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September 24, 2001

The Week in Quotes

September 17-23

by Derek Zumsteg


"The way things were going, it was feeling better before the Pittsburgh incident, I thought that I was on the right track and would be able to make it. But, you know, whatever happened then, since I've been back the second time. it has not been great the whole time. It's gotten worse pretty much every time out."
--Kevin Brown, Dodgers pitcher, admitting he'd been pitching with a torn flexor muscle for over two months

"The ligament is not damaged, I'm pretty sure, because by examination it seems stable. And then what's pulled off is the muscle, where it attaches to the bone. It started with just a little one, then a little more and a little more. And it's still attached, most of it. But it's becoming painful, and I'm afraid that it's going to explode and then give us some real trouble."
--Dr. Frank Jobe, arm surgeon extraordinaire

"I'm not afraid of the surgery itself. I'm not afraid of the rehab. The only thing... any uncertainty lies with exactly whether or not the damage goes any further than the tendon, you know, the muscle and the tendon. If it extends to the ligament, obviously, things become a lot more complicated. But, you know, I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that I'm not involved in that."

"I don't have words to describe that guy. I also don't have words to tell you how much respect I have for him, as the manager of this team. He's a very special individual."
--Jim Tracy, Dodgers manager


"If I can still go out and do it, why the hell not? The biggest thing is whether these guys [the Mariners front office] feel I still have something to contribute. Eventually, they're going to make the final decision on whether I come back."
--Jay Buhner, Mariners outfielder, on returning next season

"He won't let me. I told him, 'You've just got the batting average. I've got speed and power.' He won't let me do it. He's going to be the hitting coach, too. They've got a pretty good hitting coach and a pretty good head coach.
--Barry Bonds, Giants outfielder, on asking Tony Gwynn--just hired as San Diego State's head baseball coach--for a job

"I'd like to be a hitting coach, an outfield coach. I don't want to be a head coach, just a guy who can give some help. Young kids have got a lot of energy. It's a starting point in their lives. They look up to you. To me, it would be an honor to do that, like when I was in college having my cousin, Reggie Jackson, there teaching me how to hit. I'd want to do that at Stanford."
--Bonds, on his desire to coach college baseball


"I'm playing for $500,000 this year. I'm competing against guys making $5 million, $10 million a year, and I'm right there with them, maybe better. I'm not complaining. I'm happy one way and not happy the other way. I want to win. I have 15 games left, and, with no contract, I'm going to be a free agent."
--Benito Santiago, Giants catcher

"I felt like, with no men on base, it might be more like starting a game, and that if we could follow Kevin Brown with our next best guy, that was a good thing."
--Jim Tracy, Dodgers manager, on bringing Chan Ho Park in to relieve Kevin Brown in the first game back after last week's layoff

"He has an ERA of about 2.80 when he has his rest and his pattern. So that's his normal pattern that he's proven to be very, very successful with. Most organizations, their 1-2-3 starters, they have their five-day rotations. And the Dodgers made the decision to make those adjustments [and go with a four-man rotation] and I think it's something that's not been beneficial to Chan Ho."
--Scott Boras, agent, on client Chan Ho Park's ails in relief and a shortened rotation


"It was just something that came together. It wasn't choreographed. I don't think I could be any prouder to be an American than I am tonight."
--Mark McLemore, Mariners infielder, on his team gathering on the mound with the flag for a moment of silence after clinching the AL West title

"What happened today, I've never experienced anything like it in baseball. It just felt emotional. I was just bawling the whole time as we were walking around the field."
--Edgar Martinez, Mariners designated hitter

"We got off to that slow start, and we were having a tough time. We suddenly flipped a switch and before you knew it we were 10 games up on the wild card. It's unbelievable."
--Jason Giambi, Athletics infielder, on his team clinching the wild card berth

"In the second half we've done as well as [the Mariners] have done all season. So you can compare us from that aspect."
--Jeremy Giambi, Athletics designated hitter


"If it happens, it happens. Our job is to win the division and have the home-field advantage through the playoffs, and pretty much, we've done that."
--Lou Piniella, Mariners manager, on possibly breaking the AL or major-league single-season win records

"But we do feel in the American League, if you have pitching and hitting, you can be competitive. We have no problem with being last on defense."
--Jerry Manuel, White Sox manager

"I will be in the locker room a lot more now. I will be talking to the young players to make sure they understand how the game should be played."
--Al Kaline, advisor and assistant to Tigers owner Mike Ilitch

"I'll be more vocal, yes. If I see something that I don't like, I'll go right to the source. It might be that I think the coaches are teaching something the wrong way. I no longer have to bite my tongue and wait until we get in a meeting."

"Three-run homers are great. What about a missed sign or a misplay or a throw to the wrong base? Or not running out a ball? When you win, you overlook those things. When you lose, they are magnified 10 times."

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