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(Average Team 2008 ESPN: 369.4325)

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OwnerTeam Name 
2008 ESPN
1.Junker23Str8 Ballaz Fo Realz636
2.matt4484Bumbling Bozos610
3.kcshankdTony Pena's Glove or Ditka?605
4.ddanycMass Hysteria604
5.tbwhiteSultans of Suck600
7.raquinoDouble-Stuff Fudgeeos588
8.dantroyBrian Sabean's Fresh Start587
9.drchungTeam They Call Jayne584
11.jimy1mUber Giants581
11.kyleataylorChristian Guzman Rulz581
14.ehhz90But they have great intangibles578
15.dankohler23Kohler Toilet577
16.amosapMore Dogs Than Goldstein and Kahrl576
17.moebeanTwo Pages574
17.mwrightMen Without Bats574
19.birkem3Not Good Enough to be AAAA Players573
19.dmarco82You R. A. Dickey573
21.PublickStewsGod Doumit572
22.sealb99But They're Productive Outs571
22.VDraculReincarnated Spiders571
24.willco97Ghosts of Herm Winningham567
25.jkeriMarlo Stanfield's Re-Ups564
26.bmcginniindy fighting emanskis563
26.RottweilerSally Slappers563
28.MissionaryManPlease Type Hilarious Inside Joke Here561
29.wyliecoyoteCarolina Lungers559

31 - 60 >> 

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