04-30 2013-05-03 DTD 3 2 Right Thigh Strain Hamstring - -
2013-02-28 2013-03-17 Camp 17 0 Right Forearm Tightness - -
2012-08-25 2012-10-04 TradedDL 40 36 Left Elbow Recovery From Surgery Tommy John Surgery 2012-08-23 -
2012-08-20 2012-08-25 15-DL 5 4 Left Elbow Surgery Tommy John Surgery 2012-08-23 -
2012-08-13 2012-08-14 DTD 1 0 Left Wrist Soreness - -
2012-07-06 2012-07-06 On-Alr 0 0 - Groin Strain - -
2012-04-10 2012-04-10 On-Alr 0 0 Right Elbow Soreness - -
2012-03-26 2012-07-16 60-DL 112 89 Left Elbow Sprain Partial UCL Tear Received PRP Injection 2012-01-17 -
2012-02-15 2012-03-26 Camp 40 0 Left Wrist Recovery From Surgery Cartilage 2012-01-17 -
2012-01-17 2012-01-17 Off 0 0 Left Wrist Surgery Cartilage 2012-01-17 -
2011-09-19 2011-09-20 DTD 1 2 - Neck Stiffness - -
2011-09-02 2011-09-03 DTD 1 1 - General Medical Illness - -
2011-07-27 2011-07-28 DTD 1 1 Left Elbow Strain - -
2011-06-18 2011-07-18 15-DL 30 24 Left Thigh Strain Hamstring -
2010-08-27 2010-08-28 DTD 1 1 General Medical Gastrointestinal GI -
2010-08-06 2010-08-08 DTD 2 2 General Medical Soreness -
2010-07-21 2010-07-23 DTD 2 1 Groin Contusion Testicle -
2010-06-25 2010-06-29 DTD 4 3 Left Shoulder Soreness -
2009-08-25 2009-08-28 DTD 3 2 Low Back Tightness -
2009-05-14 2009-05-15 DTD 1 1 Right Shoulder Contusion -
2008-08-10 2008-09-26 15-DL 47 43 Right Fingers Surgery Middle Finger Subluxing Tendon 2008-08-14
2008-08-04 2008-08-07 DTD 3 3 Thigh Strain Hamstring -
2008-06-03 2008-06-03 DTD 0 0 Right Knee Soreness -
2007-09-17 2007-10-01 DTD 14 12 Left Groin Strain -
2007-07-28 2007-07-29 DTD 1 1 Right Wrist Sprain -
2007-07-22 2007-07-24 DTD 2 1 Left Ankle Sprain -
2007-03-23 2007-03-26 Camp 3 0 Groin Strain -
2007-03-08 2007-03-09 Camp 1 0 Left Wrist Inflammation -
2006-06-02 2006-06-05 DTD 3 3 Left Knee Soreness -
2006-04-19 2006-04-20 DTD 1 1 Right Shoulder Strain Diving Catch -
2006-03-02 2006-03-06 Camp 4 0 Left Wrist Contusion Bone Bruise -
2005-10-02 2005-10-03 DTD 1 1 Left Wrist Soreness -
2005-09-29 2005-10-01 DTD 2 2 Left Wrist Soreness -
2004-09-01 2004-09-09 DTD 8 5 Right Shoulder Soreness -
2004-08-30 2004-08-31 DTD 1 0 Right Shoulder Soreness -
2004-08-29 2004-08-29 DTD 0 0 - Hip Soreness -
2004-08-22 2004-08-22 DTD 0 0 Right Shoulder Contusion Diving Catch -
2004-03-16 2004-03-20 Camp 4 0 - Groin Strain -
2003-08-09 2003-08-10 DTD 1 1 Right Ankle Sprain -
2003-05-08 2003-05-09 DTD 1 1 - General Medical Gastrointestinal GI -


Year Team Salary
2017 LAN $21,857,143
2016 LAN $21,607,143
2015 LAN $21,357,143
2014 LAN $21,107,143
2013 LAN $20,857,143
2012 BOS $20,357,143
2011 BOS $14,857,143
2010 TBA $10,000,000
2009 TBA $8,250,000
2008 TBA $5,375,000
2007 TBA $4,125,000
2006 TBA $2,500,000
2005 TBA $625,000
2004 TBA $320,000
2003 TBA $300,000
15 yrPrevious$173,495,001
15 yrTotal$173,495,001


Service TimeAgentContract Status
13 y 72 dBrian Peters7 years/$142M (2011-17)

  • 7 years/$142M (2011-17). Signed by Boston as a free agent 12/11/10. $6M signing bonus (paid in $1M increments 1/10, 5/1, 6/1, 7/1, 8/1, 9/1/2010). 11:$14M, 12:$19.5M, 13:$20M, 14:$20.25M, 15:$20.5M, 16:$20.75M, 17:$21M. No-trade protection: Crawford may block deals to two clubs. If traded, club acquiring Crawford may not subsequently trade him to NY Yankees. Award bonuses: $50,000 for All-Star. $75,000 for ALCS MVP. $0.1M each for Gold Glove, Silver Slugger, WS MVP. $0.2M for MVP ($0.125M for 2nd in vote, $0.1M for 3rd, $75,000 for 4th, $50,000 for 5th). Acquired by LA Dodgers in trade from Boston 8/25/12 (waived no-trade clause, which included LA Dodgers). DFA by LA Dodgers 6/5/16. Released 6/13/16.
  • 4 years/$15.25M (2005-08), plus 2009-10 club options. Signed extension with Tampa Bay 4/05 (replacing 1 year/$0.37M deal for 2005). $0.5M signing bonus. 05:$0.5M, 06:$2.5M, 07:$4M, 08:$5.25M, 09:$8.25M club option, $2.5M buyout, 10:$10M club option, $1.25M buyout. Award bonus: $25,000 for All-Star. 2010 salary may increase to $11.5M based on performance. Tampa Bay exercised 2010 option at $10M 11/9/09.
  • 1 year/$0.32M (2004).
  • 1 year/$0.3M (2003).
  • 1 year (2002). Contract purchased by Tampa Bay 7/02.
  • Drafted by Tampa Bay 1999 (2-52) (Davis HS, Houston). $1.245M signing bonus.

