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Data Updated Through November 20, 2017
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1.MLBHunter WoodTBAAL201723100.
2.MLBEdward ParedesLANNL2017301008.
3.MLBRyan WeberSEAAL201726113.
4.MLBLeonys MartinCHNNL201729100.
5.MLBKirby YatesANAAL201730101.
6.MLBWei-chung WangMILNL201725801.
7.MLBLuis SardinasSDNNL201724101.
8.MLBJoe SmithCLEAL20173321018.
9.MLBZac RosscupCOLNL201729907.
10.MLBWilliam CuevasDETAL201726100.
11.MLBRob BrantlyCHAAL201727101.
12.MLBMichael MartinezCLEAL201734101.
13.MLBEdward MujicaDETAL201733506.
14.MLBMichael FreemanSEAAL201729101.
15.MLBJon JayCHNNL201732101.
16.MLBBrett NicholasTEXAL201728101.
17.MLBChris HestonMINAL201729101.
18.MLBZac RosscupCHNNL201729100.
19.MLBAndres BlancoPHINL201733100.
20.MLBPreston ClaiborneTEXAL201729102.
21.MLBMarco GonzalesSLNNL201725113.
22.MLBChris GimenezMINAL201734605.
23.MLBMitch MorelandBOSAL201731101.
24.MLBAndrew BaileyANAAL201733404.
25.MLBTyler CloydSEAAL201730101.
26.MLBTyler WhiteHOUAL201726101.
27.MLBKevin PlaweckiNYNNL201726203.
28.MLBAnthony BassTEXAL201729205.
29.MLBEvan ScribnerSEAAL201731807.
30.MLBThyago VieiraSEAAL201723101.
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