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Birth Date5-30-1990
Height0' 0"
Weight0 lbs
Age27 years, 5 months, 25 days

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BP Chats

2014-08-08 13:00:00 (link to chat)I'm in a 12 team keeper league. each team gets to keep 7 players for next season. who do you think i should keep from this list: George Springer, Bryce Harper, Chris Sale, Justin Upton, Byron Buxton, Addison Russell, Taijuan Walker, Lucas Giolito, Francisco Lindor, Dylan Bundy, Kevin Gausmann, Carlos Correa, Miguel Sano, Zach Wheeler. Thanks.
(childgrambino from Richmond, VA)
Harper, Sale, Upton, Walker, Gausman, Wheeler and Springer. 12 team leagues, you keep guys who are contributing. Having this many prospects in this shallow a league is bananas. Drop a bunch. (Craig Goldstein)
2014-07-25 14:00:00 (link to chat)Thoughts on Zach Wheeler? Do you see him as having front of the rotation potential?
(Frank from Olympia)
Wheeler has quietly stepped it up over the past several weeks. He has front-of-the-rotation stuff and the mechanical baselines to reach ceiling, and though Matt Harvey may have created some unfair comparisons/expectations, I think that Wheeler can develop into a good #2 with time and improvement. (Doug Thorburn)
2014-07-25 14:00:00 (link to chat)Are we starting to see Zach Wheeler fulfill his once lofty prospect status? Does he have ACE type ceiling?
(jamesmcevoy from San Diego)
See previous thoughts on Wheeler. We have to be careful, because Harvey-inspired expectations were unrealistic. I don't see an ACE, necessarily, but I do see a legit #2 if we want to stay on the hypothetical hierarchy. (Doug Thorburn)
2014-06-13 13:00:00 (link to chat)I feel like I'm looking at a rerun of Zach Wheeler while I watch Archie Bradley progress. Do you see Archies' MLB early career mirroring Wheelers'? Will Julio Urias be up any sooner than 2017? How about jos Pederson, does LA make any space for him by 2016? Thanks for the Chat! Always appreciate your insights!
(Dragonbreath from Gurnee, IL)
That's not a bad comparison in that they are both blue-chippers (similarly sized, too) with control issues as they come up. I don't think Bradley will be instantly good upon arrival because of his control, but he'll have flashes of brilliance. Urias will take a while for sure, but Pederson can't waste away in AAA that long. If they can't really find room at any pt this year, then they have to look to trade him to fill other holes. It'd just be a massive waste for him to sit two more seasons in AAA (Paul Sporer)
2014-05-20 13:00:00 (link to chat)Can I count on Zach Wheeler figuring things out by 2015 season?
(Greg from Atlanta)
count on it? Well, that's risky. Reasonably expect it? Sure. These big young pitchers may need some time to master repeating their delivery, commanding their fastball, and putting away hitters efficiently. The question is which way do they go--Cashner's way or Arrieta's way? (Harry Pavlidis)
2014-01-17 10:00:00 (link to chat)Hey, Fantasy quandary - 1)(Keep Manny Machado) 2)(Trade Manny for Brett Lawrie and Sonny Gray, who I am really high on) 3)(Trade Manny for Matt Garza and Zach Wheeler, who I am equally high on). Thanks
(Tony from KC)
Dalton's Mercedes speeds recklessly toward Wesley's estate, drawing gunfire from Wesley's henchmen, but they discover the car empty, and the knife that was used to kill Wade stuck in the accelerator. One by one, Dalton dispatches each of Wesley's thugs, and eventually comes face-to-face with Wesley. Dalton gains the upper hand in their fight and prepares to finish Wesley in the same brutal manner as Jimmy, but decides against it. When Dalton releases him, Wesley seizes the opportunity to reach for a gun, but is promptly shot to death by Red, Emmett, Stroudenmire, and Tilghman. They stash the weapons away prior to the arrival of law enforcement and proceed to corroborate each other's innocence, with the implication that what happened in Wesley's house will remain a secret. (Jason Parks)
2014-01-06 13:00:00 (link to chat)Does Zack Wheeler still have a chance to be an ace? Looking at his numbers last year, they don't look that impressive.