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BP Annual Player Comments

2017 Some believe that a hefty contract can earn a bad player extra chances, playing time, etc. If that were the case for those of us at Baseball Prospectus, Carl Crawford would receive a full comment.
2016 The Dodgers paid Crawford just north of $21 million to actively hurt their team last season, as he finally dipped into negative-WARP territory. We're so used to Crawford being a massive disappointment that it's easy to lose sight of just how disastrous his contract is, but the shell of what was once among the game's most exciting players has received nearly $96 million to produce 5.8 WARP since 2011. Last season, Crawford's strikeout rate reached an all-time high, his defensive metrics registered at an all-time low and he hit the DL for the fifth straight year. He's got two years and $49.5 million left on his deal, but if he keeps decaying faster than Hydrogen-7 he might not get much playing time even against right-handers.
2015 Carl Crawford WARP, 2010: 5.8. Carl Crawford WARP, 2011-14: 6.3. Maybe the devil magic actually resides in St. Petersburg? Crawford's last two seasons with the Dodgers are about as good as he's going to be now that he's easing toward his mid-30s, and it's not so much that he's bad as that he's due $67 million over the next three years to be solid, decent, above average. He's also missed a month each of the past two years with leg injuries, which is alarming for a player reliant on speed for both defensive and offensive value, and which also highlights the need for the Dodgers to have a good extra outfielder at the ready. If there's anything the Dodgers have in spades, though, it's good extra outfielders.
2014 Crawford possesses a multifaceted skill set, but make no mistake—his 30s have turned him into a gunslinger without a gun. Leaving the Tropicana turf was expected to save his legs, but the player who averaged 50 stolen bases and more than 12 triples per full season with the Rays has vanished. After producing a .905 OPS out of the leadoff spot in April, his hamstrings flared up and sent him to the disabled list. The Dodgers would say he earned his 2013 paycheck with a four-homer playoff run, but there's little chance that a 32-year-old with problematic platoon splits and declining speed will justify a $20 million annual price tag for the next four seasons.
2013 Coming off his nightmare first season in Boston, Crawford underwent surgery to repair cartilage in his left wrist in January. Initially, the Red Sox explained he had begun experiencing soreness during his offseason hitting workouts, but by Opening Day, it emerged that he'd dealt with wrist pain for years and had received painkilling injections to manage the problem in 2011. Just as he was nearing game-readiness in mid-April, he sprained his left UCL, and didn't make his season debut until July 16. When it became apparent his elbow was a problem and the Sox were going nowhere, he shut it down and opted for Tommy John surgery in late August, and two days later, the Sox miraculously unloaded him—and every last dollar remaining on his seven-year, $142 million contract—on the Dodgers as part of the Nick Punto blockbuster. The change of scenery out of Boston's fishbowl should help, and there's a chance he could be ready for Opening Day, but the difference between the guy at his peak who put up a stellar walk year and the guy who will debut in Dodger blue may be nontrivial.
2012 We predicted Crawford to lose some hits and walks from the move into Boston's stronger lineup and away from turf, but 2011 was disastrous. Between a .155/.204/.227 April and a month of games missed due to a hamstring injury, Crawford's line never recovered. He looked uncomfortable at the plate, and his swing was at its most ugly when he needed to protect the plate with two strikes. The result? The same number of whiffs as in 2010 in 119 fewer chances. Crawford isn't just in Boston for his bat, though, as he is a superior defender and baserunner, too. He also at least started to recover when he returned from his leg injury (.272/.303/.462 in last 209 PA). Crawford used to claim his legs would be stronger if he got off turf, but PECOTA sees those wheels fading.
2011 It was a bittersweet season for Crawford, who turned in his finest campaign for the Rays in his walk year, thus pricing himself even further beyond their reach. Crawford set career highs in True Average, Wins Above Replacement Player (WARP), home runs, and slugging percentage, and his blazing speed was as evident as ever, as he led the league in triples, ranked third in steals, and fourth in Baserunning Runs (BRR). After a half-hearted game of footsie with the Angels, he signed a seven-year, $142-million deal with the Red Sox in early December. Whatever he loses in turf hits—he hit .305/.345/.460 at the Trop, .289/.330/.430 on the road—he should get back from Fenway Park, whose irregular outfield fences might assist him with the occasional inside-the-park home run. The only negative, if you could call it that, is how the lack of room to run in left field may serve to marginalize his ability to cover ground.
2010 Crawford rebounded from an injury-riddled 2008 to put together the best season of his career according to WARP. Not only did his BABIP shoot up from an atypically low .297 to .342, but improved plate discipline helped him set career highs in walks and OBP. He did so in stolen bases and caught stealing as well, and although he came out only slightly ahead on that matter (1.11 EqSBR), he still ranked 10th in the league in EqBRR overall. The Rays picked up Crawford's $10 million option for 2010 amid reports that the move upset the outfielder, who allegedly had a handshake agreement that management would renegotiate a long-term deal instead. Andrew Friedman says that the team still intends to work out a multi-year deal, but the situation bears watching, particularly with Desmond Jennings having reached Triple-A.
2009 Formerly one of the most consistent performers in the game, Crawford's sudden downturn was one of the few low points in the Rays' season. He was suspended for his part in a fight with the Red Sox, suffered a hamstring strain, and had surgery to repair a tendon in his hand. Observers have been expecting a breakout performance from Crawford for years, but they may have to accept the fact that it may never come. Crawford is good, not great, and he needs to hit .300 to make up for his hacking style and average power. He can beat you in a number of ways, but it can cost a lot of outs.
2008 Crawford just gets a little bit better every year. Last year his power, walk rate, strikeout rate, and success rate on the bases all took slight downward turns, but yet another increase in batting average-Crawford has upped his average in every one of his major league seasons-combined with a league-wide decrease in offense to give him career highs in our adjusted total-offense metrics EqA and MLVr. His excitement-to-production ratio is high, meaning he's a little bit overrated, but he's still well above average, relatively young, and has a good shot at ending up as good as everyone thinks he is.
2007 Crawford is one of the most exciting players in the league. He declared he wanted to be the best fantasy player ever, and delivered for both ballclub and fantheads alike. He was the team VORP leader (41.1, sixth among major league left fielders, second to Manny Ramirez among the American League variety) and finally got his on-base percentage above league-average with a career-best walk rate, which was the last part of his game that needed improvement. Rumors regularly circulate that Crawford will be traded, but the Rays would be unwise to do so without a stunning offer; he`s signed through 2010 at salaries that have become almost cruelly low given the current environment, and, still just 25, he has many good years ahead of him. Three of the four PECOTA comps, above, make sense, but the program must have been drinking on the job when it associated Crawford with the stout pinch-hitter Gates Brown.
2006 Crawford has gotten a little bit better every year. Last year he set career highs in slugging percentage, batting average, and home runs while tying his career high in OBP. The only thing he didn`t improve was his walk rate, which actually dropped from one every 19.2 plate appearances in 2004 to one every 25.4. He`s miscast as a leadoff man; his OBP hasn`t reached league average in any of his four seasons. That doesn`t diminish his value: he`s among the fastest players in the game, which allows him to play great defense and leg out extra-base hits, the latter giving him a frisson of power not provided by his bat. Just 24, he should keep doing this for years.
2005 The fastest player in the American long as Tampa management keeps Joey Gathright in Durham. Carl Crawford is not a superb leadoff man; because he doesn't draw many walks, he doesn't get to first base often enough, and that, not speed, is the first prerequisite of being a great leadoff man. The odds are he never will be one: He has a translated rate of 30 walks per 650 plate appearances through his first 1,500 career plate appearances. Of the 218 players who drew walks at a (translated) rate of 30 per 650 plate appearances, or worse, only 10% ever had a single season in the rest of their career that reached as high as 60. He is still a terrific player to have, as his bat continues to improve, his defense remains top-notch, and his legs will continue to bedevil opposing pitchers, catchers and outfielders. The only negative is that, thanks to his rapid promotion to the majors, he's going to get very expensive sooner than he should have.
2004 Another example of a guy who could well be a very good ballplayer down the road, at which time he'll either cost a fortune or be with another team. Crawford's extremely fast, is a hacker of the highest order, and is young enough so that he could end up being a truly outstanding player. If he improves his plate discipline 15%, he'll increase his average and power enough to be an outfielder of acceptable production. Any way LaMar can arrange for him to spend a month in a locked facility with Rickey Henderson? Sure, he might end up speaking of himself in the third person. but it'd be worth it.
2003 Crawford’s got youth on his side, and he’s been pretty impressive thus far into his career. However, he’s really only starting in the majors at 21 because the Rays are desperately lacking in outfield talent, sold about 10% of their position players to Japan, and need an inkling of excitement to get the fans to the park. The Rays will pay for their impatience in US legal tender; Crawford’s not going to be a plus in his first year or two in the majors, but all that service time will make him an expensive 24-year-old.
2002 Don't make the mistake of dismissing this guy as all hype and no performance. For a teenager in Double-A, he did just fine, without any help from his park or league. Yes, it would be nice if he learned to draw more walks, but he has plenty of time to work on that. It will be a surprise if he isn’t playing regularly sometime in 2003. Expect him to eventually be Kenny Lofton.
2001 Another of the Chuck LaMar All-Stars, Carl Crawford is a young, athletic outfielder and a very raw baseball player. He could have played Division I football or basketball but chose baseball after being the D-Rays' #2 pick in 1999. The improvement he showed in 2000, particularly in power and plate discipline, was impressive for an 18-year-old in the Sally League. He's got a good chance to be a tools pick who becomes a baseball player.

