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Custom Statistic Report: Batter Career

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Data Updated Through November 22, 2017
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1.MLBJoe Bennett10000000.
2.MLBHarvey Grubb11000000.0001.
3.MLBEddie Hunter10000000.
4.MLBJohn Karst10000000.
5.MLBArch Reilly10000000.
6.MLBJack Smith10000000.
7.MLBKevin Morgan11100000.000.000.000-.001.000-0.300.0000.00.0-0.02
8.MLBBill Andrus69900000.
9.MLBWiman Andrus14400000.
10.MLBJoe Boland14400000.
11.MLBHenry Bostick28700001.
12.MLBPat Burke13300000.
13.MLBJohn Cavanaugh11100000.
14.MLBAl Clancy36500000.
15.MLBEd Conwell11100000.
16.MLBPhil Cooney13300000.
17.MLBArt Corcoran14400000.
18.MLBToots Coyne12200000.
19.MLBEd Crowley21100000.
20.MLBAl Cypert11100000.
21.MLBBill Dalrymple32200000.
22.MLBOna Dodd510900001.
23.MLBHarry East14400000.
24.MLBFred Eunick12200000.
25.MLBHoward Fahey58800000.
26.MLBTom Fitzsimmons45400001.
27.MLBCharlie Flanagan44300001.
28.MLBEd Forsythe14300001.
29.MLBGeorge Foss47700000.
30.MLBHarry Fuller12200000.
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