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Data Updated Through January 19, 2018
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1.MLBKevin MillwoodBALAL201031190.7
2.MLBBill HallBOSAL201011.0
3.MLBBen SheetsOAKAL201020119.3
4.MLBJamey WrightCLEAL20101821.3
5.MLBJamey WrightSEAAL20102837.0
6.MLBJuan CruzKCAAL201055.3
7.MLBKyle FarnsworthKCAAL20103744.7
8.MLBKerry WoodCLEAL20102320.0
9.MLBKerry WoodNYAAL20102426.0
10.MLBScott DownsTORAL20106761.3
11.MLBJavier VazquezNYAAL201031157.3
12.MLBJosh BeckettBOSAL201021127.7
13.MLBA.j. BurnettNYAAL201033186.7
14.MLBCarl PavanoMINAL201032221.0
15.MLBJake PeavyCHAAL201017107.0
16.MLBBruce ChenKCAAL201033140.3
17.MLBBrian FuentesANAAL20103938.3
18.MLBBrian FuentesMINAL201099.7
19.MLBJohn LackeyBOSAL201033215.0
20.MLBScott SchoeneweisBOSAL20101513.7
21.MLBScot ShieldsANAAL20104346.0
22.MLBMark HendricksonBALAL20105275.3
23.MLBJesus ColomeSEAAL20101217.0
24.MLBCliff LeeSEAAL201013103.7
25.MLBCliff LeeTEXAL201015108.7
26.MLBCc SabathiaNYAAL201034237.7
27.MLBBrian TalletTORAL20103477.3
28.MLBJake WestbrookCLEAL201021127.7
29.MLBFreddy GarciaCHAAL201028157.0
30.MLBGil MecheKCAAL20102061.7
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