Even if we're right about Crawford, it doesn't change the fact that the Devil Rays are following a misguided draft strategy. Tools guys are easy to like, and if you draft enough of them, one or two eventually have nice careers and make you look good. Overall, though, such a strategy leads to a lot of high-profile flops and a lack of talent coming through your system.

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2016-04-28 13:00:00 (link to chat)Looking for Corey Ray's most likely landing spot. Another 3SBs for him last night, now 34, with a .280 ISO and a 13% K rate. Amazing toolkit. Is the MLB comp Carl Crawford?
(Doclove from Ann Arbor)
This would be a good time for me to plug Chris Crawford's draft guide, because he loves Corey Ray. I don't think he has Crawford's pure speed (esp. young Carl Crawford). This is a laaaaaazy comp, but perfect world projection could be something like Denard Span? (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2016-03-28 13:00:00 (link to chat)So, Monte Harrison was getting a lot of love on Twitter over the weekend. Star-level tools, fantastic spring, feel for hitting coming....say some words about this dude.
(Rob from Alaska)
'Some words'. I kid.

Harrison is an absolute freak. I'm not sure I've scouted a blend of a guy this physical while also possessing his speed in the last few years. To that end, though, it is worth noting that his 2015 ended with an especially gnarly leg injury--and it will be interesting to see how his 6'3/220 frame holds the speed that drew consensus 60 grades and CF profiles from the scouting community. It's also important to mention that the best 'athlete' isn't always the best 'baseball player.' Or even necessarily a big leaguer, for that matter. Even so, for some additional context, I was having a conversation with a pro scout in Phoenix about Monte Harrison being the closest thing he'd seen to Carl Crawford. Similarly to Crawford, coincidentally, readers might remember that Harrison was also bought out of a commitment to Nebraska that would have allowed him to play quarterback as well as baseball.

I didn't include Harrison in the Brewers piece I did here...:

...because I only caught a few rounds of BP; he didn't play in the prospect showcase. BP here:

Harrison really struggled in an aggressive assignment to full-season ball to start 2015. He righted the ship in Helena, but a literally 42% strikeout rate in Low-A Wisconsin should give insight to the degree his hit tool is still in the works. The movement in his swing is calming down, though, and watching him take swings at Brewers camp I could see they're trying to get him to stay shorter to the ball.

His supplementary tools are great insofar as his throwing arm and glove are concerned, but all things considered--especially if the power he's flashed in BP translates into games--I think this is a RF at the end of the day. He'll go as far as the bat, and a repeat assignment to full-season ball will be telling RE: how much of his progress in Helena is for real. He's another high ceiling, low floor guy in the Brewers system. I don't think the hit tool will ever be enough for this type of guy that it's a real all-star profile, but the ceiling is that of a solid regular. (Adam McInturff)
2015-06-18 13:00:00 (link to chat)What's up RJ. How high are you on guys like ( and specifically) Anthony Alford? Is there any track record of extremely athletic, baseball limited guys becoming truly successful? Or do most of them just because lost heart throbs? Thanks
(ssauve25 from SF)
1) I don't have any opinion on Alford.
2) Yeah, absolutely. I don't know how their stories compare to Alford, but Carl Crawford, Todd Helton, Gabe Gross, Tony Gwynn, etc. were all multi-sport guys. Teams like multi-sport guys because it's a sign of greater athleticism and/or competitiveness. Heck, I just read last week about how the Red Sox became sold on Jacoby Ellsbury based on him dunking the ball during a random basketball session.
3) I would guess most of his ilk bust, but that's true of all prospects. (R.J. Anderson)
2015-04-16 17:00:00 (link to chat)Who am I dropping? Fowler, Austin Jackson, or Carl Crawford?
(Iain from Cincy)
Crawford. (Mike Gianella)
2014-12-11 18:00:00 (link to chat)Multiple choice question. Which of following is the best option for the Dodgers: A. Dump Andre Ethier and pay all of his salary; B. Dump Carl Crawford and pay two-thirds of his salary; C. Trade Matt Kemp, pay none of his salary and get a second-tier prospect in return; or D. Keep all three and hire a dispute resolution mediator to help Don Mattingly.
(Fighting Sagehen47 from Greenville, SC)
How about E, trade Kemp and some salary, and get your new starting catcher? (Mark Anderson)
2014-08-15 14:00:00 (link to chat)Will the Red Sox' offseason this year resemble their "rebuilding" 2012-2013 offseason or is this a different situation?
(Allen from San Diego)
If I had to compare the coming off-season to any in recent memory it might be 2010. That was the year they signed Carl Crawford and traded for and extended the contract of Adrian Gonzalez. There are going to be some big moves this off-season by the Red Sox and they've got the farm system to make some huge trades (we keep hearing about Giancarlo Stanton but I think Jason Heyward is a possibility too) and a big free agent signing or two. They have payroll flexibility and the need for star power at the major league level. This is going to be a big move winter for Boston. They love the World Series win (obviously) but they want to build a consistent winner and when this season is done they is a good chance they'll have finished in last place two out of the last three seasons. (Matthew Kory)
2014-06-27 14:00:00 (link to chat)Whatever happened to Baby Jane? err....I mean Desmond Jennings! Unfulfilled potential or still coming?
(Goldeye99 from Wpg)
I never really had (prime) Carl Crawford expectations for him, and I think that easy comp may have been jading to the collective view. Jennings is a productive MLB outfielder who is under cost control, which is a valuable asset, but I think there's a decent chance that his career line of .249/.328/.403 is indicative of his future. At 27, Jennings could still take a big step forward, but he is no longer at an age where such things are expected. (Doug Thorburn)
2014-05-21 13:00:00 (link to chat)Are you buying Carl Crawford's resurgence? Worth a pickup in a 10-team mixed league?
(Jeff from Alabama)
I wanna buy, I really do... buuut I'm leery. Ride the streak in a 10-mixer if you have someone worth dumping, but be ready to jump back off if he fades again (Paul Sporer)
2014-04-17 12:00:00 (link to chat)Which organizations do you admire most (maybe one NL and one AL, or more if you think it's close) when it comes to team-building vision and player development?
(Drifter from Long Branch)
That's a good question! I admire the Red Sox for the way they changed course so quickly and so successfully. It's hard to fathom but they got rid of Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett, and Adrian Gonzalez and $300 million or so in future salaries (I used to know the number, but I can't recall off hand at the moment), then fired their manager after his first year. All of this falls under the category of publicly admitting huge mistakes. It probably helped that the GM changed, but still. Then they won the World Series. And now they're integrating one of the game's best farm systems with a WS winning roster. That's admirable. In the NL? I'm very interested to see if the Cubs can develop any pitching prospects to work with the talented hitters they have coming up through their system. But the easy answer there is the Cardinals who just keep winning and plugging in talent from all angles as they go. But those are obvious answers. What do you think? (Matthew Kory)
2013-09-10 13:00:00 (link to chat)I'm curious about 2 FA OF. What do you think the price will be for Choo and Ellsbury? And would you pay it?I'm asking in general or specifically from the Cubs perspective, any way you wish to answer. Thanks
(MKPJ from Chicago)
For Choo it depends if there's a team that thinks he can play center. He managed to not blow up the earth with his defense this season, so that's a start, but I don't think he's a CF'er going forward and that'll probably hurt his value a bit. That said, there are a ton of teams that are going to need outfielders, so he and Ellsbury should find a fertile market for their services. The Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers, Mets, Orioles, Mariners and almost everyone else needs outfielders. Bidding is going to be fierce. FIERCE.

