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(Average Team 2009 ESPN: 360.7019)

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OwnerTeam Name 
2009 ESPN
1.mhsiegel14Accidental Haggis647
2.yankeetripperTripped Up Hacks622
3.moebeanTwo Pages613
4.traderkirkGritty Veterans611
5.ddanycMass Hysteria605
6.pilamklGritty Scrappeteers604
7.scurvy2Dingoes Ate My Baby603
8.eyhungStiffimus Maximus592
9.AliassistantTubbo's Pizza Team586
10.jddunnMerkle's Boners584
11.kufflerjJoe's Millionaires572
12.bisons07POR Suckers571
13.kjgilberHecanthithecanthithecanthit Sawing Batta570
14.DaCaWi3The Tampa Bay Christ Punchers569
15.AlamoCubKilled by Smalls568
15.takatanakaDiarrhea Pocket!568
17.kingcharlesxiiRabid Squirrels565
18.eyoungDusty Baker Loves This Team558
19.Bsiegs71Good Terrible Team557
19.attackemuHudson River Fighting Goose Flock557
22.nfeuererMy Intercostal Ate My Oblique544
23.jabuchmanHalf Joe Camel and a third Fonzarelli543
24.champ619Johnnie LeMaster All-Stars540
25.toadlyoneGeorge Bush539
25.atopalMy Sediments Exactly539
27.KBarthCrooked Arrows538
28.kca019Prior Wood537
30.waylander1329Cash LandyCab536

31 - 60 >> 

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