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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Team Year Rookie

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Data Updated Through November 17, 2017
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1.Jerry CasaleBOSAL19593126179.
2.Miguel AsencioKCAAL20023121123.
3.Vic AlburyMINAL19743222164.
4.John D'acquistoSFNNL19743836215.
5.Bill BurbachNYAAL19693124140.
6.Corky ValentineCINNL19543628194.
7.Craig MinettoOAKAL19793613118.310.
8.Steve MccattyOAKAL19793123185.710.
9.Fred BaczewskiCINNL19532418138.
10.Curt RaydonPITNL19583120134.
11.Bill WakefieldNYNNL1964624119.
12.Jerry RobertsonMONNL19693827179.
13.Phil HuffmanTORAL19793131173.
14.Jack O'connorMINAL19822319126.
15.Dave CampbellATLNL197765088.
16.Rich DeluciaSEAAL19913231182.
17.Mike PelfreyNYNNL2007151372.710.
18.Terry FeltonMINAL1982486117.
19.Gerald AlexanderTEXAL199130989.
20.Troy HerriageKC1AL19563116103.
21.Adam PetersonCHAAL1990201185.
22.Nick MartinezTEXAL20142924140.
23.Cisco CarlosCHAAL19682921122.
24.Todd Van PoppelOAKAL1993161684.
25.Andy LarkinFLONL1998171474.712.
26.Julio SantanaTEXAL19973014104.
27.Aaron CookCOLNL20034316124.
28.Joaquin AndujarHOUNL19762825172.
29.Paul MirabellaTORAL19803322130.710.
30.Alan KochWS2AL19643214114.
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