As for money, I'll bet both get five years and $20+ million. I know Boras is going to argue that Ellsbury is better than Carl Crawford so he should get a bigger deal. You might see some giant change go flying this off-season. (Matthew Kory)
2013-08-01 13:00:00 (link to chat)Desmond Jennings gets a lot of Carl Crawford comps, but isn't he more like Ruppert Jones?
(TinoMartinezwasmyfriend from bayou)
Ruppert Jones? Who are you trying to impress? Jennings is neither. He's a good ballplayer though. (R.J. Anderson Trade Deadline Wrap Chat)
2013-06-11 14:00:00 (link to chat)Over his last 18 games, Andre Ethier is batting .150/.239/.200. Do you bench him if you're Mattingly?
(Aaron from Long Beach)
I don't think you can do much more than platoon Ethier right now, with Carl Crawford and Matt Kemp on the DL, but as the outfield gets healthier, Mattingly (and perhaps Ned Colletti) will have some difficult decisions to make. If Yasiel Puig keeps this up, it'll be nearly impossible to bench or demote him, and in that case, I think Ethier-despite his contract-might be the odd man out. (Daniel Rathman)
2013-04-16 20:00:00 (link to chat)Do you think Carl Crawford is back?
(nubber from tx)
Not to his elite production days, but yes. I think he's going to have a very, very good year. (Bret Sayre)
2013-02-15 12:00:00 (link to chat)Long time Tower of Power listene. Seems like a lot of VA love. Mid Round Risks- What are your thoughts on Utley, Carl Crawford and Mike Napoli? Do you see any of these guys surprising by putting up early round talent?
(Jason from Charlottesville, VA)
thanks for the patronage..especially from my birth state (Fredericksburg). I like Crawford the best; anything over 450 PA for Utley or Napoli has to be considered a bonus. I don't see any of the producing top 75 value. (Jason Collette)
2013-02-15 12:00:00 (link to chat)I love the Tower of Power Podcast!! Mid Round Risks- Thoughts on Utley, Napoli and Carl Crawford? Do any of these guys in your mind have a chance to earn early round numbers?
(Jason from Charlottesville, VA)
thanks for the patronage..especially from my birth state (Fredericksburg). I like Crawford the best; anything over 450 PA for Utley or Napoli has to be considered a bonus. I don't see any of the producing top 75 value. (Jason Collette)
2013-02-14 13:00:00 (link to chat)What are your thoughts on Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez...what can we expect from them this year in terms or production and fantasy value?
(cgraham73 from Charleston, SC)
I quite like both to be honest, AGonz especially. .300-25-100 for Gonzalez. Don't have a number projection for CC, but I like the idea of gambling on him at a discount. (Paul Sporer)
2013-02-14 13:00:00 (link to chat)Carl Crawford for Anibal Sanchez. Which side do you like more?
(Mike from Seattle)
Usually lean hitter in these, but I think Sanchez has enough of an advantage with CC's uncertainty. I like CC, but wanna see it before going with him over Anibal. (Paul Sporer)
2012-11-28 14:00:00 (link to chat)Do you think Casey Janssen (assuming he recovers well from recent surgery) is a top 5-10 closer in 2013? What do you expect from Carl Crawford in LA? Thanks!
(Chopper from Indy)
I probably wouldn't project him to be, but I wouldn't be surprised if he were. There are very few late-inning relievers whom I'd be surprised to hear turned into a top 5-10 closer in any given season. I'm cautiously optimistic that Crawford won't be dead weight. He's not old enough or far enough removed from being good for me to write him off. (Ben Lindbergh)
2012-07-24 13:00:00 (link to chat)Just wondering: 1> Which CC would you rather have for the rest of this year? Coco Crisp or Carl Crawford and 2> Could Jared Burton be the Twins closer next year? Thanks!
(Finley from Ontario)
If you're talking fantasy, probably Carl - although I wouldn't expect much beyond steals out of either of them. In real life, depends on how Crawford looks in the field I guess. At cost, definitely Coco though.

I suppose Burton could be the closer next year. He's having a pretty good season, but he looks to be a pretty normal reliever in general. I don't follow the Twins enough to know who their other options are. (Dan Turkenkopf)
2012-05-07 13:00:00 (link to chat)Does a big year from B.J. Upton in any way change the Rays plans for 2013 and beyond? He's not quite the Carl Crawford type, expected to pull in a huge deal, and the team that wanted him in center the most the last few seasons now has Bryce Harper in tow.
(Marc from The Internet)
If anything, a big year decreases his likelihood of returning. The Rays have tried extending Upton multiple times, dating back to his days in the minors. If it was going to happen, it would've happened by now. If Upton does have a big year, I could see a team falling in love with him as the M's did with Adrian Beltre back in the day. People have been predicting a breakout season for Upton long enough that it might only take one big year to convince someone he's made the leap.

