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Custom Statistic Report: Batter Season

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Data Updated Through October 22, 2017
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31.Jed Lowrie201188341.252.303.382.24734.16.8
32.Eduardo Nunez2011112338.265.313.385.24532.97.7
33.Edgar Renteria201196333.251.306.348.24432.04.4
34.Angel Sanchez2011110328.240.305.285.21723.1-0.2
35.Trevor Plouffe201181320.238.305.392.25634.710.9
36.Reid Brignac201192264.
37.Mike Fontenot201185252.227.304.377.25326.68.2
38.John Mcdonald201184245.229.269.308.22118.22.0
39.Tsuyoshi Nishioka201168240.
40.Dee Gordon201156233.304.325.362.25625.211.5
41.Mike Mccoy201180228.
42.Brandon Crawford201166220.
43.Elliot Johnson201170181.194.257.338.22213.5-3.6
44.Chase D'arnaud201148151.
45.Justin Sellers201136139.203.283.301.21910.01.7
46.Luis Rodriguez201144139.197.299.333.24914.14.9
47.Donnie Murphy201136100.185.240.315.1964.8-2.6
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