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Team Tracker -- CFML - Silver City

*** Default Free Agent list is now last names beginning with "A". Click on Complete List for unfiltered list. ***

Edit Roster Notes:

Team Tracker allows you to monitor players in two ways: as part of your fantasy league team, and as part of a "watched" list. Players on the "watched" list are players you may be thinking about trading for, picking up as a free agent, or otherwise want to keep an eye on, even though they are not on your team.

The only difference for players on the "Watched Players" list is that they will not have their stats added to your fantasy team totals line. Their stats will be displayed, but kept separate from your team totals.
Please note that only players who have played this year will be available to add to your team in the Free Agents list.

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Hold the CTRL button (on PC) or Apple button (on Mac) to select multiple players from any list.
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Search and Filter Notes:

  • Search field should work if you enter first name, last name, or both.
  • Wildcard character is % for search
  • If you type a search and do a filter (with drop downs) it acts as an AND search

My Team Tracker Edit Teams Edit Roster Load Teams
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