As for the Rays outfield situation, I'd still anticipate Brandon Guyer being the benefactor. That could and likely will change between now and next opening day, but that's just how the depth chart is set up right now. There are some around the league who think Guyer could become an everyday player. (R.J. Anderson)
2011-09-26 13:00:00 (link to chat)Mike...followup to Jquinton82: what about Carl Crawford. Without having done any analysis beyond eyeballing what I see on TV, it appears his extreme open stance makes it difficult to handle a pitch breaking away from him on the outer half. Have you looked into this with PITCHf/x data?
(a-nathan from Urbana IL)
Hi, Alan! Interesting question. I have not looked into it, though one of the things I would really like to study is how batter stance affects results and/or how the pitchers pitch to them. That's an interesting observation, and worth some study.

Clearly, I need a wealthy benefactor so I can sit around and crunch data and watch baseball video all day! (Mike Fast)
2011-08-24 13:00:00 (link to chat)Thanks for answering my LoMo question! To continue my (natural) obsession with the South Florida teams....I realize it's SSS but Desmond Jennings looks like he's prepared to execute a pretty nice impression of Andrew McCutchen if not Carl Crawford. Thoughts?
(Rob from Alaska)
Thanks for asking your LoMo question! Lets hope he doesn't execute a nice impression of Carl Crawford v.2011 -- but I'm not convinced he's a future superstar, which is what Carl Crawford v.2010 was and Andrew McCutchen v.2012 will be. Jennings is only a few weeks younger than McCutchen, after all, and McCutchen is already a 4-5 win player. Maybe the pertinent question is, will Jennings have a better career than Bossman Junior? (Ken Funck)
2011-06-09 13:00:00 (link to chat)Gardner on the basepaths looks like he's afraid to break the eggs in his pockets, while Carl Crawford seems to have forgotten he can steal bases....which condition will last longer???
(Youpi from Winnipeg)
Probably the latter, because the Red Sox have rarely cared much about steals in recent years, if ever. Until Jacoby Ellsbury came along, their single-season list was Tommy Harper '73 and a bunch of Deadball-era guys. Your comment on Gardner reminds me of Casey Stengel's explanation of why Paul Waner was so good at sliding--he had to be graceful to avoid breaking the flask in his hip pocket. (Steven Goldman)
2011-05-26 13:00:00 (link to chat)We already know Epstien is one of the best GMs in baseball. Can't argue with 2 rings in 10 years. What do you think of how his moves from last off season are panning out?
(Puppy-D from BAWSTON)
I was a bit stunned to see Sam Fuld still outhitting Carl Crawford a few days ago. I think he is pretty delighted to have Adrian Gonzalez on his squad, though, and eventually Crawford will turn it around. Now, if they can just get Bobby Jenks and Dan Wheeler healthy, the offseason could look about as good as it did in March. (R.J. Anderson)
2011-05-04 19:00:00 (link to chat)What did you do to Carl Crawford and when will you lift the curse?
(bigpoppalip from DC)
Introduced him to something he's never seen I've worked 5 games this year and in the clubhouse, the record number of media members would settle for an off-day at Fenway. I have him in 2 high-stakes leagues so I take no joy in this bad performance. (Jason Collette (note time))
2011-04-05 13:00:00 (link to chat)Hi Steven. After the Red Sox cut Daniel Bard, Jon Lester, John Lackey, Carl Crawford, and fire Terry Francona they can still win 140 games and win the World Series, right?
(mattymatty2000 from Portland, OR)
The panic in Boston is as exaggerated as this question, and I'm sure that if an angel sent Lot into the city to find 20 good men who weren't panicked by an early sweep, he would easily fulfill his quota and spare Beantown a hail of brimstone. The Red Sox are still the class of the league. Some champions go wire-to-wire, some don't. That's all it is. (Steven Goldman)
2011-04-07 13:00:00 (link to chat)Jay: Understanding we are still in SSS(small sample size) territory, has anything in the first week of play: (a) produced evidence of a surprising new career development; or (b) confirmed a suspicion of decline? or (c) indicated the possibility of a real change in career path? in any of your most-watched players? In other words, what should I watch for in the April-June period? Thanks for the chat.
(BeplerP from NYC)
I think we have to be incredibly wary of making bold pronunciations about one week of play, particularly one week of play in cold weather, because a lot of players may be struggling with the elements. The danger is that our suspicions of decline can easily become confirmation biases - see, Clay Buchholz is regressing! John Lackey doesn't have it anymore! The Rays can't win the AL East without Carl Crawford! The Orioles are for real! All of those things may turn out to be true, but if we pretend to really know them now, we're just pumping hot air.

