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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through December 16, 2017
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1.MLBJake Esch2017271090.
2.MLBMatthew Koch2017261090.
3.MLBPedro Beato20173010100.
4.MLBA.j. Minter20172316024815.
5.MLBPreston Claiborne20172910342.
6.MLBTyler Cloyd20173010141.
7.MLBThyago Vieira20172310101.
8.MLBMitch Moreland20173110141.
9.MLBNoah Syndergaard2017247745930.330.30.00.910.10.000.0160.27411.33.3371.
10.MLBKenley Jansen201729650101268.
11.MLBJ.d. Davis20172420331.
12.MLBCraig Kimbrel201729670114869.
13.MLBZach Putnam201729701038.
14.MLBRoberto Gomez20172740975.
15.MLBBrandon Morrow20173245061643.
16.MLBRoberto Osuna20172266096164.
17.MLBChad Green201726401114169.
18.MLBTommy Kahnle201727690101862.
19.MLBVictor Arano20172210017210.
20.MLBPat Neshek20173671094062.
21.MLBCarson Smith201727801146.
22.MLBAndrew Miller20173257098662.
23.MLBAdam Liberatore20173040773.
24.MLBRyan Madson20173660086159.
25.MLBJimmie Sherfy20172511015610.
26.MLBJoe Smith20173359080554.
27.MLBEdward Paredes2017301001478.
28.MLBJosh Lindblom2017304018610.
29.MLBJamie Callahan201722901046.
30.MLBAndrew Bailey20173340444.
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