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September 13, 1999

The Week in Quotes

August 30-September 12

by Dennis Cleary


``The resignations will stand and the new umpires are permanent employees. We are proud to have them on board.''
-- Bud Selig, MLB commissioner

``I have no idea what I'm going to do now. There aren't a lot of opportunities out there for a 48-year old ex-major league umpire that I know of.''

-- Mark Johnson, former umpire

``We think that it's a shame for baseball. Baseball will suffer from the loss of these enormously talented people that the commissioner's office has arbitrarily determined to hurt.''

-- Richie Phillips, umpires union head

``Every one of us has a family that's going to be hurt. And every one of us loves baseball. I look back at what got us here and I think, `Yeah, we did it, but somebody would have to be nuts to take us seriously.' ''

-- Rich Garcia, former umpire

``It just gets to the point where the whole thing gets to be mind-boggling. The money is not the issue here. It's what they've done and the principle, to see how they have been so ruthless, with how they treated the families, just for whatever reasons. It's not humane what they've done.''

-- Steve Rippley, umpire

``I was floored when I got a letter from the commissioner's office saying they had accepted my letter of resignation. Baseball never ceases to amaze me. It's a great game, which saves it. But if fans watched what went on behind the scenes, they'd never go to another game.''

-- Bruce Coble, former umpire

``The quality may not be what we're used to. There is less of a problem with balls and strikes, safe and out. How will they handle working in front of all these people? Some of the umpires will be overwhelmed and maybe guys like myself will try to take advantage of it. That's where the danger is.''

-- Joe Torre, Yankees manager

``We lost a game today, but I'm more sad about the departure of some old friends. We're going to miss them. I was hoping they'd resolve it somehow. It's a shame. They're going to be missed.''

-- Davey Johnson, Dodgers manager

``We argue with these people, but you have to remember they're human beings with a family and a lot of time in the big leagues.''

-- Ray Miller, Orioles manager


``Stan [Javier] gives us a valuable veteran presence on our club. His versatility will be a great asset down the stretch. He is a winning player who knows what it takes to win a championship.''
-- Gerry Hunsicker, Astros GM

``From year to year you're going to have turnover on your roster. It's pretty clear that we're going to try to do the best we can to improve the club.''

-- Ed Lynch, Cubs GM, on trading Rod Beck

``At this time of the year, when you're going into the postseason, it's to a team's advantage to have two solid closers. [Rod] Beck has regained the arm strength that made him one of the premier closers in baseball.''

-- Dan Duquette, Red Sox GM

``It's getting to the point where every team we play is one of my former teams.''

-- Darryl hamilton, Mets outfielder


``Everybody liked Catfish. If you didn't like Catfish, you just didn't like people.''
-- Lou Piniella, Mariners manager

``He was a fabulous human being. He was a man of honor. He was a man of loyalty.''

-- Reggie Jackson, former player

``It's a very sad day for baseball. He was a consummate pro. A great father, husband, a great man.''

-- Don Gullett, Reds pitching coach

``Catfish Hunter was a man among men. He was a genuine person. There was nothing phony about him. I learned a lot from him, both on and off the baseball field.''

-- Vida Blue, former player


``Tonight I just started having a good time and enjoying every at-bat. It's fun when you do good and win. I really enjoyed this game. It was one of those nights when everything was going well.''
-- Edgardo Alfonzo, Mets infielder, on hitting three home runs in a game against the Astros

``You want to try to contain yourself and not get too caught up in the moment. There's a certain honor in playing the game, and I try to stay within that. I was running around the bases, wanting to jump up and down like I was an 8-year-old kid and enjoy the moment.''

-- Cal Ripken Jr., Orioles infielder, on hitting his 400th home run

``I told them 15 last year and I won 16. And I said 20 this year and I did it. What else can I do? This is Lima time. I told you this would be Lima time, and it is.''

-- Jose Lima, Astros pitcher

``It's good to get there. It's just another number, if you ask me. It doesn't help what we've been through this season but maybe it'll help me sleep a little better in the offseason.''

-- Todd Helton, Rockies infielder, on hitting 30 home runs

``I got it off one of the best left-handers in baseball. It wasn't off some unknown rookie or something. I'm just lucky enough to play long enough to get this accomplishment.''

-- Barry Bonds, Giants outfielder, on getting his 2000th hit against Tom Glavine

``This is as good as it gets. I felt in command of everything on every count.''

-- Pedro Martinez, Red Sox pitcher, on striking out 17 against the Yankees


``I think he has a lot of value to a club. I like the idea he knows the strike zone and will take a walk.''
-- Jim Riggleman, Cubs manager, on Jeff Blauser

``I don't know what else there is to say about what he is doing. It's extraordinary. Everybody is amazed. There is no way to take the deep bruise off this season, but Sammy's home runs have lightened it a little.''

-- Jim Riggleman, on Sammy Sosa

``I am retiring, absolutely. I'm ready to do something else in the game and I'm not going to manage any more.''

-- Jim Leyland, Rockies manager

``I've managed 25 years, and I can probably count on one hand players that I didn't really care for, and that's probably thousands of players that I've managed. I think that's pretty good. I love the players and I always will.''

-- Jim Leyland


``I'm here to help, whether it's to bring guys a glass of water, or to get a hit at a crucial time.''
-- Vernon Wells, Blue Jays outfielder, on being called up to the majors

``We just hope to finish strong. We're playing for the present. We want to gain some ground in the wild card. We're not giving in. There's still a chance.''

-- Edgar Martinez, Mariners DH

``I've always said I'd rather see a club that's won 10 or 12 in a row than a club that's lost 10 or 12 in a row because they're tougher.''

-- Jack McKeon, Reds manager

``I truly believe if we were contending that Brian Giles would be getting a lot of attention for MVP. You always wondered what kind of season he could have if he played every day, and we're finding out.''

-- Gene Lamont, Pirates manager

``I've been feeling pretty good lately. I'm not too shy to swing. I'll get up there and take my hacks.''

-- Carlos Delgado, Blue Jays infielder

``I'd like to give [Sidney] Ponson a pause. I'd like to do the same thing with [Jason] Johnson after his next start. Just give them a week and let them freshen up. Both kids are young and have high futures. It would be pretty silly to keep popping them out there every five days if it looks like they're wearing down.''

-- Ray Miller, Orioles manager

``The biggest thing was that once he got the lead, he smelled a win. He gave us five good innings.''

-- Johnny Oates, Rangers manager, on Jeff Fassero

``We take our at-bats very seriously. When we see something we like, we jump right on it. We're very aggressive. That's part of our success.''

-- Dmitri Young, Reds outfielder

``I gave it everything I had. It's probably the greatest day of my life. It's not about who's at the plate.''

-- Eric Milton, Twins pitcher, on throwing a no-hitter against the Angels

``I get called Manny all the time. Sometimes when fans ask me for my autograph I tell them right up front, `I'm not Manny.' Sometimes they call me David Justice. But I don't get mad. Someday they'll recognize me.''

-- Alex Ramirez, Indians outfielder

``The only thing keeping this organization from being recognized as one of the finest in major-league baseball is the won-loss record at the major-league level.''

-- Chuck LaMar, Devil Rays GM

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