What I look for in the first two months is whether rookies get the hang of things, and how managers deal with their bullpens and the moving parts in their lineup - are they platooning? How are they getting around the holes in their roster? Where might they be looking to upgrade this summer in order to make a run? (Jay Jaffe)
2011-02-22 13:00:00 (link to chat)Just because I don't look like Carl Crawford doesn't really make a difference, does it? I can still hit like Matt Stairs.
(Jaff Decker from Lake Elsinore)
Yes. No. (Jason Parks)
2011-02-22 13:00:00 (link to chat)One prominent publication noted that Levon Washington draws Carl Crawford comps. Buy those?
(Gabe from Ohio)
Levon Helm is more likely. (Jason Parks)
2011-02-02 13:00:00 (link to chat)One of Bob's David Wrights must have been Longoria. Carl Crawford is on the periphery.
(Guancous from Silver Spring)
Ultimately, it's probably a pointless exercise, though it might be enjoyable anyway. It's impossible to say whether a guy definitively doesn't possess a tool, since hitting for average, power, speed, etc. are all skills that lie on a spectrum. At some point, you have to start setting arbitrary cut-offs if you're interested in declaring that a guy has a certain number of tools. Crawford has a .148 career ISO--does that mean he can hit for power? Well, I don't know--what's the baseline, and to whom are we comparing him? It's really useful as a kind of shorthand, like saying that a guy is projected to be a "number-three starter." We kind of know what that means, but it breaks down on a micro scale. The natural next question is, "Well, sure, but in whose rotation?" (Ben Lindbergh)
2011-01-12 13:00:00 (link to chat)True or False: Walt Jocketty was smart to avoid the inefficient middle of the FA market and add complimentary pieces at budget friendly prices? Was it enough?
(RMR from Chicago)
I kind of buy that. I guess there was no reality in which they were going to bid on Carl Crawford, someone who would have been a nice fit in place of the Jonny Gomes/Chris Heisey/Fred Lewish mash-up that is now slated for left field. Edgar Renteria makes me nervous, the kind of guy Dusty Baker could lead off/give far too much playing time to. Not that I thought Paul Janish was the answer, but I was very curious what Zack Cozart might do at some point this year. (Steven Goldman)
2010-12-02 13:00:00 (link to chat)What do you see Desmond Jennings triple slashing in 2011? Is he more Carl Crawford or Darren Lewis?
(WilliamWilde from Boston)
More Crawford than Lewis in the long run, but he's not Crawford. Jennings is 24 already, right? By that age, Crawford was already a 4-win player. I'll say .280/.350/.390, if I have to give an answer. (Ken Funck)
2010-11-02 13:00:00 (link to chat)Hi Eric, thanks for the chat. Do you think the Angels would be better off signing Carl Crawford or Jayson Werth? Crawford is obviously younger, more versatile offensively, and pretty extraordinary defensively, but Werth has better power, OBP, and will presumably cost less. Thanks!
(Dennis from LA)
I would go for Werth, simply because the thought of putting a bopper like him in a lineup like theirs could really go a long way towards helping them compete for the division. I like Crawford and consider him deserving of whatever deal he is going to get, but I feel like the Angels need a little more thump in their lineup, which Werth is much more suited to provide. Then again, a Bourjos-Crawford-Hunter outfield could be a three-headed defensive monster. If the money is in the same range for both, I'd lean towards Werth. (Eric Seidman)
2010-10-25 13:00:00 (link to chat)Loving the BP Universe this postseason CK. Y'all are doing a great job, and following each game on Twitter has been a blast. What do we do in cincy to cement the gains we've made and repeat in the postseason?
(Scartore from The Queen City)
The more I think about it, the more I think dealing from depth to get Greinke would be one worthwhile move. The other, non-mutually-dependent move is getting in on one of the real boppers in the outfield--thank you, Jonny Gomes, here's a fruit basket, but we need more. If that's going nuts for Carl Crawford, that works for me, pace Jayson Werth. Even a one-plus-option deal for His Mannyness would be interesting--if Dusty's handled Barry Bonds, he ought to be up for that particular challenge as well. (Christina Kahrl)
2010-10-07 13:00:00 (link to chat)With all of the rumors, what big fish do the Angels land on the open market?
(Jerry from California)
Arte Moreno is going to put on a full-court press. They are going to be big players for Carl Crawford and will be in on Jayson Werth, too. I have a gut feeling they'll end up with Werth for sure. Even though he's from the Midwest, he strikes me as a SoCal kind of guy. (John Perrotto)
2010-10-07 13:00:00 (link to chat)Would Carl Crawford have value as a center fielder? I'm thinking Atlanta Braves here.
(Christopher from Nashville)
That's a great question. I certainly think he could play center field and it will be interesting to see if his agent will market him as such in an order to possibly get more teams in the bidding. (John Perrotto)
2010-09-30 13:00:00 (link to chat)Is it inevitable that Cliff Lee and Carl Crawford end up in NY?
(yancey from n/a)
Technically, there's no place to play Crawford. Nick Swisher has trade value, but he's the only RF among the people in play. Gardner makes for an awkward fourth OF when you have two LH starters and he can't really play RF. I long thought he'd end up there; now I'm not sure.

Lee? Yeah, seems right. The rotation issues down the stretch assure that. He also is leverage should CC opt out, which seems somewhat likely right now. It may depend on how much they have to spend to keep Jeter and Rivera. (Joe Sheehan)
2010-09-29 13:00:00 (link to chat)The Carl Crawford chatter has him being pursued hard by the BoSox and Angels, but wouldn't he slot in perfectly for the Mets in '11 (assuming Beltran's knee continues to fail)?
(dianagramr from NYC)
It would be easy to say that Carl Crawford seems like a good fit for any number of teams--Carl Crawford is really good, and he'd be an improvement over the incumbent almost anywhere. Given that the Mets don't seem to be sure of much of anything at the moment, including the identity of their 2011 manager/general manager, and in light of how their last high-profile outfield acquisition has worked out, it might be safer to bet on another organization that's closer to contention. (Ben Lindbergh)
2010-09-13 13:00:00 (link to chat)If you were the Angels, which free agent outfielder would you target this winter, Carl Crawford or Jayson Werth?
(Dennis from LA)
Crawford, because he's three years younger and doesn't wear the pelt of a dead animal on his face. (Jay Jaffe)
2010-08-26 13:00:00 (link to chat)I know they're cheaper than a 2 cent blanket, but, heck, will ask it anyway. Jennings won't be freed until June 2011 right?
(dryice from Houston)
He may get a call in September since it won't affect his service time, but yeah, Jennings won't be officially freed until 2011. It's kind of a transition year for Tampa Bay, as they have to deal with the free agency of Carlos Pena, Carl Crawford, and may have to deal Matt Garza because of a massive arbitration raise. It will be interesting to see how things go for them, in terms of who they retain, who they replace, and with what. (Marc Normandin)
2010-08-26 13:00:00 (link to chat)What type of player will Andrew McCutchen become - is he more Grady Sizemore, Carl Crawford, or something else?
(adfeit from NYC)
Crawford with fewer steals would be my quick comp, though I'm not sure how comfortable I am with that. I like McCutchen a whole lot though. (Marc Normandin)
2010-08-26 13:00:00 (link to chat)Marc, thanks for the chat. Assuming, as it seems relatively safe to do, that the Red Sox miss the playoffs, what do you do this winter if you're Theo Epstein?
(mattymatty2000 from Portland, OR)
Re-sign Beltre, let Victor walk (picks!), install Saltalamacchia as the starting catcher, pick up Ortiz' option for 2011 rather than signing him to a longer deal with fewer dollars, try to convince Bill Hall to stay for something less than the $7.5M Milwaukee was just paying him, trade Jacoby Ellsbury for a front line relief pitcher + prospect, sign Carl Crawford, shift Kalish to center and hope he doesn't put on any more bulk that will push him to a corner, examine the trade market for Jonathan Papelbon in the off chance someone is willing to give up top prospects for his services. If Papelbon goes, sign Heath Bell. (Marc Normandin)
2010-07-22 13:00:00 (link to chat)Hi Tommy, thanks for the chat today. Any word on an ETA for Desmond Jennings and Jeremy Hellickson in Tampa? Thanks.
(will0911 from VT)
They're both blocked pretty well (by Carl Crawford and Wade Davis, basically). On most other teams they'd both already be on the major league roster. I think this is the year when Tampa will actually make a decent-sized deadline move, so let's just wait a little longer and see if there isn't room at the inn in two weeks. (Tommy Bennett)
2010-04-08 14:00:00 (link to chat)True or false: Brett Gardner will be watching Carl Crawford patrol LF in Yankee Stadium next year.
(dianagramr from NYC)
It's certainly a believable scenario. (Kevin Goldstein)
2010-03-23 16:30:00 (link to chat)There is much speculation regarding where will Carl Crawford sign next season, but I don´t see him as a "Great" player that should command a huge contract. Am I missing on something or is he overhyped?
(Guillermo from Montevideo)
I think you might be. His UZR the last couple years has been 19.1 and 17.6-- that's nearly two wins above average. He's also been about 4 runs above average according to EqBRR (baserunning) too. We're talking about the type of player who would have gotten overrated in the 80s and 90s, underrated in the early days of sabermetrics, and is now started to be valued correctly. I'd bet he makes a killing next year, and I'd bet it's worth it. (Matt Swartz)
2010-03-23 16:30:00 (link to chat)Carl Crawford or Jayson Werth?
(jschmeagol from hyattsville, md)
I guess you have to go with Crawford. Werth is particularly valuable to the Phillies because he's right-handed in a park that's got a lopsided HR park factor towards easy LF homers, but he's not the defender Crawford is. Werth also apparently got a lot of just-enough HR according to Greg the Hit-Tracker guy, and that's apparently indicative that he'll regress a little HR wise. Both are still great players and all-star talent. (Matt Swartz)
2010-02-09 13:00:00 (link to chat)Do you think Carl Crawford gets dealt before the deadline this year, paving the way for Jennings? Or do you see an outfield of Crawford, Jennings and Upton heading into August?
(tommybones from brooklyn)
I think it all depends upon where the Rays are in the standings. Crawford is obviously more likely to get dealt if they're out of it.

