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Custom Statistic Report: Batter Career

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Data Updated Through October 20, 2017
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1.Zoilo Versalles31.9
2.Zoilo Almonte-1.8
3.Zip Zabel0.0
4.Zip Collins0.0
5.Zinn Beck0.0
6.Ziggy Hasbrook0.0
7.Zelous Wheeler-0.2
8.Zeke Wrigley0.0
9.Zeke Wilson0.0
10.Zeke Spruill0.0
11.Zeke Rosebraugh0.0
12.Zeke Bonura0.0
13.Zeke Bella0.6
14.Zeb Terry0.0
15.Zeb Eaton0.0
16.Zaza Harvey0.0
17.Zane Smith-3.6
18.Zak Shinall0.0
19.Zack Wheeler0.2
20.Zack Wheat0.0
21.Zack Taylor0.0
22.Zack Segovia0.0
23.Zack Greinke-4.5
24.Zack Cozart11.6
25.Zachary Taylor0.0
26.Zachary Neal0.0
27.Zachary Godley-0.5
28.Zach Walters0.6
29.Zach Vincej0.2
30.Zach Stewart0.0
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