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(Average Team 2007 ESPN: 303.8563)

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OwnerTeam Name 
2007 ESPN
1.jmhowardBlacksburg to the maxx590
2.littleballSmallball Sucknuggets584
3.fullmetaljacketSwing Like Girls572
4.sorrentoAaron Boone Memorial 563
5.murraygd13G Spot's not so Studs560
6.chico123El Guapo's Ghost556
7.tydaguyTodd Benzinger Fan Club546
8.ThePieSwindlerThe Pie Swindlers544
9.oeufteteRowche Rumble542
10.mrworkratePierzynski's Charisma539
11.dpowellTeam Named538
12.rpeltzMourning Wood537
13.cookccraigThree Up, Three Down534
13.sjd0378Selling Jeans534
15.rnorwoodPittsburgh Pirates533
15.Tinkers2EversVichy French533
17.marbottySisco BleacherTacos531
18.MrOrange82Hail Cesar529
19.chieft16Derek Bell presents "Operation Shutdown"520
20.birkem3Talent - What's That?518
20.fhomessBoondoggle's Oranges518
23.acsteinLondon Underground515
24.wickjdCrinkle-Cut Bubbas512
25.ddanycMass Hysteria511
28.earthdyedredSNK Crushers504
28.jlyke1Get 'em next year504

31 - 60 >> 

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