That said, it's going to be *very* interesting to see what happens, because there's a line of thinking that says they keep Crawford and trade Upton at the point when his value is on the rise again. Remember, they've also got to figure out where Ben Zobrist fits, and Matt Joyce... suffice it to say that they've got an enviable amount of depth and flexibility. (Jay Jaffe)
2009-12-09 13:00:00 (link to chat)What type of contract is Carl Crawford worth next winter? Significantly more than Holliday/Bay?
(Adam from Wyoming)
Yeah, because he'll be a few years younger than those guys. With the caveat that his '10 will affect this, I'd say he gets five and $75M. (Joe Sheehan)
2009-11-19 13:00:00 (link to chat)Who would say no to Carl Crawford for Buster Posey straight up?
(brian from Brooklyn NY)
The Giants. One year versus six. (Joe Sheehan)
2009-11-09 12:00:00 (link to chat)With the way that position players have been traded thus far, wouldn't it be smart for the Rays to look into trades of Jason Bartlett and/or Carl Crawford. I realize that Crawford means a lot to the Rays, but even if he sticks for the season, a package of prospects is worth more than a #16-40 something pick would bring. Also, I'm sure Dayton Moore has Andrew Friedman's ear for Jason Bartlett, he fits what KC looks for. Could the Rays make a package that nets Soria and a prospect or 2 for Bartlett, Navarro and a prospect?
(jlarsen from chicago)
I don't think Soria is a great return on Bartlett, from the Rays' perspective. If they're going to trade him or Crawford, it should be a blow-away deal -- three or four position players / starting pitchers, with at least a couple that are close to making an impact. (Shawn Hoffman)
2009-10-05 16:00:00 (link to chat)Where does Holliday wind up? If not St. Louis, what do they do to replace him?
(Bill from New Mexico)
Giants will probably make a big push. But I say he ends up in StL long term. If he goes elsewhere it's a bit tricky because there is Bay and then the rest. You have aging outfielders better suited to DH duty and then the complementary parts like Marlon Byrd. Maybe they can work out a deal for Carl Crawford if Holliday leaves. (Eric Seidman)
2009-09-24 14:00:00 (link to chat)Should the Rays cut ties with the arbitration-eligible Bj Upton ? Desmond Jennings has the ability to be Carl Crawford + more patience.
(William from Mobile, AL)
Oh, hell no. First of all, he won't do well in arb. Second, he has WAY too much talent to just cut loose that way. (Joe Sheehan)
2009-09-07 13:00:00 (link to chat)Thanks for the chat Christina...Are the Rays actually considering trading Carl Crawford?
(cbelford from Chicago)
It would reflect a more studied commitment to true salary dumping than the Kazmir deal, since he's only under control for one more season before free agency (via a club option), and they'd be forgoing the pick(s) he might instead engender. (Christina Kahrl)
2009-09-08 13:00:00 (link to chat)Should the Ray look into trading B.J. Upton as opposed to Carl Crawford in the offseason with Desmond Jennings on the way? It just seems like even with Upton's shoulder issues as an excuse for his poor play that he never really took it upon himself to make the adjustments that could make him a standout as opposed to someone who has tons of potential. He SCREAMS Delmon Young to me.
(Tim from Tampa)
Or, even with his poor bat this year, he's been worth a few wins this year because of his fantastic defense in center. Plus, what could you get for Upton given his poor bat as of late? I would give it another year to see what happens--he's still young. You could pull back more by dealing Crawford. Upton was worth almost five wins in 2008, despite the bat issues. (Marc Normandin)
2009-08-25 13:00:00 (link to chat)Hi Joe, thanks for the chat. What's up with BJ Upton? What do you think his upside is and will he ever achieve it? And do you think Carl Crawford will continue to be a valuable player over the next few years?
(DS from Monterey Park, CA)
I want to say it's just a consolidation season, but that was last year. He's just not able to make enough solid contact. The talent is still there, but there's been a degradation in approach and results. My sense is that he's still going to be an MVP candidate, but you have to take that with a grain of salt after the last five months. The power just doesn't seem like it's coming.

I love Crawford, who because of his great range can be very valuable at .290/.330/.440. He's usually better than that--his 2005, '06, '07 and '09 seasons are pretty similar. Stealth 3000-hits candidate. (Joe Sheehan)
2009-08-28 13:00:00 (link to chat)Just wondering if you're hearing anything about what the Rays might do with the financial savings from the Kazmir this Carl Crawford money or something else? Thanks!
(Rob from Alaska)
They will probably either use if on Crawford or to add free agents in the winter. Remember that they also didn't sign their first two draft picks this year. (John Perrotto)
2009-08-04 14:00:00 (link to chat)There is a lot of talk about the Rays dealing Carl Crawford in the offseason and plugging in Desmond Jennings for him next season. Shouldn't the answer be keep Crawford, change the Gabe/Gabe platoon in right to all Desmond all the time, and go to war against the Yankees/Sox with the best players they already have at hand?
(achaik from me)
I'd think so, because it isn't like the Rays have obvious needs beyond (perhaps) a ready-now alternative behind the plate. That said, the Rays are smart enough to check out the market and see what they might be able to get for almost anybody or anything. (Christina Kahrl)
2009-03-03 13:00:00 (link to chat)I also felt that PECOTA's view on Carl Crawford was...surprising to say the least. What do you think the Rays and fantasy owners will get out of him this year?
(Stephanie from DC)
Sorry folks, had to get the mail. Free video games are awesome.

PECOTA doesn't know that Crawford was injured; I tried to adjust for that when I did my left field rankings, saying that Crawford may be more valuable than he has ever been this year because of the better lineup around him and (hopefully) a year of picture perfect health. Assuming he does stay in the lineup unscathed, he's going to be as good as people have always thought he was/could be. (Marc Normandin)
2008-09-23 13:30:00 (link to chat)Do you think Carlos Gomez can ever become a productive lineup regular on a playoff contending team? Is Gomez a Dave Roberts type weapon at best?
(Reggie C. from Manhattan, KS)
Thanks for waiting, folks. My piece will be up in a little bit, and I promise: last one on the Yankees for a while.

