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June 23, 2000

The Week in Quotes

June 17-23

by Derek Zumsteg


``I'm taking it to Shea Stadium. I won't be in a cab. I won't be on the bus. I'll be on that train.''
-- John Rocker, Braves reliever, on his intention to ride the No 7 subway line he derided in his SI comments

``We spoke to major league baseball. I spoke to the commissioner. We spoke to some other people, and hopefully we'll be able to help persuade Mr. Rocker not to use the 7 line, not to go out of his way to exacerbate the situation.''

-- Rudy Giuliani, New York mayor


``I'm a big believer in fate, that everything happens for a reason. What happened to me was definitely a reality check, but my marriage is stronger than ever.''
-- Bobby Chouinard, Rockies reliever, still facing trial on assault charges

``We checked into his situation thoroughly and felt comfortable with the progress he's made. We feel he's a quality kid and deserves the chance.''

-- Dan O'Dowd, Rockies general manager, on Chouinard


``I don't know what will happen. I'm here as a Tiger right now and I'll continue to play here. Everybody hears a lot of rumors, but the big point is I'm here now in Detroit.''
-- Juan Gonzalez, Tigers outfielder

``I've come to the conclusion that it's not because of Gene Lamont that we're not playing well. I see a lot of people looking over their shoulders. But in actuality, they should be looking in the mirror.''

-- Kevin McClatchy, Pirates owner, announcing that Gene Lamont will manage all season


``I haven't been playing in the last couple of weeks. It's one of those things where you deal with it, and go on. I'm not going to play just to play anymore. If I can go help a team that might have a chance to win, then yeah, I would. But otherwise, it's time to go home and be a dad.''
-- Charlie O'Brien, former Expos catcher, on being released


``He came to us in San Francisco and let us know that it has hurt him most of the year. We all knew Billy wasn't Billy. This certainly explains a lot.''
-- Gerry Hunsicker, Astros general manager

``Of course I'm worried. I don't know for sure but they may cut on me. If so, then next year I'll have to come back and prove myself all over again.''

-- Billy Wagner, Astros reliever


``Individually, you don't want to relax at all. You still want to go up there and get good at-bats. But you do feel sorry for them a little.''
-- Ben Grieve, Athletics outfielder, on pounding the Royals 21-3

``Right now, we're playing as badly as we can play. You're never as bad as you look, and right now we're bad. We're stinking out the joint right now.''

-- Brian Cashman, Yankees general manager, after a 17-4 loss


``I'd be very surprised if major league baseball didn't defend our territorial rights. Bud Selig has gone on the record as saying he supports the Giants' territorial rights, and according to information that I have, the A's know that.''
-- Peter Magowan, Giants owner, on the possibility of the Athletics moving to Santa Clara

``I came into the dugout and just wanted to take my helmet off and sit down. The guys were telling me the fans wanted me to take a bow. I don't know how to deal with that situation. The first time for anything makes it that much more impressive.''

-- Eric Chavez, Athletics infielder, on hitting for the cycle

``That's a phenomenal thing for anybody, especially someone in his second year in the big leagues. He could get a few more of those, he's that good.''

-- Art Howe, Athletics manager, on Chavez

``I guess I caught him with his head down. He asked me, `Why'd you do that to me?''

-- Rickey Henderson, Mariners outfielder, on using his mesmal stare to force Fred McGriff to botch a rundown after catching Henderson off first

If you would like to submit a quote, please email Derek and be sure to include both the quote itself and a URL pointing to the quote.

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