(MetsFaithful5 from Syracuse)
No, Zach Wheeler will not be an ace. That's not the industry consensus, as he has the stuff that every pitcher wants, but I don't believe in the command or the control. He doesn't throw enough strikes and the ones he does throw aren't in the right spots. The New York hype machine was in full effect comparing him to Harvey last season, but that's not fair to Wheeler. I think the control ultimately holds him back. He should be a solid starter because he'll miss enough bats to overcome it, but if he doesn't significantly cut back on the free passes, which is tough to do at this level with a track record as deep as his, he won't be an ace. (Jeff Moore)
2014-01-06 13:00:00 (link to chat)What's you opinion on Aaron Sanchez? Keith Law seemed to love him but then noticed some changes to his mechanics he didn't like. Jason doesn't even see him as the best pitching prospect in the Jay's org.
(Kenny Bania from Mendy's)
He's not. I like Stroman better. I freaking love Stroman. Sanchez has the whole package, but there are questions about his control (even bigger questions than with Zach Wheeler - you're welcome Mets fans). (Jeff Moore)
2013-08-27 13:00:00 (link to chat)What are your thoughts on Zach Wheeler's major league performances? He seems to be up for good; how do you see his adjustments to major league hitters? Does what you've seen give any new insights on his potential as a top of the rotation starter?
(Rico from Charm City)
I watched him more when he first came up, and his command/putaway wasn't quite there. But the potential was obvious. Now he seems to be settling in. He's throwing more breaking balls and two-seam fastballs, while he was heavy duty on the four-seams at first. Another sign of getting comfortable and getting command of his stuff. (Harry Pavlidis)
2013-04-16 20:00:00 (link to chat)How would you value Kimbrel in keeper league? to be specific, would you rather have Kimbrel($3) or Chris Archer($1) + Zach Wheeler($1) + N Castellano ($1)?
(jimcal from Seattle)
He's valuable, but he's also still just a closer. I like the thought of packaging him for value elsewhere, and those are three very good prospects. I'd do that. (Bret Sayre)
2013-03-15 13:00:00 (link to chat)Which prospects will everyone know about by the end of the year?
(Jeff from Davenport)
Oscar Tavares. Zach Wheeler. Wily Peralta (who should be on my breakout list) (Harry Pavlidis)
2013-01-02 13:00:00 (link to chat)Will the Mets see Zach Wheeler in the rotation on opening day or will they wait on him till later in the season?
(McBeard from Hoboken, NJ)
I don't think there is a particular need to put him in the opening day rotation, and given the competitive landscape of the division it is probably in NY's best interest to give him a couple months at Triple-A to ensure the extra year of control and at least give a chance to avoid early arb years. (Nick Faleris)
2012-09-20 13:00:00 (link to chat)Thanks for the chat. Any prospects that have really moved up the rankings this year that you are excited about?
(Jerome from Holding pattern)
No problem. Thanks for reading. Yes; lots of prospects have jumped up the rankings. Guys like Alen Hanson, Nick Castellanos, Zach Wheeler, and Jose Fernandez have taken big steps forward. They are climbing the prospect tiers... (Jason Parks)
2012-06-21 13:00:00 (link to chat)Thoughts on Zach Wheeler? He seems to be jumping up a lot this year. Has he made changes?
(ttt from Manhattan)
Lots of hard work on his part, and it shows. The FB has been lively, and he's been able to hold onto the velo deeper into games, This is a product of improved strength and a more fluid delivery, which has also helped in the development of the secondary offerings. He's a stud. (Jason Parks)
2012-06-04 13:00:00 (link to chat)Lots of people gushing about Zach Wheeler lately, your thoughts?
(Jim from Levittown, NY)
Justified gushing. He's maintained his strikeout rates while allowing weaker contact at Double-A. Hope to see him pushed to Triple-A in the second half. (Bradley Ankrom)

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