I think Gomez has tremendous raw talent, but needs a complete course in pitch recognition, plate discipline and overall approach. The Twins do not strike me as the organization to teach him these things, I'm afraid, so what you probably end up with is a .290/.330/.440 hitter with excellent speed and defense. That's, what, Carl Crawford in center field? It'll play. He's really nothing like Dave Roberts... (Joe Sheehan)
2008-09-12 13:00:00 (link to chat)Evan Longoria and Carl Crawford are two of the biggest talents on the Rays roster. When they went down, I expected them to skid, but they didn't. That's a pretty neat trick. How'd they manage to do it?
(Rob from Brighton)
Well, to be sure, Crawford hasn't been one of the biggest parts of this season's success, and a lot of what made a big difference to the team this year was the decision to substantively address the areas that Nate talked about a couple of months back (here we go: Put that kind of management atop a long-term vision and exceptional drafting and scouting, and you've got a franchise that's proving that raising your game to the level of the Red Sox is doable. Pity most of the NL doesn't bother, but they don't have to play up to that level to make the playoffs, and it's as much a matter of adapting to your competitive environment as it is about being really smart. (Christina Kahrl)
2008-06-20 13:30:00 (link to chat)What do you see as the Rays weakness, if any? And can they address it by the trade deadline?
(Tommy from OPS,FL)
Carl Crawford, Jason Bartlett and Carlos Pena are way off from last year, so the offense is just passable. I don't think the Rays have any place making big deadline deals; something small, sure, but they'd be silly to get too wrapped up in 2008. They're building for a run of greatness, not short-term gains. (Joe Sheehan)
2008-06-18 13:00:00 (link to chat)What's the latest on Carl Crawford? He comes back tonight after his Boston Brawl suspension. Is it just a rest issue with him?
(Tommy from OPS,FL)
I think the suspension will actually help Crawford by forcing some rest and getting his "legs under him." I'm also hopeful that he's more selective about stealing and that the logjam at DH would get shaken up a bit so that CC could DH once a homestand or so, just to get him off the turf. (Will Carroll)
2008-03-28 14:00:00 (link to chat)Joe - Care to explain why you went so high in bidding for Carl Crawford in Tout Wars? Also, is this the year your Tout team wins the whole enchilada? Thanks!
(BiffWellington from Chicago)
He's a five-category player with a very good offensive context. Throw in the hell that is the AL outfield situation, and I think he's worth the bid.
Derek Jacques, who had most of the control of my draft this year, did a good job. I'm probably happier with this team than I was with my own last few drafts. I think it can win. (Joe Sheehan)
2008-03-05 13:00:00 (link to chat)Is Geovanny Soto going to be steal of many drafts? In terms of '08 projection vs '07 stats, name recognition, position scarcity, etc. Anyone competitive with him overall?
(Tony from Brooklyn, NY)
Soto is one of the better steals out there. He ranks well in the PECOTA Leaderboards in the annual with the other rookies (cough cough) and PECOTA also gave him a pretty reassuring looking Beta score.

I don't think people are putting enough faith in Chris B. Young to turn it around at the plate this year. He really just needs to add some batting average to fix his line, and the walks can come later.

Speaking of the annual, for those of you in the area, Steven Goldman, Joe Sheehan and myself will be appearing in not one but two bookstores in Boston next Wednesday. If any of you still want to assault me for omitting Carl Crawford from higher rankings, that's your chance to strike! (Marc Normandin)
2008-01-31 13:00:00 (link to chat)What are your thoughts on Desmond Jennings upside? What player past or present would you compare him to?
(Daveferno from Parts Unknown)
The easy to make comparisoin is Carl Crawford, and it's pretty accurate. (Kevin Goldstein)
2008-01-31 13:00:00 (link to chat)Why doesn't anyone want to talk about me? I hit .290, steal 70 bags a year and even give you Carl Crawford-type power. Put me in, Coach!
(Eric Young Jr. from Somewhere in the Colorado System)
Because you can't play second base very well, and you don't have Carl Crawford's power potential -- nowhere close. When Carl Crawford was as old as young is now, he was already a big leaguer, and a productive one. I like Young as a sleeper, but that's about it. (Kevin Goldstein)
2008-02-19 13:00:00 (link to chat)so will, are you officially a rays fan since you are going to be at fan fest?
(packerfan0042001 from tampa)
I am a fan of good, smart baseball. I'll be at Rays FanFest as a sponsor and presenter, not as a fan. Honestly, I'm not a "fan" of any team. Since breaking up with the Cubs, I feel freer to watch more baseball and enjoy the game and the talent rather than being tied to a rooting interest.

That said, I sure like what the Rays are doing and they're one of my favorite teams to watch. Carl Crawford is without question my second favorite player in the game. (Will Carroll)
2008-02-19 13:00:00 (link to chat)Quick, you have the third overall pick in your fantasy league...who do you take?
(John from Denver, CO)
Who went with the first two?

My board looks like: Alex Rodriguez, Jose Reyes, Albert Pujols, David Wright, Carl Crawford. (Will Carroll)
2008-01-17 14:00:00 (link to chat)It's my first BP chat! Percent likelihood: The Tampa Bay Rays make the playoffs (ever) with Carl Crawford on the team?
(MarkBillhorn from Boston)
Welcome to the party Mark, there's a first time for everything. ;) I'm going to have to say "zero," not as a regular or something beyond a geezer on the bench there to frighten the kids with stories of the bad old Naimoli days. That's not his fault, or the Rays, just my expectation that even if the club picks up his 2009 and 2010 options, that's still not long enough for the Red Sox and Yankees to have collapsed. (Christina Kahrl)

BP Roundtables

DateRoundtable NameComment
2010-07-13 16:30:00All-Star GameAll I'm saying about the Milwaukee defense is that Carl Crawford would have read a book while camped under that liner and still had time to make a phone call. (Marc Normandin)
2010-07-13 16:30:00All-Star GameWith the emergence of Brett Gardner, I keep wondering if the Yankees are still going to make their long-rumored free agent bid for Carl Crawford. An outfield of Crawford/Granderson/Gardner with Nick Swisher as the DH seems defensively strange and offensively light--though death to flying things. (Steven Goldman)
2010-04-05 09:30:00Season Opener RoundtableWell, Milton Bradley is trying to help the cause. Carl Crawford, he is not. (Steph Bee)
2009-06-09 14:30:002009 Draft CoverageWho wouldn't love to see Carl Crawford, Jared Mitchell, Donavan Tate and other uber-athletes do some sort of combine-style competitions at the All-Star/Future's game. Let Reyes run on Ankiel's arm...I mean who wouldn't watch that? (Kiley McDaniel)
2008-10-10 13:30:00Friday LCSCan I just say how excited I am for the "Carl Crawford as a #5 hitter" Era? He has NEVER been a leadoff guy, and if you stop asking him to be that guy, he could have a stupid peak, .320/.360/.500 with 20 net steals and great range in left. Maddon needs to keep this going next year. (Joe Sheehan)
2008-10-02 11:00:00Thursday Playoff GamesSteven,

He also gives the Rays a more versatile offense when they make the football team. He can be the more traditional QB (which he was at Auburn), while Carl Crawford (who could have played at several D-I schools), can be the option type. (Kevin Goldstein)

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